Death & Taxes

If you want a healthy World Ash, you need plenty of flowers, and if you want a mind-boggling tree's worth of flowers, you're going to need an awful lot of bees. If you want that many bees, you'll want a lot of beekeepers to look after them, and if you want that you're going to want…

Well, that's just it, isn't it?

Celestial apiculture costs money, and nobody actually wants to pay taxes. So it was that the Council of Four granted to the angel Yordael the right to collect a moderate annual excise from the Nobles of the Earth to finance her enormous beekeeping operation.

Collecting taxes from fantastically wealthy gods, in support of a good cause necessary to the continuance of the world, is exactly as heinously difficult as you would expect.


Darryl Collins, Power of Audits, played by Jordan Davis
Sarabande, Power of Cooperation, played by MorkaisChosen
Vauncey Pringle, Power of Taxes, played by Gayo
Love in Idleness, aka Deathblossom, Power of Blossoming, played by Elliott Freeman
Nomen, Power of Night, played by DukeGod


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