The Second Age was the age of war. After the fall of Eden, the Angels fought relentlessly against their fallen brothers. Beelzebub was one of the them, even though he still loved them all, he fought relentlessly against Heaven's host. In the final confrontation, his heart got ripped out by his own brother and he was cast down to hell forever.
He did not die, however. He still loved, but he was furious, so he created a hearth were his heart had been, forever burning, fueled by his own rage. It was said the hearthfire drew every insect on earth to his body and in his grieve, he let them devour him. It is said, to this day a piece of him is present in every insect on the world. They are still drawn to his hearth, now forming his body and endlessly feeding the fire.

Name: Beelzebub


- wounded
- always with you
- replaced his ripped out heart with an ever burning hearth
- his love hurts
- his body is made from swarms of insects

Imperator of
- Iron (Cor)
- the Hearth (Loki)
- Insects (no current Power)

Bond: I love all the things in Creation, but especially my family. 3
Bond: I take the form of a family member, according to my mood. 2 (mother, father, grandfather, younger sibling, ect)
Bond: I am an excellent host. 2
Affliction: My love burns. 3
Affliction: You can speak to me through every insect on the world. 2
Affliction: My hearth attracts moths and other flying insects, who tend to die in the fire. 1

Gift: Shapeshifter

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