Bethany Wilson Death

Bethany Wilson

Bethany's life was not an easy one. When she was seven her mother died, in childbirth of all things. Something that really shouldn't have been that dangerous. Bethany saw the whole thing, saw her mother spasm and die, and saw the doctors pull her squirming, pink brother from her still warm corpse.
It was meant to be a learning experience… and it was, far more than intended.
Bethany became rather protective of Samson after that. He needed it.
Their father did his best, bless him, always working hard and still trying to be there as much as possible, but a lot of the responsibility was left to Norma, Bethany's older sister, by two years.
Norma tried her best, but she didn't handle it well. The strain got to her, and as she got older she found worse and worse releases to the stress. She died at age fifteen, in a car accident. The autopsy found that both she and the boy driving were drunk at the time.
So, Bethany became the responsible one. She became quite overprotective of Samson, so much so that as he grew older they grew apart, because he resented her almost paranoid attempts to protect him.

Bethany moved on with her own life, though.
She went to school to become a mortician. She remembered the funerals of both her mother and her sister well, and they had been comforting at the time. She wanted to help others through such hard times, just as she had been.

She met Simon on a blind date, and somehow it all kicked off. They fell in love, got married within a year, and prepared to live the rest of their lives together.
Except, their first child didn't make it. The fetus put Bethany's own life at risk and it had to be aborted. Then there were complications in the procedure and… Bethany was left barren.

Things fell apart with Simon after that. He tried to stay with her, if only because he didn't want to seem callous by leaving, but she drove him out. Her life collapsed back to the funeral home, back to death, but the work had lost its meaning. She couldn't help others when she couldn't cope with it anymore, so she spent her time out of sight, preparing and preserving bodies, not dealing with the living.
At the insistence of friends and family she went to see a psychiatrist and with time she became better… things looked up. A few years later she decided if she couldn't have children, she'd adopt one.
The child, Timothy, was seven years old when she adopted him. He had barely turned eight when he died of a particularly bad case of flu.
Bethany withdrew into herself again, and things got worse.
Much worse.
Because, that's when the corpses started talking to her.
It was a horrible thing, hearing them prattle on about their lives, all the things they left behind, how miserable their current state was… they were so sad, so pitiful. But, as time went on, they were very almost the only company Bethany had.

It was almost a year afterwards that Bethany was visited, on her birthday, by Ha-Qadosch Berakha, in whose presence the dead did not merely speak but sang great and glorious praises, rose to their feet and engaged in the danse macabre, totally unlike their sad, pitiful selves.

Ha-Qadosch Berakha did not speak, or move, it simply looked at Bethany, with the steady, curious look of a man observing a strange animal and trying to decide what it is.
And that was all it took for Bethany to be changed forever.

Star of Bethlehem
What it Made Me
• Devastated
• Full of desire to help others
• Life became important
• Set Apart
How it Changed the World
• I can’t let go
• I’m committed
• The world is became terrifying
Lotus Flower
My Power
• I end lives
• I bring back the dead
• I make things important
My Nature
• Glorious
• Set Apart
• People fear me
• My work is horrible

In Love with Something…
Bethany is broken in so many ways, but she still wants to be good at heart, to love life and people and live in the world.

Painful Side of the World…
It’s death.

Something you have to Live…
You can’t experience death save by having it happen to those around you, or yourself.

Troubled Life…
With death everywhere and constant problems and grief, Bethany’s life has been anything but happy.

Some Scars Remain…
Though inspired to help others, in truth loss has broken her in ways she’s never been able to pull herself back together from.

Samson. I still can’t look at him without remembering all that I’ve lost.

Mystery Cult:
Bethany is Death now. Few Powers really gain so much acknowledgment, or worship, so it’s hardly surprising that an entire religious organization has been built up and devoted around the position.

The Song of Heaven
The world can be a good place. We just have to work at it.

Skill: Mortician 3
Passion: Help people deal with grief 2
Take care of Samson: 3
Shine: 5

Will: 4/8

Aspect: 0/4 AMP
Domain: 5/5 DMP
Persona: 5/5 PMP
Treasure: 0/5 TMP

Properties of Death:
• Death makes things Important 3
• Death ends things 2
• Death Brings Grief 1
• Death is inescapable 1

Bond: My cult obeys me unquestioningly 1
Bond: My grief gives me strength 2
Bond: There is no place I cannot go 2
Bond: No one is safe from my Power 2
Affliction: I am never welcome 1
Affliction: Everything I touch dies, and doesn't come back 5

How I patched things up with Samson 5

  • I didn't stop him from going to the Cammora.
  • I told him about the real nature of the world.

1 How I made the world a better place 15

  • I struggled with my own nature as killer and recreator.
  • I stopped the Cityback from killing random people.
  • I failed to make anything good come from the boys death…
  • I died with unfinished work, and released something horrible in the process.

First Stone: I surrendered my hold of Death.

2 How I made Hell a better place

How Timothy Entered Heaven

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