John Smith Power of Taxes

Life Path
Taxman of Wonders.
I am Something Cool: Warder of the Thousand Treasures.
Love for ordinary things: My bosses changed, my loyalty didn't.
Taxes are experienced: "Get bent, tax man."
Bound by duty.
Set Apart.
My duty is to _not serve_ Entropy.

Catspaw of Lord Entropy.
Taxes are from the Painful Side of the World: My estate is corrupted with Scorn, and Desecration.
Humble Life: My _home_ is being corrupted. (the IRS)
I am weak.
I can't let go.
Manufactured Army: My spy network of paper goblins, and computer gremlins, bread from nimble jacks.
Song of Hell: Maybe Corruption is not so bad?

Aspect 0 ( 6 AMPs)

  • Bureaucrat 2
  • I'm just doing my job 2
  • People are basically selfish. 1
  • People don't know whats good for them. 2
  • Shine 3 (from Persona)

Persona 3 ( 7 PMPs)

  • 3 Taxes take your money and valuables.
  • 2 Taxes empower governments.
  • 1 Taxes are not optional.
  • 1 Taxes are resented.

Domain 1 ( 8 DMPs)
Treasure 5 (8 TMPs)

Affliction: Entropy's soul-worm is wrapped around my spine, corrupting my miracles, when I serve his interests it gets better for a bit. 4
Bond: I am The Man. 4
Affliction: I have authorization. 2
Affliction: I own a piece of everything. 1
Bond: I am the warder and user of the Thousand Treasures. 2
Affliction: I have _something_ that works. 2
Bond: I am proud of my goblins. 2
Bond: I follow my rules. 1

John has brown black hair, and an unremarkable face, his eyes brown. He could be any of a thousand Americans of generic european ancestry. He usually wheres a somewhat shabby suit.

John had an unremarkable life, he became a lawyer out of a sense of duty, and then found that tax codes some how seemed akin to him.
So he worked to make sure taxes were paid.
He was good, but not unusually so.

And then one day..well he worked for a higher court. And Had to do a lot of his own collecting.
But its still at its root the same job.
And he does it.

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