Tiresias Mcdowell Images

Name: Tiresias McDowell


Lifepath Image

Mortal Stuff:

Passion: Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. 2
Passion: Patience is a virtue. 1
Skill: Rhetoric 2
Superior senses (except sight) 3
Shine 5 (5 from Persona)


Affliction: I am blind. 3
Affliction: I have visions of the future, but I can't see them. 2
Affliction: I can not age. 1
Affliction: When I am around, pictures come to life when no one is looking at them. 1
Bond: I am responsible for the Infinite Gallery 1
Bond: When someone asks me, I always answer! 2
Bond: Beauty shouldn't be strictly visual. 1
Bond: Let me show you a different point of view. 2
Bond: I love my vast collection of beautiful art. 1

Bond: I randomly change age and gender. 2 (Surface Wound)


Art collection
mundane Anchor
A vast collection of all kinds of art, paintings, sculptures, books, music, movies, on all kinds of media.
Some of it is stored in the Infinite Gallery, some outside.

Estate Properties: Images

Images want to be seen (2)
Images don't always show the truth (1)
Images capture the moment (2)
Images are windows to other places (1)
An image says more than a thousand words (1)


Aspect 0 8/8 AMP
Domain 3 8/8 DMP
Persona 5 8/8 PMP
Treasure 1 8/8 TMP


Tiresias once was a blind prophet in ancient greece. He was blind since birth, so blind in fact, that he could not see his own visions. Over time, he was driven mad by his visions and lived as a hermit far away from society, just another insane old man.
One day, the Power of Beauty visited him and while he couldn't see her, she managed to calm his heart so he could come to accept both his gift and his curse. Through conversations with her he became fascinated by the concept of beauty and before long, her Imperator chose him to become the next Power of Images.

But Ha-Qadosch Berahka intervened. He proposed a fiendish bet and managed to win both the Estate of Images and Tiresias himself shortly after he became a Noble. While service under Berahka was confusing in the beginning, Tiresias managed to settle in and took the surname McDowell in recent years, whenever he ventured into the prosaic world. He still has contact to the Power of Beauty, but the friendship became a double edged sword over time. Tiresias tries to find beauty beyond the visible things, while she pushes the Estate of Beauty towards a purely visual experience.

Not too long ago, something terrible happened. A Deceiver, one of the terrible and beautiful enemies to all of Creation only known as Excrucians, confronted Tiresias. He claimed the visions, who never stopped even after Tiresias became a Noble, are gifts of Harumaph himself and Tiresias chosen to betray Creation. He dared not fight the Excrucian directly, but managed to trap him inside the Infinite Gallery, a painting full of paintings said to connect to all Images that only the Power of Images can enter and leave at will. He keeps this secret from everyone, but knows some day he will have to enter the Gallery again to face the walking blasphemy trapped inside.


How I changed the Estate of Beauty.
I found out that Ananda's beauty overpowers the more visual Beauty of Helen. (Revelation, 10)

How I dealt with Sceltho of the Provenance.

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