Amalberga La Mer

If you see a young woman with stars falling in her eyes and a cheap ukulele, you're probably looking at Amalberga la Mer. If that's the case, you should do your best to destroy her ukulele, or keep it away from her–without it, she's pretty much powerless, or at least, less powerful until she can buy another one. Otherwise, she'll begin to strum its strings, warping and dissolving the concept of authenticity and originality with her music. She also has a Youtube channel, which is neat but probably best ignored if you don't want her incarnating in your computer.

Ukulele Covers Played by Amalberga la Mer
• Are creative, but without originality.
• Are familiar, but subtly different from their originals.
• Are upbeat and cheerful, even if they should be sad.
• Don't take a whole lot of practice or money to do.
• Get stuck in your head.
• Make you want to sing along.
• Make you fall in love with Amalberga la Mer.

Aspect 0 (5/5 AMP)
Persona 5 (5/5 PMP)
Treasure 0 (5/5 TMP)

Bonds and Afflictions
Affliction (3): I can't fight my hardest against plans that involve a lot of glitter or glam.
Affliction (3): I can't wield Persona miracles unless I'm playing a ukulele.
Bond (5): My music reaches even the most hardened of hearts.
Bond (2): I'm not the killing type.

Skills and Passions
• Skill: Music Geek 4
• Skill: Being Charming 3
• Skill: Internet Famous 1
• Shine 5

• Active Immortality
• Bardic Music

Persona Miracle Chart

0: Amalberga is tuned into those things that are relevant to her pseudo-Estate: songs that would sound good on her ukulele, people who are subscribed to her Youtube channel, people who've fallen in love with her after hearing one of her songs, and so on.

1: Amalberga can bless things with a little bit of the nature of her pseudo-Estate. Her blessing could give an artist a little more creativity at the cost of some of his originality, make a standardized test a little easier and cheaper to take, or make a catchphrase slightly catchier. Alternatively, she can reverse this effect, making things a little bit less like her songs.

2: Amalberga can manifest her spirit within a particular ukulele cover of hers. She mostly uses this to check up on people who are watching her Youtube channel.

3: Amalberga can apply a property of her pseudo-Estate to herself, gaining it as an Affliction for as long as she sustains this miracle. Thus, she can make herself perpetually cheerful no matter how sad she should be, turn her presence into a potent aphrodisiac, or become a memetic virus capable of slipping inside of people's heads.

4: Amalberga can turn things into a part of her pseudo-Estate, converting other people's songs into her own ukulele covers. It even works on live music, snatching the music out of someone else's voice or instrument and tangling it up in her strings. She can also invest things with one or more of the properties of her pseudo-Estate.

5: Amalberga can reject one of her ukulele covers from her pseudo-Estate, turning it into an original piece of music, or a ukulele cover that was played by someone else, or even something weird like an oboe solo. She can also strip the properties of her pseudo-Estate from things: she might make opposing her really hard and really expensive to do, make someone's work more original but less creative, or turn a summer camp into a singalong-free zone.

5: Amalberga can incarnate her spirit within hundreds or thousands of her songs upon Earth, or a smaller number scattered throughout the cosmos. She can also incarnate in her songs in primal realms, or incarnate between Creation and the Lands Beyond.

6: Amalberga can change the way that a person or thing relates to her music, fitting it into the scheme of her pseudo-Estate in a way that does not naturally flow from its content. She could bind a rival musician to forevermore have his songs upstaged by her covers of them, or tether her apartment to her pseudo-Estate so that it can be physically accessed through her songs.

6: Amalberga can emulate her pseudo-Estate with complicated, massive, and large scale effects. She could become so impossibly cheerful in the face of tragedy that all who see her become convinced that nothing bad could've happened, become so lovable that entire cities become infatuated with her, or become a psychic mind-virus that infects an entire species.

7: Amalberga can apply the properties of her pseudo-Estate either on a vast scale or with greatly amplified effects. She could turn the entire genre of hip hop into ukulele covers, transform all actors into slightly different doubles of the characters they play, or make presidential campaigns easy and inexpensive enough for anyone to pull off.

8: Amalberga can withdraw the properties of her pseudo-Estate either on a vast scale or with greatly amplified effects. She could make love universally more difficult and more expensive throughout the cosmos, or render someone so inherently un-catchy that the universe forgets their existence.

9: Amalberga can make sweeping changes to the destinies of cities, continents, or even whole worlds insofar as they relate to her pseudo-Estate. She ruin every artist in a country or genre by dooming them to be upstaged by her covers of their songs, or seal a world away within one of her songs.

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