Eblani Imbolc

Eblani Imbolc, Excrucian Deceiver
(with apologies to Mr. Fukumoto and Ms. Kobayashi)

Aspect 1 5 AMP 3CP
Persona 1 5 PMP 3CP
Treasure 2 5 TMP 6CP

Playing Against Eblani Imbolc…
…is an experience steeped in metaphor.
…reveals your true nature.
…exalts identity above probability.
…fills you with energy and exhilaration.
…is high-stakes.
…may be the only way to stop her.

Passion and Skills:
Skill: Gambling (4)
Skill: Social Engineering (4)
Passion: "Eight is my lucky number!" (-1)
Cool (2)
Shine (1)

Bonds and Afflictions:
Bond: I am the spider at the center of the web. (3)
Bond: I am a master of a multitude of games… (1)
Bond: …and can learn new ones as fast as I need to. (2)
Bond: If people don't get what they deserve, what's the point? (2)
Bond: There's a certain kind of girl that I'm secretly driven to spoil/protect. (1)

Affliction: I get what's owed me. (2)
Affliction: I can't welch on my bets. (2)
Affliction: It's suspiciously difficult to catch me in a vulnerable position when I'm not Being Played Against. (2)


None, but if you're running Eblani on a higher point budget Immortal can't hurt.



Life Path

Aspect Miracle Chart:

1 Free Eblani's favored methodology when dealing with mortal and wondrous opposition seems to be to rely on her skills as a mortal. When not under miraculous or practical duress, she can pretty much effortlessly ensure that her gambling and/or social engineering will be impressive, praiseworthy, and a source of good outcomes for her in both the short- and long-term. At this level, even indulging in her bad habit of overusing her "lucky number" can look competent and professional, although that doesn't necessarily make it useful.
2 1MP At this level, she's on par with a legendary gambling genius exerting themself to the point of risking their health.
3 2MP Occasionally Eblani isn't satisfied with being assured of good outcomes, or wants to be absolutely certain that she crushes an opponent who might otherwise present a credible threat. In these situations, an expenditure of 2MP will take her over that edge to the point where only a miracle can stop her. This miracle is also useful for situations where she needs to learn a game faster than her Bond can make feasible on its own (several times, she's had to pour out miraculous energy to quickly master a new game ahead of an important bout), or to do something human-y that doesn't really fit into her two usual modii operandi.
5 4MP
9 Word

Persona Miracle Chart:

0 Free Eblani Imbolc has an eye for worthy opponents. That's the only way to say it - no matter what games you play, she knows at a glance if you're a strong player, and if she squints she can probably tell what your strongest game is. She can also spot the sort of people who would play against her - folks with a grudge, folks with something to prove, and especially folks she's played against before - or things that were part of the prize pot in previous gambles. This miracle receives one point of Strike for free - it's the Sight, after all.
1 Free Like any proper conspiracy-theory mastermind, Eblani has a bad habit of leaving signs of her passing. Her favored methodology? To Bless a park chess table or a deck of cards, giving them a bit of a spidery motif and just a hint of the sort of warped logic that fills her games. Two people playing at that chess table will be a bit more likely to reveal something about themselves in their play. A poker game with that deck of cards will be a bit more likely to deal spades to a mortician. In this way she spreads just a little bit of her preferred world wherever she goes. Alternatively, this also works as a particularly wimpy miraculous attack - making something a bit riskier, like Playing Against Her is risky.
1 Free Alternatively, she can Curse something, making it a bit less like Playing Against Her. Her most common use of this is to stall her enemies (by making their current line of attack a touch less interesting/likely to be her weak spot) when she needs a bit more time to prepare - it's not terribly effective, it also makes their efforts lower-risk, and at its absolute best will only make them take about 10% longer than they otherwise would have, but hey, you get what you pay for, and as free strategic defenses go it's a passable one.
2 1MP At this level, Eblani can pour her nature and consciousness into a person's struggle to defeat her, incarnating in that struggle. Obviously, this is a power she only rarely uses; if someone's Playing Against Her, she needs to keep her head in the game! But if you happen to be, say, playing correspondence chess with her, and are studying the board, and suddenly the whole experience feels a bit Eblani-ish, it might be a good time to spring any traps you might have arranged for when she's distracted, instead of throwing yourself into thinking about your next move.
3 2MP By spending 2MP, Eblani infuses herself with the experience of Playing Against Her, bringing it into the world forcefully and directly. She can fill those around her with hot-blooded vigor. She can become the sort of person that, just talking to her, you end up showing your true colors. She can warp causality in her vicinity to obey dharma without regard to feasibility, even in matters other than games of chance. She can even turn herself into her own secret weakness, although I'm not sure what that would entail.
4/5 4MP In dire situations, Eblani may find it necessary to force someone to Play Against Her - or, alternatively, to abort such a contest miraculously. In these situations, and with significant effort, she can accomplish such feats with a Sacrifice or Enchantment. However, as this sort of trick is unnatural for her and tough to pull off, she deliberately saves it for emergencies. This is also the level enchanting a Mahjong set to generate her rules of engagement the way Playing Against Her does, or for outright making a particular venture unable to defeat her (if she's careful about it and avoids turning the Sacrifice into simply creating alternative avenues of success).
5 4MP At this level, Eblani can incarnate in those struggles against her taking place in the numinous realms, or across the Weirding Wall. This is an even less common use case than with Lesser Incarnation, and she's almost never had a reason to use it.
6 Word Eblani's ability to take on the properties of opposing her reaches new heights here. In one memorable case, she busted a major Cammora operation just by walking into it and letting the various Powers and Agents involved simply… blow their own cover.
7 Word If Eblani wanted to do so, she could use this level of Miracle to redefine whole games as functioning according to her rules. She hasn't done it yet, but if her protegés start getting into one particular pastime…
8 Word And at this level, Eblani can strip her properties from whole swathes of reality, whether to remove the high-stakes nature of a profession, or to remove all the excitement from the experience of riding a roller coaster. Greater depth of Sacrifice is also possible here, for miracles such as cursing a person to a totally impersonal fate, which doesn't even allow his twenty years of experience at electrical repair to sway his chances at doing the job well.
9 Word Eblani's most powerful miracle is a Miracle of Binding - the Lesser and Greater versions are equally difficult for her, so if she bothers with it at all, she's probably going big. This is the kind of Miracle she used to create most of her chronic opponents - people who regularly oppose her, with miraculous powers of their own, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing - and might use to start a tournament arc in your campaign!

Anchor (Wheelwright Inc.):
This Mundane Anchor is Eblani Imbolc's vast conspiracy-theory empire, built from the bonds and guarantees she's extracted as winnings from her various gambles.

0 Free First off, as an Anchor, Eblani's shadowy conspiracy is properly self-maintaining. She doesn't have to worry about it falling apart one day, she doesn't have to micromanage to keep it from discovery by Ordinary authorities. It can basically look after itself. Furthermore, when doing her bidding, her agents receive 3 Miraculous Will automatically, as does she when she uses it as a medium for her own mundane actions (for example, Social Engineering at the corporate scale). Finally, her underlings are able to contact her psychically when they have something important to say, and she can reply, no matter where she is, as a mundane action.
1 Free After taking an afternoon to familiarize herself with the dossier of a particular agent in her organization, Eblani can take control of that agent directly, inhabiting their body instead of her own. Unless she needs to take on a particular guise, she usually uses a lower-level enforcer for doing remote-control dirty work.
2 Free Alternatively, if Eblani would rather keep her brain in her own body (as is usually the case), she has the option to merely guide her agents, instead. They get noticeable bonuses to their actions taken on her behalf (1 Edge in addition to the usual Miraculous Will), and she can work miracles through them. She's occasionally used this power to let people Play Against her without them actually learning how she looks.
4 2MP At this level, Eblani's criminal empire can do things for her on their own initiative. This only stretches a bit beyond the mundane, and can't actually fight miracles, but unlike Occupation and Guidance she doesn't need to micromanage it - if it's the sort of thing a criminal empire can do, she can just wave her hand, pour out some miraculous force, and it'll be done.
6 4MP For a pretty penny of miraculous power, Eblani can use her temporal wealth and power as a blunt instrument - the kind of hammer that can treat everything as a nail and (eventually) work. If she has them shoot someone, it'll have miraculous force behind it. If she sics them on finding a cure for cancer, then by Jove they'll find a cure for cancer (even if it takes them a while).

Anchor (Game Collection):
This Anchor is a Collection of games whose Wondrous power is to prevent interference from non-participants during play.

0 Free Eblani's game collection doesn't experience entropy. It always functions as though it was top-of-the-line, brand new equipment. Her cards shuffle fairly and don't scuff, her gaming laptop always runs the latest games with low ping and high resolution, &c. When playing with them using mundane actions, she gets 3 Miraculous Will - ensuring that her play can beat any mortal who isn't either a grandmaster or truly straining themselves.
1 Free After taking a few hours to practice with one of her games, Eblani can possess it. She doesn't usually have a reason to do this, unless, say, someone stole her laptop and she wants to quickly hop onto it and watch what they're doing.
2 Free Alternatively (and probably more usefully), she can invoke such a game set as an extension of herself. If it's the kind of game where she's using her equipment and her opponent's using their own, this gives her 1 Edge. If it's the kind of game where playing without an oppoennt is meaningful, she gets a +1 Tool bonus if applicable.
3 1MP For a dollop of miraculous energy, Eblani can bring the full strength of her game sets' jamming power into play (i.e., it works at full effectiveness even in the Ordinary World, where game sets can't realistically keep people from interfering in the game).
4 2MP
6 4MP At this level, Eblani can use her games' isolation powers in more blatantly miraculous ways. She can keep people safe from an alien invasion or an earthquake - so long as they're playing the game, getting seriously injured or abducted would disrupt it! More generally, this lets her use game-playing as a methodology that can accomplish arbitrary goals - if she wants to reform a dictatorship or cure a disease, well… she's got her collection of games! It may take her a while, but if she keeps the Miracle sustained she's guaranteed eventual success.
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