Hzlit Thretch

Hzlit Thretch is a wicked postmodernist, an ontological terrorist waging covert war against reality. He doesn't concern himself with people, mostly. Instead, he discredits philosophies and ideologies through deconstruction, logical fallacies, and sometimes outright mockery, tricking people into believing that their daily existence has no relation to anything in the realm of the conceptual and abstract. If you try to argue against him, he'll make your own words sound ridiculous even to you, and laugh his cruelest laugh.

That Which Is Deconstructed by Hzlit Thretch
• Is deconstructed by Hzlit Thretch.
• Falls apart.
• Can no longer be taken seriously.
• Cannot be used to argue against Hzlit Thretch.
• Is renounced by its followers and disciples.
• Fades into obsolescence, to be replaced by something new.
• Weakens existing systems of order by its dissolution.

Aspect 0 (5/5 AMP)
Persona 4 (5/5 PMP)
Treasure 3 (5/5 TMP)

Bonds and Afflictions
Affliction (3): I can be easily distracted by pedantic arguments and semantic quibbling.
Bond (4): I never lose an argument.
Bond (3): I am feared by my horde of lackeys, hangers-on, and undergrads.
Bond (3): I have tenure.
Bond (3): I'm overly attached to my collection of lost, forbidden, and heretical texts.

Skills and Passions
• Skill: Making People Feel Inadequate 4
• Skill: Academia 4
• Shine 4

• Active Immortality

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