Nitzan Isidore

Nitzan Isidore, Deceiver

Aspect 2(8 AMPs)
Persona 4 (8 PMPs)
Treasure 1 (8 TMPs)

Passions and Skills:
Passion: Everyone needs something and I'll give it to them. (5)
Skill: Extreme Couponing. (3)
Cool. (4)
Shine. (3)

Bonds and Afflictions:
Affliction: I always know the right gift for someone. (5)
Affliction: My deal is the best deal. (3)
Bond: No one can resist my gifts. (4)
Bond: I have the right thing for you. (4) (Anchor: Sack of Goodies)

Pseudo-Estate Properties:
Gifts from Nitzan Isidore
Gifts from Nitzan Isidore are desirable beyond reason's limits. (3)
Gifts from Nitzan Isidore do not diminish when given. (2)
Gifts from Nitzan Isidore bring delight without end. (1)
Gifts from Nitzan Isidore are widely circulated. (1)

Active Immortality

Appearance and Personality:
Nitzan Isidore is old beyond determination of gender, and has the bearing of exiled aristocracy: shabbily dressed but impeccably mannered; formal but genuine; constantly bemused by the world around him and its alienness.

Newly budded flowers adorn the lapel of Nitzan's suits, and there's always a sack of goodies within Nitzan's reach. From this bag, come most of Nitzan's gifts. These are always well chosen and seemingly without end. Quarters to make calls, pens to jot down the number of pretty girls, tokens for the bus, tickets to see your favorite band, a sandwich when you are hungry, another day with your child before the cancer takes them, and true histories of members of the Excrucian horde have all passed from Nitzan's hands to eager recipients and from them out into the world.

When pressed, Nitzan admits to occasionally working a miracle to satisfy a particularly tricky need, however most gifts are bought conventionally. Nitzan has 100% positive feedback as a buyer on eBay and etsy.

Miracles of the Gifts from Nitzan Isidore:
0: Recognize a Gift from Nitzan that has gone far from its original recipient.
1: Make someone's desirability more able to overwhelm reason; make something retain full value in an exchange; make something more delightful to have; make something spread further than it otherwise would.
2: Spend a scene as the day returned to the Power of Wrath.
3: Become desirable beyond reason; give until it doesn't hurt because giving doesn't diminish you at all; bring delight without end (great for parties); become widely talked about, invited everywhere, and plastered across blogs.
4: Cause a piece of junk to be more desirable than gold brick; give someone a twenty and still have the twenty even as the person pays off their debts with the money given them; cause the delight provided by a piece of cake never ending; cause a newspaper to be circulated well beyond its normal bounds—such as ensuring a whole city sees a local high school's current edition.
5: Make a someone's dream job seem entirely undesirable; cause love to sour in its giving; remove the delight brought by the birth of a child to the parents; confine a prevalent STD to a single victim of it.
6: Cause someone to become a compulsive regifter; ensure that a gift given fills the need it was given to fulfill; make it so one smile from you fills someone's life with joy.
7: Make it so a particular apple is so desirable people go mad with desire when they see it; cause a particular pamphlet to be in everyone's possession; start a rumor that maintains perfect fidelity as it spreads from person to person.
8: Destroy a major currency by effectively removing it from circulation; cause an object to be impossible to evaluate by any means but the coldest, hardest logic; make it so a memory related to another is lost by the one relating it.
9: Turn a shop into a distribution centre for Gifts from Nitzan Isidore, such the shelves are ever stocked and all things in the store are desirable and delightful and end up everywhere; bestow a new Estate to Creation.

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