Osuin Lul

Osuin Lul built an evil house. He was just a regular guy, but he studied the architecture of unnatural angles and pacted with eldritch things and mixed blood with mortar and he built an evil house. Now he's a Deceiver. He'll make you horrible and awful and cruel, twisting up your insides until you can't stand the light of day and flee into the coiling labyrinth of his bad house. He plays a combination of jailer, gamekeeper, and father figure to these wayward denizens, teaching them that their awfulness is just a reflection of the fallen state of Creation.

The House That Osuin Lul Built
• Shouldn't be.
• Is a coiled and twisting thing.
• Is built on a foundation of blood.
• Is full of horrors.
• Hurts the eye to see, and the mind to contemplate.
• Won't let you escape.

Aspect 0 (5/5 AMP)
Persona 4 (5/5 PMP)
Treasure 0 (5/5 TMP)

Bonds and Afflictions
Affliction (5): I respawn in the house if I'm killed.
Affliction (4): Within the house, my word is law.
Affliction (2) I know, deep down, that I'm a horrible person, and punish myself for it.
Bond (2): I make bad situations worse. A whole lot worse.

Skills and Passions
• Passion: Cruelty 3
• Skill: Architecture 3
• Skill: Getting Along With Monsters 2

• Durant
• Eternal
• Glorious

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