Delanis Corona

Delanis Corona is a young hermit and wandering saint, who has taken up residence in the Evil World to save it as best she can (which means a lot of dead Nimblejacks). One day, however, she will become Vanoba Deyish, the great goddess who will drive people to flee the world to the freedom of the Not.

Until then, she is left to be herself. She was meant to be a force of good in the world, but Meon, Power of Desecration, touched her, and corrupted all she does. Her touch now poisons, so that though she heals all she touches, in the long run it suffers and dies.
So, she wanders the world, and tries to be part of it and understand it. But, all the while, her future is coming, the destiny dawning upon her. Every so often, it eclipses her, she becomes it. She is nothing without that future, that glorious destiny, and all her power comes from twisting it around, but she would lay down this down in a moment to be herself.

But, that is not the function.

The Goddess Delinas Corona Shall Become

  • Instils reverence and worship
  • Is one with the evil of Creation
  • Is holy and good
  • Brings all to Kneel
  • Replaces what was Delinas Corona
  • Is physically perfect
  • Will Lead, and you Will Follow

Aspect: 0 5/5
Persona: 5 5/5
Treasure: 0 5/5

I Fear the Goddess I Shall Become 3
You Love the Goddess I Shall Become 3
The Cult Hears and Obeys 1

Meon's Touch Drives me to Wickedness 2
Where I Walk, Flowers Bloom 1
My Touch Heals 2
My Touch Poisons 1

Shine 5
Passion: Living Life 3
Passion: Getting a rise out of Meon 1
Skill: Flower Alchemist 3
Skill: Poet 1

Will: 8/8

Water Lily
Key of Something Spiritual

My Nature

The Lie:

  • An Emerging Goddess

The Truth:

  • Excrucian Deceiver
  • A Goddess long Emerged and Hidden
  • She shall pull you down to oblivion
  • Her worship will drain you

Key of Promises

Held in Thrall

The Lie

  • Corrupted by Meon.
  • Plagued by Creation's Wrath
  • Blighted with Evil

The Truth

  • I can't let go
  • It's killing me
  • I invited Meon's touch, as I must
  • I sanctify Meon even as he dessicates me


  • The growing god has been tarnished.
  • She shall lead you from Creation, one way or Another


You are…
Hunting, Uncoiling, The Storm Arising
Love shall be her name, and fear shall be her heritage. They shall come and worship and hear her wisdom.
But, for now, she is a simple hermit and traveler, spreading grace and teaching wherever she goes. And the path she works, flowers grow.

Your pState is…
A Sorrowful Thing
The Goddess Delanis Corona Shall Become

You Were Born Out Of…
The loss of sanctity, of innocence. The touch of Meon that ruined everything that could have been, bore Delanis Corona into herself.

You Plan To…
Build Something
I shall construct myself, and with it a temple and religion, that will guide the world to freedom.

If that Fails, You'll Resort to…
Stage 2 of the Plan
Meon has already touched me. Already the forces of Creation begin to twist against my sanctity, my holiness. If it shall stop me from leading them, then I shall poison them.


Meon. His touch corrupts and desiccates, his smile lies and hides, his very being is the stone that blunts the dagger of Delanis Corona's being, but he is also the one who embraced her. He is the one she comes to when she is lost and confused. He is the one who hears her problems and smiles them away.

Already the worship of Delanis Corona has begun to spread, and in far flung corners of the world her worshipers gather in secret, and spread word of the coming savior.

A Chancel in Creation
The Evil World has become home to Delanis Corona. Meon has touched her, and her corrupted self has been let in. Enemies close, especially the dying ones.

I'm Going to Break the World…
Because I'm Me, and it is So Very Fragile
Creation is too small for what I shall be. The goddess will break the shell, and be born. One way or another.

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