Ghost Of Reason Change

Mortal (8)

Skill: Rational Thinking 4
Passion: I need full information to make a thought-out decision 2
Passion: Patience is a virtue 2

Bondflictions (13)

Bond: I am the voice of reason. 2
Bond: My decisions are rational. 4
Bond: Knowledge is power. 3
Bond: I have to take responsibility for my actions. 1
Affliction: My plans always come to fruition. 1
Affliction: You cannot escape my words. 2


Aspect 0
Domain 5
Persona 3
Treasure 0

Estate Properties

… is vital (1)
… demands responsibility (2)
… is caused by a choice (2)
… has a purpose (1)
… redefines (1)


I Know What You Did
Greater Divination of Regret
Level 5 Domain
Simple Miracle -1
local area -1
one trick -3
uncommon +1

The Ghost of Reason can see the thing people around him regret the most. He doesn't get much detail about the circumstances, just a simple description of what they did and why they regret it.

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