Diantha Speriman


Diantha Speriman, Excrucian Deceiver

Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Persona (The Absence of Diantha Speriman) 4 (5 PMP)
Treasure 1 (5 TMP)

The Absence of Diantha Speriman
Is always noticed eventually, but only when it is too late. (1)
Allows her to observe what she cannot see. (1)
Gives rise to stories. (1)
Is preceded by theft. (1)
Makes poignant memories. (1)
Comes with a lingering sense of loss. (1)
Is accompanied by traps, distractions, miraculous escape devices and calling cards. (1)

Second Skins:
• Grandmother Malveroy, Darklord of Transgression, Punishment, Mercy, Consequence and Cheating.
• Magister Gerard Nonesuch, the Power of History
• Mr Dusk. A magic talking black cat who is *waaaay* too smug about the whole Schrödinger thing.

Skills and passions:
Superior skill: Phantom Thief (+4)
Superior Skill: Escape! (+2)
Passion “We will be remembered, you and I.” (2)
Shine 4

Bonds and Afflictions:
(Affliction) I have no physical existence in the present, only in the past. (2)
(Affliction) I can steal *anything*! (4)
(Affliction) I can return anything people remember me stealing. (3)
(Bond) I am aware of and feel attachment to unobserved thefts and losses. (1)
(Bond) My crew are capable and can sometimes even be depended upon. (1)
(Bond) I am patron of The League of Merchant Dreamers. (1)
(Bond) I treasure the memories I leave behind. (2)

Ongoing questions:

1) Is it better or worse that there are crimes and transgressions that go unacknowledged and unobserved?
2) Do I want to destroy the world to liberate it from loss, or am I just trying to justify the fact that I owe my existence to crimes for which no loss if felt?

Lifepath Generation

Key XII- Milkmay: The Key Unformed
That Which Stirs

• A collection of memories.
• Which use the past against Creation.
• And ask: What has Creation lost and what does it merely think it has lost?
• The League of Merchant Dreamers taps into my legend for their own profit.

• I’m an enemy of the world.
• I am truth preceding form.
• I am a witness born from the tragedy of unacknowledged crimes.
• Grandmother Malveroy suspects my nature and would use it to turn me into a creature of Creation.

Key IV- Clematis: The Key of the Angel
I’m Reaching Out to You

• Like a thief in the night.
• By making you experience loss.
• As an artist, communicating my point through heists.
• As a penitent, returning to you what you think you want.

• Because I don’t want to be forgotten.
• Because I suspect there’s no justice in the world and I don’t want this to cause you to suffer.

You are…
So full of feelings for them.
(I long to liberate them from attachment and loss.)

Your pState is…
A pretty truth.
(My absence, and the things I took with me, cause people to discover loss so that they may realise the futility of existence. Thus I use the past, real or imagined, against Creation.)
(As above. My absences and the heists preceding them are propaganda weapons against Creation, )

You were born out of…
(Once, there was a crime. Someone broke into a London squat and found the young man inside dead. He had a wallet with a small amount of money and a precious photo. Nobody witnessed the crime. Nobody cared or remembered. Twenty years later, when the house was demolished, nobody renamed herself Diantha Speriman and walked out into the world as an Excrucian.)

Your plan is to…
Make a pointed argument.
(What, I ask you, has Creation lost? What does it merely *think* it has lost? Is the distinction between actual loss and the illusion of loss significant? No! To keen after what is gone is folly. To attach yourself to what will be stolen from you, equal folly.)

If your plan fails you will resort to…
(I can return to you everything you have lost. I can satisfy your every craving to bring things back to the way they were… not that they were ever really that way in the first place.)


1) Mystery Cult (The League of Merchant Dreamers follow my example, selling people treasures that never existed.)
2) Guest Stars (I have a crew of sorts that I can turn to for some of the bigger jobs. We’ve betrayed each other on occasion, well I don’t really see stealing from them as a betrayal but I suppose it might seem like treachery to an outside observer. But little disputes aside they’re generally dependable sorts compared to many in our line of work.)
3) Imperator (I have had dealings with Grandmother Malveroy, the Darklord of Transgression, Punishment, Mercy, Consequence and Cheating. She opposes my quest and sends her powers to thwart me, but finds my exploration of theft and loss too interesting to actually try and do anything permanent about me. She also knows something of my past and finds comfort in the idea of a celestial witness to unseen transgressions who does not concern themselves with either love or justice. She would prefer I join her as a Power or fellow Imperial Being.)

I’m going to break the world…
If I have to, I guess.
(The world can’t hold onto itself. As it loses itself, it obsesses over that loss. I have witnessed the loss of things that were not mourned or remembered and I know it need not be that way, but if Creation continues to obsess over this Lie then it is better for everyone to just wake up.)

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