Domain Miracles Of The Night

Domain Miracle Examples
0: Know when someone or something endangers The Night
1: Make someone convinced their neighbor is a mysterious stranger, for an hour or two ; Make a spy trying to hide something stutter every time she does, for an hour or two ; Make someone think that they perfectly understand another person
2: Find out basic information about the Night (when it will fall in a given area, how long until it is over, how cold it will be) ; Find out the details of someone's mysteriousness, solitude or vastness, or what they seek to glorify ; Talk to the Night itself
3: Increase the amount of time it takes for the hours to pass, in the Night ; Strengthen the sense of wonder and mystique that comes about from some action ; Make it easier for people to calmly think through what has happened, or is currently happening
4: Create a piece of the Night ; Make a part of the Night crash into someone, or explode out of someone ; Make a Gun incapable of shooting, wrapped in quiet, contemplative solitude ; Wrap himself with the armor of introspection, slowing down attacks as his enemies are forced to think things through before they can take action, even if they were confident before ; Create a social group out of a set of disparate people, bring them together
5: Make the Night end early ; Make someone act rashly, without thinking things through! ; shatter a social group, leaving them all alone! ; Interrogate the Night itself, about any information available to it that you could desire
6: Make someone with an active night-life a successful politician ; Condemn someone to die, before the Night ends ; Make the Night only happen on certain streets in a city block ; Make the Night last forever, bringing about nighttime eternal, chasing the sun out of the world ; Change a meeting that happens during the night, so that it involves two different people
7: Bring the Night of all the worlds into Creation together in a single spot, descending upon the world and shattering it ; Make all weapons of all armies in the world impossible to use, as they stay in silent contemplation, looking inwards ; Wrap the whole world around a mantle of introspection, requiring invaders to slow down their attack as they debate with each other if this is truly the right thing to do ; Create a whole new organization spanning the world, from nothing more but slackers!
8: Remove the ability of invaders upon his world from thinking about how they plan to do something! ; Remove the Night from a whole world, leaving it with only the harshness of the Sun ; Shatter a world-spanning organization
9: Require any serious political station in the world to have applicants only stay awake during the Night ; Make the Night into a prison, holding the dreams and desires of people trapped within it!

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