Doom and Gloam

Once upon a time, four Solars arrived in the island city-state of Gloam. They were a magistrate, a pirate, a librarian, and a revolutionary. Oh, and they were an imposter, a kleptomaniac, an idiot, and… a revolutionary. (This joke makes sense if you're an Immaculate.)

What will they find, these self-appointed heroes? Will they successfully end the slave trade, or find a husband? Honestly the first thing is probably significantly more likely!

This is an Exalted Third Edition campaign played over Slack Chat, featuring:

  • Robert Vance, as the Storyteller
  • Elliott Freeman, as Camena Diezla (A pirate queen and art thief, fond of trouble and of other things that explode.)
  • Rand Brittain, as Icaria Varus (A self-taught hero who learned everything he knows from books. Somewhat boy-crazy. Okay, a lot boy-crazy.)
  • Jenna Moran, as Dessa Svetlana, aka Tepet Evdeniya (A humble scribe who took over the identity of one of the Empress' magistrates.)
  • impulsiveingenue, as Zanara (A revolutionary who appeared from nowhere to unite the downtrodden and bring an end to slavery forever.)
  • piglets, as Serestala (She likes to punch things.)


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