Earth, Wind, and Theater

Ten thousand dragons rule the world, holding it together with blood and gold.

And that's terrible! Wouldn't it be better if the world was bound by threads of sweet, sweet sound? I think we can all agree on that.

This is a playtest for Exalted Third Edition's Dragon-Blooded mechanics. You probably shouldn't even be reading it! But since you're here, please go tell everybody to buy the book!


Tepet Jalena, Air Aspect. Bureaucrat, socialite, and spy bent on ensuring the rebirth of House Tepet.

Sesus Li Xue, Fire Aspect. A young idol with big dreams. A social innovator hoping to renew the dying world using music. Let's all do our best!

V'neef Pagao, Wood Aspect. A wandering scholar of flora and fauna. A cunning physician. Mama V'neef's secret favorite, probably.


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