Eilonwey Tane

Eilonwey Tane, Excrucian Deceiver

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
Domain N/A N/A DMP N/A CP
The Playthings of Eilonwey Tane
1 …Have an inescapable role and purpose
1 …Perform their role better than anybody
1 …Act out the fantasies of Eilonwey Tane
1 …Are constructed from stereotypes
1 …Are larger than life
1 …Are frighteningly unreal
1 …Act on an inhuman morality
Persona 4 5 PMP 12CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: I like to daydream about other worlds… (1)
Passion: I want to be free… (2)
Skill: Drumming and Marching… (2)
Skill: Soldiery… (3)
Skill: Sharing… (-1)
Cool (0)
Shine (4)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: …I don't age (1) I think Caducine made Eilonwey into a sort of eternally bright child, somebody who would draw out paternal/maternal instincts in anybody she met. Getting turned into a toy kind of destroyed that part of her, but she still doesn't age. At least her works won’t wear down and break.
Affliction: …I am a tin wind-up toy (5) The idea here is that she’s not too resistant to Enchantments, but she retains her fundamental toy-ness; you can turn her into a cat, but it will still be a wind-up toy cat that will run down if it isn’t wound
Bond: I crave freedom… (3)
Bond: I'm terribly selfish… (2)
Bond: Perfect Soldier… (2) Eilonwey doesn't just look like a toy soldier; she also has all the skills and discipline of a real-life soldier. This does not make her happy; it's not a career path that interests her. That's why they make her do it.


Durant (1CP)

Focus: Stupid Tin Drum (2CP)

Base: Treasure (6) Activation: Normal (-2) Area: Local only (-1) Flexability (-2) Rare: Yes (+1)

Eilonwey's tin drum -which she loathes- isn't just a cute accesory; it's also an advanced aural weapon. When she plays it, it makes a tremendously loud and obnoxious noise that makes it impossible for anybody in the immediate vicinity to communicate. And not just verbally; it also somehow drowns out radio and wifi signals. Prolonged exposure can cause permanent hearing damage.

Also, it tends to attract quite a lot of very negative attention to Eilonwey. This is not a magical effect; it's just the natural reaction to a horribly loud banging noise. She's been the target of at least one riot because of it.

(This is a variation on the Warmain's soul cutting sword that can target more than one character or action at once)

This is possibly a reference to the Gunther Grass novel, but is more likely a reference to the fact that the Imperator of Toys likes to annoy people.

Second Skins

Plinth, Power of Puppets

Minx the Muffin Sprite: Power of Advertising

Appearance and History

Eilonwey Tane is a 5 foot tall tin soldier, wearing the bearskin cap and red jacket of the Grenadier Guards. Well, she’s more like a 4 foot tall tin soldier with a foot high bearskin hat. She has a tin drum to play, but generally she refuses to, and leaves it at home. If she isn’t wound at least every three days her works run down, and then she is trapped in her paralyzed body, unable to do anything, but still fully conscious and in possession of all her senses.

It’s very unpleasant.

Eilonwey Tane was once an ordinary, if painfully shy girl. She had an actual normal name back then, but she’s sure not going to tell you what it was.

She used to be shy around other kids, but she was fantastically creative and her parents were wealthy enough to afford lots of toys, so she busied herself playing alone and building whole worlds of fantasy with her toys.

Then Lexiarchos Caducine transferred to her school. Lexiarchos is a Strategist, one who enters into the world as a child and, as her miraculous power leaves her, ages and crumbles to dust. She is an expert at turning children against their parents, and she made Eilonwey her special project.

For her part, Eilonwey thought Lexiarchos was amazing. Lexiarchos was her first real friend, and was able to show her whole strange worlds beyond anything Eilonwey had ever dreamed of. Eilonwey found out the truth, that Creation is just as much a fantasy as the little worlds she used to make up in her head.

And with that knowledge came power. Eilonwey didn’t have to be afraid of anything; not teachers, not other children, not the police, or the army, or monsters under the bed, or anything at all. What she and Lexiarchos did with her parents was a favor to them, bringing them out of the Lie and into the Truth.

Unfortunately, at some point when Lexiarchos Caducine wasn’t around to protect Eilonwey, she learned that there are things in this world much more powerful and frightening than a Deceiver, which is what led her to her current state. See below for details.

Life Path

On the outside, Eilonwey is a petulant, occasionally frightened child, but underneath that exterior, she is a nasty, ruthless Deceiver. And then underneath that second exterior she’s a frightened child again.

She constantly evades responsibility for her actions: “How should I know? I’m just a kid!” or “She was a Strategist, how could a kid stand up to that?” or “I have to work with Creation, they’ve got my key! Do you expect me to wind down and just sit there doing nothing?”

It’s not a particularly endearing trait, but… She’s kind of right.


Acacia: Key of Crossroads

“What do you expect me to do? I’ll die if I don’t do what they say. And anyway, at least I have lots of fun toys to play with. The end of the world can wait a little while longer and give me a chance to play.”

The Lie of this Key is that Eilonwey is in thrall to a powerful Imperator. She can’t turn against Creation right now because she doesn’t want to be destroyed right now, thank you.

The Truth of this key is that, well, her conviction in the unreality of things is starting to waver. She can tell herself it’s just Stockholm syndrome, but she still has started seeing things as real, whatever the reason.

And besides, now that she has been made into a toy for someone else, it’s not really fun to make people into her playthings anymore.

Gorse: Key of Promises

“Look what they did to an innocent little kid! Is this the Creation you want to defend, where things like that happen to people like me?”

Eilonwey’s pState makes people and things into her Playthings, enormous toys she bends to her will. The actual power of Toys didn’t like this. Somebody making toys he couldn’t play with? Unacceptable!

So he convinced the Imperator of Toys to make Eilonwey into his special project. She was transformed into a giant wind-up toy, and after the Power of Toys got bored with her, her key was given to another power to hold dominion over her. She is now an unwilling servant of the forces of Creation, helping them understand and battle her fellow Excrucians.

The Lie of this key is that she has to serve creation, and especially whoever has her wind-up key. She does this unwillingly, and tries to wheedle out of orders or play on her captors’ sympathies.

The Truth of this key is… she’s starting to see her captors as a kind of family, and at least one of them has become fully real for her. Really real. Not a lie at all.

Not to mention the fact that Lexiarchos Caducine is trying to kill her, or worse. That part has soured her a bit on this whole “war” thing. I mean, the two of them used to be friends, and now she’s just coldly trying to kill Eilonwey! That’s not very heroic.

You are…
So Full of Feelings for Them

“It’s all a lie, you know. Suffering, cruelty. Slavery. Why do you want to keep all that? Even the Powers of Toys and Joy are corrupt. Why the heck do you want to protect that? Wouldn’t it be better if it all went away?”

Eilonwey’s maybe starting to crack under pressure a little bit. She was told by Lexiarchos Caducine that what she does is moral, and it can be, but she’s starting to get more and more tangled in the morality of Creation, the morality of humanity. She was a human, or at least part of her was, anyway.

Your pState is…
A Despicable Construction; Possessive

“There are so many lovely toys to play with in this world.”

The Playthings of Eilonwey Tane become her toys, both literally, in that she can make people into giant dolls, animals into stuffed animals and vehicles into wind-up toys, and figuratively, in that they lose their own will and dharma, and become simplified, alien things with no purpose but to act out Eilonwey’s will.

It’s not a very nice thing to do to somebody. Eilonwey’s starting to realize this.

You Plan To…
Pay a Social Call (or two)

“First off, I’m going to get away from my keepers. Then, I’m going to find the Power of Toys and Excruicate him in the most painful way possible. Then I’m going to track down Caducine and give her a piece of my mind. Nobody’s going to keep me down! Nobody!”

If Your Plan Fails, You'll Resort to…

“Well, I guess if I don’t do that I’ll have all the forces of Creation and the Lands Beyond after me. So, I guess I’ll just lay down and cry until they come for me.

But that’s why I won't fail. I won’t.”

Persona Miracle Chart

0 The Sight: Reflexive Miracle, automatically has 4 Strike; pick up relatively public information from extremely small cues; recognize the Properties of things with unnatural efficiency and accuracy; head straight to the interesting places when poking around somewhere; get a bit of warning when trouble is coming.; see things relevant to your pseudo-Estate, or any Estate your second skin has Persona over.
1 Blessing: Eilonwey Tane's pState is all about fitting people into specific roles, so her blessings tend to make people better at their jobs and less inclined to become distracted. They also tend to make people more wrapped up in their jobs or societal roles, less likely to break out of those roles, even if there's a good reason to. And of course, they make people more disposed to do what Eilonwey wants. Curse: This does somewhat the opposite of the above; People become distracted, confused, vaguely incompetent, and willing to stop what they're doing or act in unexpected ways if there's a good reason to.
2 Lesser Incarnation: Incarnate with any of her Playthings.
3 Lesser Emulation: Eilonwey Tane has an inescapable role and purpose:Mostly, this is used to explain what she does better than anybody, but it could also be used to prevent people from distracting, tempting or otherwise getting her to stop what she's doing; Eilonwey Tane performs her role better than anybody: Whatever Eilonwey tries to do, she's the absolute best at it; Eilonwey Tane acts out the fantasies of Eilonwey Tane: Probably she needs to use a Greater Emulation to make herself omnipotent, but this can at least make her more able to overcome her fears and inhibitions; Eilonwey Tane is constructed from stereotypes I'm not sure on what use this is; Eilonwey Tane is larger than life she's huge! You can't help but watch her! She's like a movie star or charismatic leader; Eilonwey Tane is frighteningly unreal Eilonwey can make herself into a terrifying illusion, which should help her avoid or shed harmful effects; Eilonwey Tane acts on an inhuman moralityThis can help her shed her human inhibitions or moral qualms;
4 Lesser Enchantment:
5 Greater Incarnation: Incarnate in many worlds, hundreds or thousands of playthings on one world, or out in the Lands Beyond Creation. Lesser Sacrifice:
6 Greater Emulation: Lesser Binding:
7 Greater Enchantment:
8 Greater Sacrifice:
9 Greater Binding:
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