Elaios Nanghait

Magister of The Dark
Ymera of Masks, Gambling, Dreams and Stars

He is a Darklord who arose, like all such beings, from the aftermath of the Garden of Eden and the eating of the Forbidden Fruit. One of the many things revealed to Adam when he took his bite were the glories of dreaming big, of reaching for big prize, risking it all, shooting for the stars. It was this same revelation that Adam realized his own limitations as a person, and dreamed himself a new identity, one who was confident and sure to achieve the amazing things that haunted his sleep at night. In this guise, as Nimrod the Conquerer, Adam oversaw the creation of the Tower of Babel. The explosion that destroyed that tower was the physical manifestation of Lord Elaios Nanghait, who strode from the babbling masses of laborers on that day and into the world.

Lord Nanghait makes do with what he can in the world. From that day he began gathering the tools, resources and people he would require for his ultimate goals. In his long centuries mingling with humanity, Elaios became one of the most congenial and friendly of the Lords of the Dark, becoming a sort of personal friend to almost every soul on Earth. He saw past the masks we all wore since he was those masks. He saw the dreams we longed for and the risks we took to achieve them. And by bargaining with the Alter-Gods of the Far Suns Nanghait became the Lord of Stars and oversaw all of our destinies from cradle to the grave.

Eventually he had everything he needed, the tools, the weapons, the armies and the minions. Now all he needed was compatriots, companions, and true friends. He removed the Rosgrim he had worn since time immemorial, and with it went a soul-shard. He found priests on Earth, ones to worship the Alter-Gods beyond the stars and ones to worship the whims of chance. Lastly he dug deep into the human unconsciousness and pulled out a man who had died in his sleep at some point. With him came the sands of Elaios new Chancel, and so did Lord Nanghait become involved in the Excrucian War.

He is a master of false appearances, often taking the form just perfect to get in under your skin. He speaks to everyone as if he is intimately familiar with them, always hitting the right buttons to get what he wants. He is dark and shadowy, often only clearly distinct under the dim light of the stars. There he is wreathed in the unholy malevolence of human need and want, and glitters like a galaxy.

-Magister of the Dark (*Choices, *Hungers)
-Wants what it cannot have
-Sees the truth inside the individual
-Everyone's best friend
-Makes do with a lot of what exists in Creation
-Dipping a hand into the unconsciousness and then bringing up a Noble and a whole archipelago, you know?

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