Equity Argent

Argent Baron, Dominus Argentii, Black Man at the Crossroads, Goblin Merchant

Aspect 2 (Legendary), 5 AMPs
Domain 1 (Baron), 5 DMPs
Realm 0 (Radiant), 5 RMPs
Spirit 1 (Hearthfire),5 SMPs

Equivalent Exchange
Goblin Merchant
Boss of Hobs
Teleportation (to any crossroads)

Equity Argent is a strange creature, whose origins are not yet known to most of his peers. In his preferred form, he resembles a hobgoblin, with long spindly legs and arms that him stand at seven feet tall when he straightens up. His ears stick out several long inches to either side, and his eyebrows are extravagantly tufted. His eyes are two blank silver orbs. He wears a fancy but tattered black suit with a stovepipe hat that adds another foot to his height, and speaks with a high, mischievous cackle.

Equity's role is to play the part of goblin merchant and maker of devil's deals. He is willing to buy and sell anything imaginable for the proper price, with the goal of acquiring treasure and metaphysical valuables for himself and his Imperator. He often buys human souls, and has entered folklore for so doing (the power inherent in the condensed spectral essence is useful for certain mystic work), but he also buys other intangible qualities such as years of life, beauty, and moral virtue. He has a fairly impressive collection of mystic knick-knacks available for those interesting in making a deal.

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