Inspirations for Estates and Estate Properties.
An Estate should have 3-7 Properties - when constructing your Estate, feel free to pick the ones that fit your view of the Estate, and ignore the rest.

Beautiful Side of the World

Primal Elements and Forces


  • Light is faster than anything!
  • Light is massless.
  • Light lets people see.
  • Light nourishes plants.
  • Light fractures into color.
  • Light makes things brighter.
  • Light demystifies and illuminates things.
  • Light plunges straight ahead without thought of steering.
  • Light summons shadows.


  • Colour make things distinctive
  • Colour exudes life
  • Colour carries meaning
  • Colour catches the eye.


  • Explosions are sudden and shocking
  • Explosions are violent and harmful
  • Explosions are loud and noticeable
  • Explosions seek to expand and grow.
  • Explosions are brief and temporary.
  • Explosions need to be triggered.
  • Explosions are entertaining to watch.


  • Fire subjugates Nature.
  • Fire consumes.
  • Fire cleanses.
  • Fire is hot and bright
  • Fire propagates itself.
  • Fire entrances.


  • Smoke is a medium of warnings.
  • Where there is Smoke, there's fire.
  • Smoke kills through denial.
  • Smoke is just thick enough.
  • Smoke is diffuse.


  • Metals conduct energy.
  • Metals are strong and durable.
  • Metals are bendable and malleable.
  • Metals seek to serve civilization and be useful.
  • Metals can be mixed with each other, gaining new properties.
  • Metals want to be glossy and shiny.

Nature and the World

The Wind

  • The Wind is playful and energetic.
  • The Wind is erratic.
  • The Wind is fast and fierce when roused.
  • The Wind grabs things and pushes them around.
  • The Wind spreads and dilutes things.
  • The Wind can be harnessed and put to work.

The Sea

  • The Sea is vast and deep.
  • The Sea is wild and mercurial.
  • The Sea yields bountiful harvest.
  • The Sea is powerful; potentially deadly.
  • The Sea churns and roils in deep dark currents.
  • The Sea keeps within itself untold mysteries and treasure.
  • The Sea yearns toward the Moon.


  • Fields are restful and serene.
  • Fields are open, accessible and surveyable.
  • Fields are attractive and beautiful
  • Fields are teeming with Life


  • Clouds transport water from place to place.
  • Clouds float, guided by the winds.
  • Clouds are fluffy and insubstantial.
  • Clouds are mutable and ever-changing.
  • Clouds entice the imagination
  • Clouds house and protect lightning spirits.
  • Clouds block sight and reflect light.


  • Rain falls from heaven.
  • Rain drums its rhythms everywhere it can reach.
  • Rain washes away filth and cleans the world anew.
  • Rain is the old made new again.
  • Rain quenches thirsts
  • Rain births floods and rivers
  • Rain makes green things grow

The Rainbow

  • The Rainbow creates variety out of sameness
  • The Rainbow brings joy and wonder.
  • The Rainbow livens up a dull day
  • The Rainbow is a symbol of Hope
  • The Rainbow stays at a distance, uncatchable.


  • Erosion makes beauty from destruction.
  • Erosion wears down resistance over time.
  • Erosion works through intermediaries.
  • Erosion finds the weak spots.
  • Erosion turns solids into salts and soil.
  • Erosion seeks to erase differences.
  • Erosion crumbles the works of the mighty.


  • Drifting is melancholic.
  • Drifting happens to the weak or directionless.
  • Drifting siezes hold of your destiny.
  • Drifting carries you away.
  • Drifting acts randomly and haphazardly.
  • Drifting is slow and gradual.

The Green

  • The Green is calm and soothing.
  • The Green is slow and unmoving.
  • The Green is natural and healthy.
  • The Green continually grows and develops.
  • The Green draws power into itself.
  • The Green is unready, still wrapped in the process of becoming.


  • Water seeks to flow. (assuming Ice and Vapour are separate Estates)
  • Water seeks to cling to and soak into things.
  • Water seeks to dissolve things.
  • Water seeks to resist the effects of Heat and Cold.
  • Water promotes Life


  • Flowers catch the eye.
  • Flowers attract helpers.
  • Flowers are powerful symbols.
  • Flowers live, grow and reproduce.


  • Cats have the air of royalty about them.
  • Cats strive to be elegant and beautiful.
  • Cats move with fluid grace and speed.
  • Cats perceive what others don't.
  • Cats hunt and stalk prey.
  • Cats are playful, curious and lazy.
  • Cats are self-centered, vain and cruel.


  • Silver is precious and valuable.
  • Silver seeks to be pure and unsullied.
  • Silver is dense; concentrated.
  • Silver conducts energies well.
  • Silver is shiny and reflective.
  • Silver cleanses filth and evil.


  • Gold impresses and attracts people.
  • Gold laughs at corrosion and corruption.
  • Gold weighs you down.
  • Gold paves the paths of least resistance. (conducts electricity, acts as catalyst, is used to bribe people)
  • Gold bends to pressure; it is soft and pliable.
  • Gold is rare and exclusive.
  • Gold is associated with royalty and luxury.


Life (Biological)

  • Life is complex and convoluted.
  • Life consumes order and energy.
  • Life is tenacious and stubborn.
  • Life is dynamic and energetic, ever in motion.
  • Life seeks to spread and multiply.


  • Blood gives and nourishes life.
  • Blood flows through and permeates the body.
  • Blood is sacred and binding.
  • Blood is upsetting and disgusting.
  • Blood will tell.
  • Blood calls to blood


  • Slime is organic; extruded by living things.
  • Slime is yucky and disgusting.
  • Slime clings to things.
  • Slime make things slippery and hard-to-grasp.
  • Slime protects life, while corroding the unliving.
  • Slime needs moisture to maintain itself.


  • Roots connect you to the world.
  • Roots seek to dig into and penetrate things.
  • Roots seek to grasp and constrain things
  • Roots anchor you, providing support and stability
  • Roots are thirsty and absorbant.
  • Roots funnel and transport things.
  • Roots seek to fulfil your needs.


  • Evolution adapts things to their surroundings
  • Evolution makes things convoluted and complex.
  • Evolution builds on what is already there.
  • Evolution is random and aimless.
  • Evolution is slow and subtle
  • Evolution is powered by sex


  • Sleep shackles the body
  • Sleep frees the mind
  • Sleep refreshes
  • Sleep brings dreams

The Heart

  • The Heart lies at the center of things.
  • The Heart is vital and necessary.
  • The Heart beats out the rythm of life.
  • The Heart lives emotion.
  • The Heart never rests.

Story and Consciousness

Life (Narrative)

  • Life is the path each person travels from birth til death.
  • Lives seek to intertwine and interact with each other.
  • Life is unfair, harsh and difficult.
  • Life is sweet, desirable and worthwhile.
  • Life is personal, limited and small.
  • Life is full of surprises and opportunities.
  • Life goes on.


  • Individuality differentiates you from your peers.
  • Individuality fuels independence.
  • Individuality is a source of strength
  • Individuality creates barriers that cannot be crossed.
  • Individuality is the wellspring of enlightenment and understanding.
  • Individuality is absolute—if it is compromised it is destroyed.
  • Individuality must be earned and kept with great effort.


  • Names are anchors for the mind.
  • Names refer to things beyond themselves
  • Names define you.
  • Names distinguish you
  • Names are part of your identity.
  • Names are meaningful
  • Names get attention.


  • Hope is beautiful, yet fragile.
  • Hope lets you endure hardships.
  • Hope looks to the future.
  • Hope brings light to darkness
  • Hope makes you take risks.
  • Hope springs eternal


  • Ideas are constructs of Thought and Meaning, drifting upon the Aether.
  • Ideas battle to hold sway over minds.
  • Ideas teach of possibilities and perspective.
  • Ideas evolve and improve, continually remaking themselves.
  • Ideas hide in texts and imagery; they are vectored by language and the Arts.
  • Ideas can be given away and yet remain; be shared yet not diluted.
  • Ideas bring and spur Change, upsetting the status quo.
  • Ideas strike from out of the blue (are unexpected)
  • Ideas float around in the aether, until anchored. 
  • Ideas strike at random, unpredictably. 
  • Ideas are spontaneous and serendipitous. 


(Vivian Manifold)

  • Imagination seeks to take your mind for a ride.
  • Imagination whisks you away to far-off places.
  • Imagination plays out hypothetical scenarios.
  • Imagination is whimsical and immature.
  • Imagination has no limits.
  • Imagination is an artist's greatest asset.
  • Imagination makes a man dangerous.
  • Imagination distracts you.


* Revelation is sudden and shocking.
* Revelation shatters your world-view and annihilates what you think you knew.
* Revelation shows you the truth. //is truth written large
* Revelation sweeps aside denial.
* Revelation is painful and difficult.
* Revelation forces you to think.
* Revelation is ultimately worthwhile.


  • Truths are facts looking for revenge.
  • Truth is complex and muddled.
  • Truth is impopular.
  • Truth hurts.
  • Truth will out.
  • Truth has power.
  • Truth shall set you free.


  • Love attracts.
  • Love unites.
  • Love exalts.
  • Love conquers all.
  • Love inspires and motivates.
  • Love makes you care for others.
  • Love makes you dance to its tune.
  • Love leaves you vulnerable.
  • Love complicates a situation.
  • Love does not listen to reason.


  • Adventures are enticing and alluring to the young and unblooded.
  • Adventures are meaningful and epic.
  • Adventures test you to your limits.
  • Adventures are exciting and fun, at least in retrospect.
  • Adventures seek happy endings - or at least dramatic ones.
  • Adventures leave you changed; more matured and experienced.
  • Adventures are inspiring and story-worthy; seeding legends and tall tales.


  • Dreams are founts of stories and ideas
  • Dreams teach us about ourselves.
  • Dreams are a source of inner strength.
  • Dreams are fleeting, easily lost unless you hold on to them.
  • Dreams make you accept the weird and absurd as normal.
  • Dreams become reality with enough effort.


  • Boredom is drawn to the unchanging and predictable.
  • Boredom can be driven away by high emotions and focused activity.
  • Boredom is stifling, itching and uncomfortable; barely tolerable.
  • Boredom makes the mind numb and dull.
  • Boredom wants you to fight it, to scratch that itch; to take action.
  • Boredom seeks to nudge people off their old trod-in tracks.
  • Boredom doesn't excuse anything - but it explains a lot.

Painful Side of the World


  • Death is feared.
  • Death is inevitable.
  • Death is final and irreversible.
  • Death cuts all ties.
  • Death brings change.


  • Pain commands attention.
  • Pain warns you of harm.
  • Pain triggers reflexes.
  • Pain is an obstacle
  • Pain is the greatest teacher
  • Pain crowds out thought.
  • Pain is undesirable.


  • Hunger weakens you.
  • Hunger infiltrates your thoughts
  • Hunger tells you what you need.
  • Hunger drives you to action.
  • Hunger is the best spice.


  • Corrosion tarnishes and debases things.
  • Corrosion mixes things together.
  • Corrosion seeks to destroy the fruits of civilization.
  • Corrosion grows and spreads, amplifying itself.
  • Corrosion thrives in wetness and filth.


  • Disaster exposes flaws.
  • Disaster shatters plans and preconceptions.
  • Disaster generates Chaos and Destruction
  • Disaster brings out the best in people.
  • Disaster strengthens those who survive it.
  • Disaster provides a clean slate.

War (post-1900)

  • War is born from conflict.
  • War causes death and destruction.
  • War is hell.
  • War brings ruin to one side and profit to the other.
  • War spurs progress.
  • War pulls people together.
  • War is morbidly fascinating.

War (pre-1900)

  • War resolves conflicts through violence.
  • War makes you put your life on the line.
  • War brings tragedy and catharsis.
  • War brings spoils and fame.
  • War will make a man out of you.
  • War begets camraderie and cooperation,
  • War is glorious and inspiring


  • Murder has purpose and intent. <- accidents don't count
  • Murder is done for selfish and personal reasons. <- executions don't count
  • Murder is non-consensual and unfair. <- dueling or self-defense doesn't count
  • Murder is momentuous and significant. <-swatting flies doesn't count
  • Murder extinguishes life.
  • Murder is criminal and punishable, cause for persecution.
  • Murder sows fear and distrust.


  • Regrets haunt you.
  • Regrets show you your mistakes
  • Nobody wants Regrets
  • Regret can change the nature of a man

Light Side of Society

Civilization & Culture


  • Art cannot be rushed
  • Art engages the senses
  • Art touches the soul
  • Art must convey a message.
  • Art reflects its creator. (The Artist is part of what he creates.)
  • Art is in the eye of the beholder (interpreted or negated by its receiver)


  • Music is Sound made Art.
  • Music is seductive and alluring.
  • Music sets the mood.
  • Music soothes or excites
  • Music wants to make you move.
  • Music is subjective and divisive; each person has their own favourites.
  • Music is ubiquitous in peoples' lives.


  • Language shapes your thoughts
  • Language conveys meaning.
  • Language evolves constantly.
  • Language sets barriers between people


  • P. tells you when to pause - and how long.
  • P. eliminates ambiguity.
  • P. conveys emotion ;)
  • P. regulates tone and volume!!!


  • Etiquette turns violent conflicts into non-violent ones.
  • Etiquette is governed by a complex system of rules, which inevitably contains loopholes.
  • Etiquette binds people together in society.
  • Etiquette elevates people above barbarism and savagery.


  • Responsibility is a heavy burden. 
  • Responsibility sends blame and praise your way (makes you a target).
  • Responsibility makes you act even when it's unpleasant.
  • Responsibility forces you to grow. 
  • Responsibility gives you importance.
  • Responsibility is the price of power.

The Doctor

  • The Doctor is an ideal for mortals to strive towards.
  • The Doctor commands your trust and respect.
  • The Doctor wields helpful tools and paraphernalia.
  • The Doctor stays up to date with all the latest information.
  • The Doctor remains calm and cool in times of crisis.
  • The Doctor knows what to do.
  • The Doctor is sworn to do no harm.


  • Complaints are kindled from disappointment and frustration.
  • Complaints point out your failings.
  • Complaints seek to bring about change
  • Complaints are annoying and distracting.
  • Complaints strive towards the top
  • Complaints can get you into trouble


  • Taxes take your money and valuables.
  • Taxes build public works.
  • Taxes empower governments.
  • Taxes redirect the flow of money.
  • Everyone wants to avoid Taxes.


  • Preserve knowledge and culture.
  • Own and accumulate media - the more, the better.
  • Are organized and searchable, keeping track of their contents.
  • Are communal, pooling resources for many people to share.
  • Lend people their possessions to take home and use.
  • Impose fines on people who break their rules.
  • Should be quiet - Shhhh!

Modern Things


  • Plastic stands outside the natural order.
  • Plastic is cheap and easy to produce in bulk.
  • Plastic takes well to molding and shaping.
  • Plastic is isolating and resistant.
  • Plastic is light and flexible.
  • Plastic is flimsy and disposable.


  • Paper captures ideas.
  • Paper is flat and foldable.
  • Paper is easily torn.
  • Paper is flammable.
  • Paper is absorptive.
  • Paper gives painful cuts.


  • Ink leaves lasting marks
  • Ink incarnates ideas
  • Ink taps into the Soul
  • Ink conveys information
  • Ink is intense.
  • Ink stains whatever it touches.
  • Ink forms patterns that encode meaning.
  • Ink makes marks that cannot be removed.


  • Are containers for knowledge and ideas.
  • Let people communicate their views and advice, even after they are dead and gone.
  • Require skill and dedication in order to be created.
  • Require training and sustained focus to decode (learn to read!).
  • Stimulate and exercise your mind and imagination.
  • absorb you into a world you create for yourself.
  • Can be re-used over and over again.


  • Wheels are round.
  • Wheels want to spin.
  • Wheels make movement easier.
  • Wheels seek to have traction; to grip into things.
  • Wheels want to be parts of a greater whole.
  • Wheels are servants of civilization.


  • Clothes separate people from the world they live in.
  • Clothes are worn - draped in layers on the body.
  • Clothes seek to keep you safe and comfortable.
  • Clothes can easily be swapped or discarded, mixed and matched.
  • Clothes are susceptible to fashions, becoming outmoded or "in" as trends shift.
  • Clothes make the man. (inform peoples' impressions of you to a large degree)
  • Clothes are something you are expected to have, or face social repercussions.


  • Fortifications are force-multipliers
  • Fortifications are tough and resilient
  • Fortifications are impressive and imposing.
  • Fortifications protect people.
  • Fortifications obstruct passage


  • Gizmos are cool and desirable.
  • Gizmos make work easier.
  • Gizmos are hard to understand.
  • Gizmos complicate your life.
  • Gizmos malfunction when it's maximally inconvenient.


  • Toys are the playthings of others.
  • Toys bring fun and amusement.
  • Toys tempt you to use them.
  • Toys distract you and waste time
  • Toys spark nostalgia and fond memories.


  • Games present alluring challenges.
  • Games offer choice and interactivity.
  • Games are governed by rules.
  • Games have elements of uncertainty.
  • Games teach and improve people.
  • Games evolve over time, adding layers of complexity.
  • Games are fun and exciting!


  • Dolls are models of real-world beings.
  • Dolls are playthings - at the mercy of the whims of others.
  • Dolls spark and focus your imagination.
  • Dolls have only the life you lend them.
  • Dolls are artificial and fake.
  • Dolls seek to have clothes and accessories.


  • Donuts curve around a center-point.
  • Donuts are edible.
  • Donuts are a source of easy, plentiful energy.
  • Donuts are soft and porous.
  • Donuts drip with oil and fat.
  • Donuts desire glaze and sprinkles.
  • Donuts must be baptized in fire.

Dark Side of Society


  • Advertising makes you want things against your better judgement.
  • Advertising rules modern media.
  • Advertising undermines your self-confidence.
  • Advertising makes you cynical.
  • Advertising is ubiquitous.


  • Theft transfers ownership.
  • Theft is done without permission.
  • Theft rewards the audacious
  • Theft burdens your Karma.


  • Fame tells strangers who you are.
  • Fame bestows special treatment and priviledges.
  • Fame makes you feel good.
  • Fame is fleeting and momentary.
  • Fame is addictive.
  • Fame changes a person.
  • Fame demands sacrifice.


  • Pollution is the dark shadow of Progress.
  • Pollution is waste and dross and unwanted things.
  • Pollution is disgusting and poisonous.
  • Pollution desecrates nature.
  • Pollution spreads.

Cosmic constants


  • Meaning groups events together into a coherent whole.
  • Meaning makes things more than the sum of their parts.
  • Meaning is cumulative, accreting from many sources.
  • Meaning describes purpose and intent.
  • Meaning lends significance and worth.
  • Meaning facilitates understanding.
  • Meaning demands context.


  • To Exist is to stand apart.
  • To Exist is to interact with Creation.
  • Existence is ambiguous and gradual.
  • Existence is desirable and habit-forming.
  • Existence implies form and definition.
  • Existence binds you to Creation and its rules.
  • Existence engraves your mark on Creation forever.


  • Time separates events from each other
  • Time relates events to each other.
  • Time gives you cause and effect.
  • Time lets you change and become different.
  • Time seeks to be straightforward and linear.


  • Space separates things from each other.
  • Space relates things to each other.
  • Space gives you place and position.
  • Space provides you with freedom and options.
  • Space seeks to contain and envelop things.
  • Space seeks to limit interaction.


  • Form imposes borders on your being.
  • Form distinguishes you from everything else.
  • Form reflects and implies on its owner.
  • Form corresponds to function.
  • Form seeks to be intelligible.
  • Form yearns towards beauty.


  • Structure defines the ways in which you can change.
  • Structure eases interaction and permits touch.
  • Structure seeks to prevent things from overlapping.
  • Structure seeks to be organized into patterns.
  • Structure bears loads and stresses.
  • Structure yearn towards efficiency.
  • Structure seeks to persist.


  • Energy in it's pure form consists of barely restrained potential.
  • Energy seeks to make things happen.
  • Energy seeks to activate and drive things.
  • Energy seeks to expend itself and dissipate.
  • Energy is dangerous and volatile.
  • Energy can be channeled and utilized.
  • Energy is easily shifted to other forms.

The Infinite

  • The Infinite is inexhaustible.
  • The Infinite stretches out forever.
  • The Infinite defies arithmetics.
  • The Infinite inspires awe and confusion.
  • The Infinite contains all possibilities.

Weird things


  • Phlogiston goes unnoticed by the senses.
  • Phlogiston gives structure and stability to things.
  • Phlogiston is produced by life.
  • Phlogiston flees from fire and heat.
  • Phlogiston strives towards the heavens.


  • Ghosts are insubstantial
  • Ghosts cannot be proven or disproven
  • Ghosts are frightening and creepy.
  • Ghosts live out the memories of the dead.


  • Goblins are Weird and Abnormal
  • Goblins lurk in the unseen places of the world.
  • Goblins have certain supernatural powers.
  • Goblins follow the laws of stories, not those of physics.
  • Goblins can be made, with some effort, from humans.
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