Etaj, The Black Sun

Etaj, also known as the Dark Sun, or somewhat erroneously as the Death Sun, is a being alien to Creation. He is sometimes called into it by beings who find his abilities or perspective to be useful. He is of the order Hymenoptera stellaris nox, a race of creatures who represent a kind of negative image of the stars. His appearance, like that of all his race, is that of a sphere of wispy blackness about three feet in diameter. The voice which emanates from it is male, deep, and resonant. Etaj never shows strong emotion or seems to be surprised, though he is always polite and respectful to beings of consequence.

The best-known capability of Etaj's race is their ability to absorb heat and light on a grand scale. The immediate area around Etaj is usually chilly unless he makes an effort to stop eating light, and when he exerts his full power he can reduce a wide area to darkness and absolute zero temperatures fairly quickly. If left unchecked indefinitely, he could easily eat all the light and warmth of Earth before too much time passed.

Etaj does not, however, consider this to be the most useful ability he can offer a summoner. He teaches a complex philosophy involving the need for all beings to transcend their initial qualities and limitations, that revolves around the recreation of the self. (This has some resemblance to the Code of the Fallen Angels, and Etaj has a great deal of sympathy for that Code and those who follow it, but he is not corrupt or a particular lover of corruption as such.) Pacts with him often require the Power who desires his services to perform some action that breaks a taboo or is otherwise blatantly out of what is commonly considered their character. He is also frequently willing to assist in convincing or otherwise persuading some person to make drastic changes to themselves.

Etaj is a creature of the family Hymenoptera, and can be bound, summoned, or banished with a level 2 High Summoning miracle. His Gifts can affect miraculous creatures directly, but he is himself vulnerable to the same direct alteration by the miracles of others.

Superior Persuasion 2
Spirit 2
Etaj's Gift: Black Sun
Virtue: Calm
Restriction: Incorporeal

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