Evelyn Adams

Mean Everything to Nothing

Evelyn Adams, Power(?) of Imitation

Properties of the Mirror Manor:

It holds all reflections
All reflections can be opened to it
It will show you your imperfect self
Breaking any of the mirrors results in seven by seven years of bad luck
All aggressive actions are reflected back at the aggressor
All sounds spoken in the Manor echo to every point in it
Nobody is unwelcome

Aspect 0
Domain 0
Persona 4

  • Imitation replicates things (3)
  • Imitation is flatters (1)
  • Imitation is Imperfect (2)
  • Teaches (1)

The Mirror Manor 1

  • The Mirror Manor distorts clarity 3
  • The Mirror Manor darkens things 2
  • The Mirror Manor welcomes all 1
  • The Mirror Manor obeys Evelyn 1

Treasure 5

(5 MP in each)

I Love Fiercely and Unflinchingly 5
I wish to Create new things 2
Teacher 1
Shine: 4


I Create Imitations 3
I am the Eight Hand MIrror, and I Reflect Whatever I Choose 2
I Love my loving Creations 3
I am Mistress of the Mirror Manor 2
I love and protect Benjamin 5

All Imperators Want Me, and Cannot Have Me 1
I Can Imitate All I Meet, and All I have Met 2



She's a moving (living?) mannequin, and Powers and Imperitors see this immediately, unless she is really trying to appear normal. Mortals, however, are easier to deceive, and she imitates them well enough that they see just another face in the crowd.

Once a mannequin bore witness to a young man raised up to godhood, and the mannequin decided it wanted that for itself. So, when lightning danced at its fingertips, sparks danced at its unmoving hand. When he moved, it moved. It spoke as he spoke. It acted as though it were alive.
It did not just copy the god, however, it copied lots of people. It had always pretended to be one of them, now it simply pretended more skillfully. It copied everyone and everyone, men and women and gods and cartoons.
And, by copying and pretending to be alive like them, eventually the mannequin became alive itself.
Or, so it hoped… if indeed it did hope, and not simply create the facsimile of hope.
And at this point that things get confusing…



More than anything else you are…
Just plain weird. It’s a living mannequin.

Your Estate is from…
The Light Side of Human Existence. While it may be squalid, pale, imperfect, even regrettable, there is perhaps nothing so noble as aspiring to imitate the moral and artistic arts of those better than you.

You Lived a…
Humble Life. There is little more humble than a storefront mannequin. Just a simple object.

What’s the Legacy of your Humble Life?
Alienation. I was never a person, and I doubt I am even now. Merely a crude copy.

What is your Affiliation?
An independent song. I sing whatever song I hear, and hold all standards. I celebrate beauty and ugliness, atrocity and mercy, survival and death, freedom and captivity, as one, for they are the real, and I aspire to them all.


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