Fenrir The Fenris Wolf

Fenrir, the Fenris Wolf, Son of Loki, Half-Brother of Jormungandr

Passion and Skills:
Passion: I'm Still Young! (2)
Passion: I Enjoy the Hunt (2)
Skill: Swimming (-1)
Superior Quality: Superior Apocalypse Wolf +4
Cool (0)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions:
Affliction: I strike fear in those who march against me! (3)
Affliction: I shall live until the end of the world! (2)
Affliction: I'm Vast! (1)
Bond: I'm the Grand Apocalypse Wolf! (5)
Bond: I'm still growing! (2)

Superior Sense (Smell)
Consumer of All


Freed by Blake, Fenrir the grand Wolf is now one of his.

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