Akurael Ur Sareph Anguish

Akurael Ur-Sareph, Warmain, The Test of Anguish


In the beginning, before the Third age, they who were from the void, they saw Creation and hungered for it. They sought to break it, to consume and annihilate that which stood apart from them. The beauty and light that was contained therein was a siren's song to those who dwelt in the dark of the Void, standing amongst the stars. When they voices of the deep came for Creation, it offered them them that light instead. A peace offering. And they, those filled with void and nothing-ness, they were content to stay their hand … for a little while at least. And then they moved back to their war, marching upon Creation and Heaven, a host ready to tear the Gates of Beauty itself asunder and ruin it for all eternity. And it was in that moment that the Warmain Akurael Ur-Sareph saw that nothing, not even that great thing, that brightest light was enough to fill the the voids that were their hearts and souls. And he wept in Anguish, feeling the pain of Creation, and feeling the hopelessness of the situation. Unable to bear with his own Anguish and loneliness (for he was alone in is suffering), he rode throughout Creation with two other pale riders, to turn this test of Anguish on others. To fall from this Anguish into despair is to fail the test. And it is there that Akurael will leave you. Broken and alone yourself, with no strength or will to help yourself or accept help from others, to the point of consigning your own soul to Hell or whatever fate lies before you. Unable to fight, unable to stand… unable to breathe. You end yourself rather than continue onward. Those who don't fall… Those who rise in spite of their anguish and press on, who fight, even in pain. Its those that Akurael ends. Or so he says. There are rumors however…

Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain 4 (5 DMP)
Persona 0 (5 PMP)
Treasure 0 (5 TMP)

Passion and Skills:

Cool: (1)
Shine: (1)
Passion: I can play the haunting melodies of Anguish upon the heartstrings of all (2)
Passion: I love and save things graced with beauty (2)
Skill: Swordplay (1)
Skill: Musician (1)
Skill: Lying (-5)

Bonds and Afflictions:

Affliction: My presence brings anguish, pain, and suffering (2)
Affliction: My anguish poisons the world with tears and sadness (1)
Affliction: I cannot ease anguish or suffering by any means (1)
Bond: As long as there is one who has yet to bear my test of Anguish in a place, I will endure there (3)
Bond: I love all that is Beautiful (1)
Bond: I create the most exquisite music (5)

Estate Properties:

Anguish rips at the self and drives all to despair (1)
Anguish is inescapable and unavoidable; it is inevitable (1)
Anguish cripples the mind and the body; the heart and the soul (1)
Anguish is the suffering of the heart; the breathless constriction of hope (1)
Anguish imparts worth to the world; it creates meaning and purpose (1)
Anguish graces those who survive it with beauty and strength (1)
Anguish transfigures those it holds in thrall (1)


Active Immortality (6)
The Excruciating Symphony of Akurael Ur-Sareph (1)

Akurael plays a symphony of his own Creation that causes the world to weep in Anguish around him. Hell would be ashamed of itself and Heaven would open its gates in guilt. Perhaps even Lord Entropy would be moved to tears. This is a fairy-tale feat of musical talent, an Aspect 7 skill, but it unlike the Bardic music gift , only functions when Akurael plays this specific piece of music, and is a hard miracle.

  • (Aspect 7: Musician | Hard Miracle -3 | Local -1 | One-Trick -3 | Uncommon +1)

Soul-Carving Sword (1)
Flight (1)
Wayfinder (1)
Gatemaker (3) [1-dot gift +2 points of strike]


Life Path


Domain Miracle Chart:

0: Know when Anguish is in trouble, when people are radically happy to the point of stopping this exquisite and character building suffering, or if someone attempts to manipulate the Properties of the Estate of Anguish

1: Make flowers around you bow their heads in grief, make a child cry, create a small physical manifestation of Anguish that will fade away, create tears from nothing, pluck a tiny piece out of someone and make it into a candy.

2: Know who feels Anguish, why, feel their Anguish as though it were you own, know its every particular and cause. Alternatively, talk to something's Anguish, learn more from it, ask it to do things for you. You might have it try and push a certain specific course of action that it can affect in the Anguished. You might talk it into driving its human to suicide, or into backing off from that same end, or make the Anguish of a mountain flare up when you need it distracted from your presence.

3: Make someone unable to overcome their Anguish. Make the mountains Anguish so intense that it screams in pain, and begins an avalanche. Make a single parking ticket a subject of such intense and incredible grief that the victim cannot get up out of bed. Make it hurt, and see if they can overcome it. Magnify, lengthen or make it harder to remove an instance of anguish.

4: Make someone who is completely at peace feel Anguish for no good reason at all. Tweak and manipulate that Anguish to make them feel it towards a specific thing. Maybe the Anguish is caused by the loss of car keys, spending too much time at work, or just for breathing. Point existing Anguish in specific directions, make something else the source of their Anguish. Increase or decrease the intensity of the Anguish. Summon forth a spirit of Anguish, and force it into your service, setting upon your enemies as you desire. Direct someone's Anguish against a particular target.

5: Set an anguished mind completely at peace. Destroy an spirit of Anguish. Destroy any and all internal mental pain someone feels, leaving them with no reason to ever desire moving forward or changing, stuck forever in their rut. Remove a part of the Anguish. Keep the source, but remove the pain, or keep the pain but leave them not knowing why they feel it. Erase the very history of suffering from a location. Feel the Anguish of the whole world, and ask it to tell you other things, things about what it dwells within, the people, their minds, all laid bare by your spies, and more. Look into the very soul of Lord Entropy and see what suffering the Darkest Lord hides behind his mask of cruelty.

6: Switch the anguish of two things, change someone's Anguish so it makes them feel better instead of worse, or makes them stronger, or will inevitably drive them to greater misery. Make someone grieve a lost lover who never even existed, trapped firmly in the belief they did. Make something that brings Anguish bring peace instead. Alternatively: Anguish is supposed to be mental, right? So why is it that their very bones ache? Why is it that, when you crank that knob up to 11, their hearts tear themselves apart and their heads crack from the strain? Because they cannot contain what is greater than they. Make someone's Anguish irremovable, eternal, unyielding, all consuming. Make every anguishing person in the world feel ten times worse.

7: Summon a spirit of Anguish as large as the world to swallow it whole and let everyone and everything digest in its horrific digestive juices, seeping into their spirits and minds. Make a whole city feel the pain worse than the guilt for personally killing a loved one. Shape someone's anguish beyond any bonds of rationality and sense, cut into their spirit so sharply the body bleeds as well, direct their anguish against anything you choose, even if they have never even encountered the thing, or play the world like a violin, Anguish your bow and strings, the screams and cries your music, echoing across all Creation, with such tragic harmony that those who hear it burst into tears enough to flood the fires of Hell.

8: There is no more anguish in the world. Banish any spirit of anguish, whole nations to peace of mind, or stuttering drive-less uncaring. Make even the death of a beloved world leader not cause any pain at all.

9: No one has ever suffered anguish, Anguish now is a physical thing with physical properties, it grows out of everyone's skulls into a vicious, poisonous little monster, that will eventually grow large enough to break free and go on a killing spree, or perhaps Anguish simply combusts in direct sunlight. The word "Wacky" now causes unbearable Anguish in all who speak it, or hear it. Nothing that caused you to suffer ever happened. Everything that could possibly happen to cause someone to suffer did. And then it did it again. And again. And again. Forever.

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