Comprehensive Npc Summaries

Djinni high ranking Cammorra. Benedicte's boss. Is always naked and sports a permanent erection and the discomforting habit of stroking it whilst thinking.

Unknown (Dominus Oblivisci)
The dead Noble from the flower garden who no one can really remember. Power of forgetting. Former master of the Oubliette.

Acun (Dominus Vinus)
Died in the flower garden. Replaced as the Power of Wine by Jordarac Krescar.

Serako (Domina Insania)
Deceased. Victim in the flower garden. Unknown if the Power of Insanity has been replaced.

Estrella Rafaella Angeles Rodriguez (Domina Logarithm)
Deceased. Victim in the flower garden. Unknonwn if the Power of Logarithms was replaced.

St. Elmo (Domina Pupa)
Deceased. Victim in the flower garden. Unknown if the Power of Dolls was replaced.

1/0 (Dominus Absurdus)
Deceased. Victim in the flower garden. Unknown if the Power of Absurdity was replaced.

Abrudocus (Dominus Sal)
Deceased. Victim in the flower garden. Unknown if the Power of Salt was replaced.

Aryn (Domina Cupidere)
Retired. Pulled an insanely complex stunt involving multiple murder to lose her power and become mortal once more. Has not been seen since.

Four-Words (Dominus Lettum)
The former Power of Death. Now quite dead, but in so dying he released the four primordial words inside him, the first Blasphemy the Excrucians ever spoke into the world, that made Cneph and Harumaph one.

Ymera of Transhumanism, Glass, Networks, Desire, Integrity, and Harvest. Seems to have an incredibly complicated and intricate plan in the works, but may just be fumbling through it. Never seen, but well known for his strange and distressingly accurate messages.

The Creator. Currently missing.

An entity produced by the Four Word Blasphemy that merged the Not and Creation and brought an age of Peace to all sides, but whose existence appeared to be ultimately malignant to both parties. Has since departed Creation to make his own Creation.

An unknown entity that the Excrucian sometimes refer to themselves as children of.

The many named consumer of words and ideas, a Wildlord of terrifying proportions and hungers. Ymera of Rain, Friendship, Conquest, Vengeance, Anguish and Change… but more recently also Death and Identity. It doesn't seem good at planning, or even comprehending the world, but it has appetites to match an Actual as it draws in all around it and tries to consume Creation as a whole.

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