Four Words Death

A timeless power of Azurael, who appears to have no physical form, instead appearing as a sort of cut-out into a starry sky, with a single, Excrucian eye.

Has some immensely destructive entity chained up inside him. Freeing it will kill him.

Level 1 Affliction "You Fear Me"
Level 5 Affliction "Everything I Touch Dies"

Properties (From Change's Divination):
Death Ends things
Death Comes to All Things
Death is inescapable
Death is Terrifying
Death is Necessary (largely by being a way of anchoring things outside of change to keep things running with some semblance of themselves. Without Death it would be impossible to have consciousness, for instance, because there would be no dead uses from moments before to look at to remember what we were before, there would only be the newly changed us.
(That may not be exactly how it works, of course, their may be a Power of Endings who would swing things like that, but it may well be that Endings is merely a lesser part of Death rather than the other way around.)

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