Gylbard Wayne Deceiver

First Key: Vervain (II)

Lie: "I make the Lands Beyond seem so much better than their mundane lives."

(pEstate: "I show that beauty without compassion is ugliness, and the universe is so very ugly.")

(Plan: "I make people abandon reality for what could be, as shown in my films.")

(Backup: "I thrive when matching the wits of an enemy.")

(Contact: "My art inspires the broken to my banner and vision.")

Truth: "I love them."

(pEstate: "My art consumes me.")

(Contact: "I am homesick.")

Second Key: Acacia (III)

Lie: "I'm more interested in making you think than I am in Excruciating things."

(Breakthrough: "I can't help but feel like a complete hypocrite at times.")

(Contact: "At times I wonder if my entire ethos is based on selfish anger.")

Truth: "I fear change."

(pEstate: "I wish reality was real")

(Contact: "I am homesick")

Foundation: Elemental and Untroubled

Both Keys fit, ergo new Lie bullet point: "My job is to change your consciousness, and I have fun doing it." (Role: The Cinema Zen Teacher)

pEstate Quality 1: A Marvelous Artifice

Fits neither, ergo new Truth points.

pEstate Quality 2 Descriptive

Fits Vervain Key, strengthening Lie

Breakthrough: Loss ("I lost my blinders, and I saw both Heaven and Hell. And it broke me.")

Fits Acacia, but I'm not sure if it strengthens the Key's Lie or not. I would think so, but…

Plan: Make A Pointed Argument ("Your ideas of beauty and righteousness are inherently harmful to yourselves, and here's why.")

Fits Vervain. Second verse, same as the first.

Backup: Stage 2 of the Plan ("Hey look, free antagonists! Yoink!")

Fits Vervain, imbalancing him towards Key of the Dragon, assuming I'm right about these strengthening lies. That's fine, I want him to be okay with his initial transformation, it's some of the consequences of his actions now that scare him.


People Whose Lives I've Touched: My Merry Band of Set Technicians, those who have been wooed over the wonder I hope to make and now handle the heavy lifting and technical things I'm not familiar with (Vervain, Lie strengthening)

Imperator: Ananda. Why does he look at me like that, and more importantly, why does he quietly "suggest" things I might do out of Lord Entropy's reach? (important - the Imperator of Murder understands how I feel, and wants to show me beauty and compassion can coexist) (Acacia, Lie Strengthening)

Spawn: The Legion of Deru-Deru Bit Players, Because Looking for People Who Only Appear In One Scene On Top Of Everything Else is Hard (neither, Truth Strengthening)

Justification: You All Deserve Better (fits both, ergo new part of the Extra Lie; "I want to show -and thus, give- you freedom from Creation's beauty, and so from being constantly judged against it.")

Okay. Now for Bonds and Afflictions, 13 points worth, because he don't have Treasure…I think:

Affliction: I always seem to have enough money for budgeting my vision for my latest script: 1

Affliction: My loyal, beloved cast and crew are both independent and offer suggestions freely: 2

Affliction: My movies are automatically released as direct to DVD/video pictures, webfiles and as arthouse showings when I'm done with one of them, and they can be used to summon me and my little crew: 1

Bond: My cast and crew respect me! …Or don't hate me, at least: 1

Bond: My audience and actors (strange how those are often the same thing): 1

Bond: I don't need a studio for special effects, my crew is quite capable (especially the deru-deru, shapeshifting makes wonderful CGI): 1

Bond: My life is a movie, and it has to be emotionally meaningful to be any good - in other words, give the heroes/villains a chance to escape, never kill a character without some resolution of their plot arc, etc.: 2

Affliction: Those same rules apply in relation to me, though: 2

Bond: Ananda is the one Angel I tolerate, perhaps even like: 1

Bond: I. Hate. ANGELS!: 1

Passions and Skills:

Passion: "I love film and directing film:" 1

Passion: "I will liberate you all from the slavery to loveless beauty:" 2

Skill: Directing: 2

Skill: Acting 1

Skill: Preparing in Advance: 1

Skill: Cheering Others Up: 1

Skill: Reacting to Flaws Only Apparent In Production: 0

Skill: Technical Minutia: -1

Miraculous Attributes:

Aspect: 0 ("Pah! By empowering my raw art with miracles, I make it about my miracles and not my heart. If I fail, it will be on my own merits, and therefore genuine.")

Persona: 4 ("An artist lives and dies by meaning, visual artists especially. Really, I'm trying to sharpen my hold on this even further, so I can really start playing with my scripts.")

Treasure: 0 ("While I really, really would not mind a studio following me around, I really don't have the opportunity or need for it right now. Maybe in the future").

Shine 4, Cool 0 ("Yes, I'm not really spectacular enough to benefit from that supernatural luck that follows the superhumanly skilled around. I am, however, an excellent motivational speaker and coordinator.")


Shapeshifting: Any organic thing (2) ("Occasionally, the director has to self-insert. In most cases, certain legendary directors excepted, this is the mark of a hack, but sometimes it's unavoidable if you wish to experience things from an actor's view or to pad out the cast. It'd be best to stay as far, far away from your real self to avoid the temptation of Mary Sue-dom, no? Now, I'm going to be a vampire whose skin refracts daylight…")

Elusive (1) ("I've seen Heaven and Hell, Light and Dark, in their truest forms, as a mortal. I've learned how to remain unimpressed.")

Special: Rite of Twin Skins

"Well, obviously when I'm trying out someone's soul, I method act. I put myself in situations where I force myself to think like the person I'm emulating, with a bit of shapeshifting to really get in their skulls, and then I play out the scenario. Which I wrote, which admittedly generally means it's real, and likely really dangerous to both me and the world around me. Sadly necessary, but I have to put actual tension in there or else nobody buys the montage as a sign of actual strain and trying."

First Skin: Orson Welles, Power of Cinema: "Ah, Orson, how much I love your face. Even your flops are entertaining, though admittedly that one was Citizen Kane. A more thorough examination of the shallowness of Creation's beauty I have never seen."

Second Skin: The Old Man In A Cabin That Warns You Away And You Ignore Him (aka, Marty Aberdovey), Power of The Horror Genre: "Honestly, nobody was more surprised than me when I learned there was a Noble fitting the exact description and prefers to go by the title. In fact, I only realized he existed when I took a bet to dress up as him and reenact the plot last Halloween, accidentally enacting my Rite in the process. Oh well, I like his abilities anyway - I've been told my experiments with the soul the 'best Halloween party surprise ever'."

Third Skin: Ananda, Imperator of Murder: "Want to know the reason I except the Angels' ambassador to the Four despite being a member of a race of authoritarian, judgmental, hypocritical, militaristic self-righteous birdbrained EXCUSES FOR- *sound of rattling, along with calls of "Boss? Boss!" over cassette* Er, yes, a type of Imperator I don't particularly enjoy and he of Murder despite that? Well, actually he found one of my movies first - an adaptation of The Litany of Earth, actually, wonderful short story - and rather than turn me in to Lord Entropy, he quietly sent it back with his compliments on the Deep Ones' design and tips for my Rite when imitating him. So, perhaps he's capable of more compassion and empathy than I generally ascribe to his ki- sorry, his type".

pEstate: The Symbolically-Minded Films of Gylbard Wayne

  • impose themselves on the world around them
  • blend the surreal and the mundane
  • make heroes out of villains, and monsters out of heroes
  • satirize reality and sanity
  • are transformative
  • exalt the wicked and kind, and destroy the righteous and proud
  • Have characters shaped by their actors…mostly.
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