Hessat (Change)

Hessat, Power of Change

Aspect: 3 (6 AMP)
Domain: 3 (6 DMP)
Persona: 2 (6 PMP)
Treasure: 0 (6 TMP)

Passions and Skills
Passion: I do not wish to change who I am (2)
Passion: I am the last of my planet (3)
Superior Skill: Endurance (3)
Shine (2)

Bonds and Afflictions
Bond: I must destroy all lies and liars (1)
Bond: I will destroy death (3)
Bond: I must never be alone (2)
Affliction: I am constantly changing (3)
Affliction: I cause unwanted change in everything around me (4)

Properties of Change
(2) Change sustains life
(2) Change, unchecked, becomes chaos
(1) Change is never easy
(2) Change is the only constant

Possible Projects: The Destruction of Death, the Destruction of Lies

Hessat embodies physical change. He tries to model himself as a human, mostly, but bits of him seem to slip away. Sometimes his arm is a whirling vortex, his mouth a leaf and where his skin should be, only moist bits of sponge clinging to his dermis. What his form was, before the death of his planet due to the lies of an Excrucian, he has never explicitly said. Perhaps his old, unchanging form is too painful for him to look upon.

There is another, more dire possibility, of course. It may be that he has forgotten that form of himself altogether.

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