Johannes Behring Change


A scrawny, balding man in his fifties, wearing rectangular glasses and a shoddy labcoat that's permanently open, a T-Shirt and Jeans under it. Looks a little bit like a mad scientist.

Mundane stuff:

Skill: Science 3
Superior Skill: Reality Shaping Magic 3
Passion: I need to find out how this works! 2


Bond: What could possibly go wrong? 3
Bond: Knowledge is Power 2
Bond: I bridge the real and the unreal. 3
Bond: I remake myself. 1
Bond: I collect wondrous tools to help in my work. 1
Affliction: I am the spanner in the works. 2
Affliction: I blur the line between Reality and the Not. 1


The bottle that can contain everything and nothing. (wondrous)
The spying cat poster


Aspect 0
Domain 5
Persona 3
Treasure 0

5 MP in each


… is vital 1
… redefines 1
… forces a reaction 1
… can only be observed in it's effects 1
… can move worlds 1
… adapts to it's environment 1
… is a new beginning 1


Elusive (cost 1)
Immune to transformative and mental effects


Scelto of the Provenance
…am I.
Wears what I used to be as a Second Skin.
Can see with eyes shut.
Can be anyone, anywhere, anywhen.
Has no identity.
Is an identity.

Aspect 0 5
Treasure 0 3
Persona: 4 5
Keen Sight
5 MP in each.

Affliction: I have always been Scelto of the Provenance 5
Affliction: I am Ha-Qadosch Berakha’s favorite 1
Affliction: No one is safe around me 2
Bond: I will kill all those I love 2
Bond: There is only one person: Scelto of the provenance 3

Skill: Sneak 4
Passion: Disprove identity and social bonds 4


Johannes Behring (Change)


Star of Bethlehem
Key of Something Changed forever

Heart: What it Made Me

  • the spanner in the works of reality
  • I ripped apart the veil of the ordinary and saw that Change is the only constant
  • In this world of chaos, I have to be flexible
  • Contact: The ghost of my lost reason

Shadow: How it Changed the World

  • I can't let go
  • I'm committed

Key of (Surolam's) Rage

Heart: Surolam's Rage

  • Surolam hates me with a passion
  • I try to break humanity free from the ordinary world
  • Prosaic reality is just a pathetic lie to me now
  • Contact: My Nemesis, Surolam

Shadow: What Let's me oppose it

  • I stand up for my beliefs and I am ready to fight for them
  • the truth is worth every sacrifice

I am Epic, Inhuman and Powerful
I can't stand how everyone runs around blind. People aren't stupid, they can handle the truth. I could handle it. Even if Surolam will destroy me, I will do everything to break mankind free from the veil of the ordinary world. Everything will change. Permanently.

Change is from the Beautiful Side of the World
Change is not always for the better, but it is always better than eternal stagnation. It is vital for the world to function, creates a beautiful motion throughout time and space. Humans are an important force of Change, yet they are not the only one in the universe. I saw that truth back then, once I ripped apart the veil of the ordinary. In this world of chaos, Change is the only constant.

Change is something I can describe
Change always exists, it makes the world go round. It is one of the most important forces in the universe. It does things, it makes things happen, it drives things forward - for better or worse. Dull is the life of exact plans and strict rules, only if you are ready to Change who you are, can you react to the terrors the world might throw at you.

I lived a humble life
I was a scientist, but not a particularly noteworthy one. My life was good, but relatively simple, until the day I decided to see more. I always stood up for what I believed, that doesn't change just because the scope of what I see has widened.

Legacy of my humble life:

I can never see the prosaic world the same way again. Everything I thought was true, everything I stood up for was just a lie. Maybe it is because I am still a scientist at heart, but somehow I have the unquenchable desire to let all the other humans break free of it as well. Destroy the lie, pull back the veil of ignorant bliss. Humanity is ready for a change, deep down I know it.

Nemesis: Surolam
Surolam is a benevolent being, but she won't stand by and watch as I try to destroy her lie. If we clash, I am ready to overcome everything she throws at me.

Ghost: the ghost of my lost reason
As I changed, a part of me died. I lost my reason, my ability to think rational, and it developed a life (kinda) of it's own. It is a weird presence that haunts me, pulling me into flashbacks and delusions to berate me about the things I have done. It is a conscience of sorts, though serving it's own hidden purposes. It is highly logical and always reasonable and tries to convince me that I am just running away, hiding in blissful insanity so I don't have to bear the responsibility of my Estate.

I listen to the Song of the Dark
Humanity has a right to know the truth, even if it kills every single one of them.

Domain Miracle Chart

0: Know if the Estate is in danger.

1: Change the color of things rapidly
Change the appearance of things without really fooling anyone
Change someones mood a little bit

2: Look at something to see how it changed in recent time.
Figure out who changed something or what the circumstances were.
Talk to a spirit of a specific change to get some information.

3: Make a change more extreme and have graver consequences.
Make a change happen faster.
Make a change more uncontrollable/unpredictable.

4: Change something into something else.
Change someones feelings towards me.
Change my own location.
Spin the threads of Change into a weapon.

5: Stop someone in their tracks by removing the Change of location.
Completely freeze someone in a stasis by removing all Change around them.
Prevent someone from changing his opinion about me.
Seeing how someone relates to the whole of Change.
Seeing how someone will change in the future.
Tracking changes of a specific thing over vast distances.

6: Change the destination of someones movement.
Retroactively change something on a local scale.
Move the change of someone falling in love to another person.
Make a change have consequences that affect the whole world.

7: Change someones location to anywhere in the world/Creation.
Change something powerful and fundamental, like an Estate.
Change the form of a whole lot of things at once.
Animate the essence of Change into an enormous wave that changes everything.

8: Make the world stand still.
Stop an entire world from falling down the Ash.
Make everyone in the world unable to change their opinion.

9: Make a completely controlled Change on a grand scale.
Change how history as a whole played out.
Redefine how a huge event changed the world.

Persona Miracle Chart

0: See things of your Estate and things that relate to your Estate.

1: Make someone more or less likely to change something about their lives.
Make someone a little bit more reckless and uncontrollable.
Give someone a bit more self-confidence by making their personality more constant.

2: Incarnate in any Change happening on the world.

3: Make myself constant so I can't be moved away or enthralled in any way.
Give me the ability to redefine things.
Make myself vital to someone else.
Make myself uncontrollable.

4: Turn some action into a change.
Make someone's movements constant so he can't go faster or slow down.
Make the minions of some evil dude unctrollable.

5: Make an action unable to change anything.
Make someones mood inconstant so it changes all the time.
Make someones vital organs no longer vital so he can survive a deadly injury.
Incarnate on a lot of changes at once.

6: Turn someone into a force of change who must change everyone he meets.
Make someone deeply afraid of all changes in the world.
Make someone want to change his life right now and in a major way.
Make yourself vital to the entire world.

7: Make the moon the only constant to fix it on the sky night and day.
Make an entire nation uncontrollable.
Make a single person vital to the success of a global company.

8: Make the laws of physics not vital for the world to function.
Make a physical constant not a constant.
Make the whole of humanity easy to control.

9: Force a nation to change in a major way.
Turn someone into the catalyst to change the world.
Make a day into a holiday to celebrate the awesomeness of Change.

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