Maple Khan Friendship

Maple Khan (power of friendship)

Maple Khan is a people person always has been. He likes people and they seem to like him back. He trust people and they try and be worthy of that trust. He is just one of those really nice people and the world always seemed to be nice to him back.

Maple Khan The power of friendship
passion: There is good in everyone 5
skill: making friends 3

mp 8

Aspect 1 8/8
Domain 0 8/8
Persona 5 8/8
Treasure 0 8/8

Properties of Friendship
…. makes things greater than the sum of there parts 1
…. is magic 1
….. connects things together 1
….. isn't always easy, but there's no doubt it's worth fighting for! 1
…..overcomes obstacles 1
… enduring 1
……helps communication 1
….the more you give the more you have 1

I help my friends 5

I like you and you like me 4
I trust you and you want to be worthy of it 1
I always have the best of intensions 1
Maple's Place is a good place 2

Glorious 2
Honest Eyes
Infallible Judgment

Clematis Key 4 Key of Something given
I Have Witnessed it
*I know there is good in everyone
*I have been given great blessing and I have a duty to pass it forward

Why I Doubt

Oak (key 15) Key of Something that Hasn't Changed
*I will stand by you
*I still keep up with my mortal friends and family


*I am something cool a friend that sticks by you even when times are tough and who can see the good in you even when you can't

*my Estate comes from the light side of Human experience

*I lived a blessed life I have loving parents, great sibling and friends that I like whole heartily

*I still keep up with my mortal friends and family

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