Marie Behring Identity

Marie Behring

Power of Identity

Mortal Skills:

Superior Dreamer 5 – Your control over your dreams is so absolute, you can will them to invade and override reality. You can birth places and people from your dreams and even move your dream-self around into other dreams. You are essentially a god of dreams on the mortal scale.
Teenager 1 – Yeah, you're just about 13, what about it? You definitely aren't going to listen to those guys!
Resourceful 2 – Your vivid imagination makes you pretty good at finding unorthodox solutions.


Aspect 3
Domain 0
Persona 0
Treasure 4


Maskmaker (Lesser Creation of Identity, targeting self, 0 MP)

Estate Properties

… stands between the self and the other.
… is an interface.
… is driven to self-actualization.
… must be itself.
… is context-sensitive.
… is malleable.
… can't be fractured.

Bonds & Afflictions:

Bond: I must forge my own destiny! 2
Bond: I dream worlds and people into being. 2
Bond: I change identities like others change clothes. 2
Bond: Johannes was the first one I created, he is still important to me. 1
Bond: This bottle was a last gift from Johannes - I will treasure it. 1
Bond: Scelto is my best friend… I think? 1
Bond: Miki is an important friend to… maybe I can make all this crazy shit up to her? 1

Affliction: I am the seed for a new World Tree. 2
Affliction: Deep inside, I am still just a lost child. 2
Affliction: In my presence, Masks are extremely effective disguises. 3


The Many Names of Identity
Wondrous Treasure, Collection
Marie has a steadily growing collection of identities she can apply to herself.

  • Marie Behring, perfectly mortal girl
  • Mary, the Power of Identity, a faceless construct with countless masks whirling around her head
  • Null, a non-identity, makes it impossible to notice her unless a miracle is used to do so

Johannes Behring
Miraculous Treasure
The mischievous Power of Change.

The Bottle that contains everything and nothing
Wondrous Treasure
A Bottle that Johannes crafted and gifted to Marie.

Scelto of the Provenance
Miraculous Treasure
BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. And mortal enemies, probably. Kind of. Sort of.

Miki Satonaka
Wondrous Treasure
A clone (kind of?) of Michi, good friend of Marie, gifted with Magical Girl powers once again to serve the Estate of Identity!

Clematis (Key IV)
Key of Something, Given Gifts

Heart – I Have Witnessed It
Witnessed a world where you can forge your own Identity
Mover of worlds and destinies

Shadow – Why I Doubt
Still in that rebellious phase
A plaything of forces beyond my comprehension
Scelto has a way of getting to me

Estate: Identity

Hollyhock (Key XII)
Key of Destiny in the Balance

Heart – My Destiny
The seed of a new World Tree
Birthing worlds and people from my dreams, Johannes was but the first
A thing of the Wild, of a world of one, of being one's self and nothing else

Shadow – My Struggles
Changing hurts
Identity crisis

More Than Anything Else You Are…
Something Cool

Ultimately, you are human, just so much more human than anyone else. You are like an allmighty innocent, destined to greatness on a cosmic scale, you have seen the grace and beauty of Creation, but… you don't care. Not really. Maybe it's just that you are still in this rebellious phase where you need to test your limits. Maybe, when you have the power to make your own destiny, you should just… take it?
So yeah, the world is awesome, but maybe you can make it even better?

Your Estate…
Is From The Beautiful Side of the World

You have heard of it, you have heard the whispers of the Excrucians, that the world isn't real, that it can't be itself, but… they are wrong. You have seen it. You don't understand Johannes, you don't even think that you really like him, but… you admire him, in a way. He was nothing. He should have been nothing. But he rose above that, he made something of himself, he recreated himself and become what he wanted to become.
He forged his Identity with his own hands and you think that maybe, a world where such a miracle is possible, is a world you don't mind living in.

Your Estate…
Is Something You Can Describe

You want to do what he did. You want to find something, you want to find your own destiny, forge your own Identity. You know there is something in you, some great fate that must unravel, some miracle, some power. You know you are real like few people are real, you know you could become a world in the nothingness, if you really wanted to.
But you don't. Maybe you are just mindlessly raging against the machine, but you won't give in. You want to decide for yourself.

You Lived A…
Troubled Life

Things didn't go well. Your brother died and you took it badly. You created Johannes, as a reason to cope and then… things just got worse. You don't even really remember what happened, you don't think you want to know. More terrible things. Behraka holding you in an endless sleep. Johannes getting you out and things going even weirder.
It has been hard, being a plaything of forces beyond your comprehension.

Legacy of Your Troubled Life
Trouble Inspired Me

But it doesn't matter. Now that you've got this power, you're going to use it, goddammit! You make it better. There is a Heaven, there is good in the world, despite all the chaos, despite of scary fuckers like Behraka or the Excrucians. Your have your destiny in your hands – you are going to do this!


Manufactured Army – Johannes and other Dream Beings
Johannes… was the first. A being sprung forth by your dreams. You have worlds within your dreams. You know you could make more, if you wanted. Birth unreal life from your dreams.

Excrucian – Scelto of the Provenance
There is this kid who always has her eyes closed. On some level, you know she's bad news. Your Estate hurts whenever she's near. But strangely enough, she seems friendly. What's going on there?

Affiliation – The Song of the Wild
There is this resonance in you, that only resonates with you yourself. Because you are real. Because you are you. That's what matters. No external force can control you, change you, it might as well not exist. Only you are a law upon your own existence.
That feeling? Like you are all and everything and could be a whole world, maybe? It kind of freaks you out.

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