Npcs In Front Of Cnephs Garden

Grouped by their choice either for the war against or peace with the Excrucians.
Name (Estate) - Imperator (Description)

Meon (Desecration) - Lord Entropy (Smiling Budha desecrated in the extreme)
Windkeep (Fog) - Arakas (armor strong as steel made from fog and smoke [his Estate is hard to fit into one word in English, but includes fog, smoke and cloud] around a body that is no more than wind)
H. B. Ernest (Thresholds) - Arakas (His name is Hunter Boroughs, and he looks it… a fact which he hates)
Owami Honnoussou (Eyes) - Arakas (fairly normal looking African woman. Thin, very short hair, clothing of bright and colorful patterns wrapped round in a makeshift dress. Has the disturbing habit of switching her eyes out and staring at things)
Drejus (Domestication) - Samael (Caveman!)
Isha (Theft) - Samael (crafty and striking Arab looking woman with a coat stolen from an animated character)
Warg Fang (Mountains) - Sayaf (great big living mountain. Not nearly as tall as it once was, cut into a man-ish shape, fire and dragons inside)
Woof (Life) - Azrael (dryad made of thick brambles and woody plant life that bursts forth from her, currently out of full verdancy by Meon)

Innocent the Naught (Nepotism) - Arakas (black clothed fat pope)
The Unnamed Child (????) - Arakas (fog and mountain, and neither, no form, infinite potential produced, infinite potential ripped away)
Orhael Dimwood (Mornings) - Sayaf (when she's not a collection of songbirds, she's a young girl who doesn't exactly live long)
Noralia (Treachery) - Virtue (geared for war, armor and all, has her horse with her)
Funaria (????) - Virtue (cute and somewhat attractive hippie Excrucian in a gypsy dress)
Oderic (Loss) - Virtue (His pictures in the book)
Jordarac (Wine) - Samael (Drunken white haired one armed Strategist. Hard to miss)
Joshua Hemmerich (????) - Sayaf (teenage looking, dark haired, quiet, black T-shirt and jeans, mostly stands writing in a honking big book he carries around with a bic pen that never seems to be out of ink)
Isabella Santos de la Cruz (Jewels) - Sayaf (mostly human, very fancy dress, backless so as to reveal her bejeweled wings)
Baalhermon (Destruction) - Entropy (permanent nuclear shadow over things so much worse than a nuclear blast)
Radu (Predation) - ???? (shadow with a maniacal smile and nice medieval finery)
Patient Pond lacking River (????) - Sayaf (it literally appears to be a pond)

Professor Dr. Isabelle Portico (Gravity) - Sayaf (old brown suit dress, dark brown hair beginning to gray, slightly European features even though she's South African, glasses, what Johannes suspects is a permanent look of irritation and anxiety also has smokes)
Mortal nerdy guy with the smokes (a mortal nerdy guy with the smokes)

Cor & Cora (it is presently unclear whether or not they have decided one way or the other or are undecided, or, being a pair, if they get in trouble by agreeing to both. They're quiet) (loose red robes, tight red bindings underneath, nothing shows)

Cneph has stepped back into his Garden to avoid the issue. (looks a bit like a perfectly composed and genderless ideal of what people should be like… because He is)

And, yes, I do know the Estates of the ones marked with ????, they just aren't obvious yet and I don't feel like revealing them.
Already gone a long way giving all their names here, but remember your character may or may not know names.
Though, I confess I haven't worked out Radu's Imperator or family yet.

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