"Izoldak Watches."

But, one heart did not beat…

The heart of Anguish was still… and within that heart, in a small, torn up little room with worn couches and broken mirrors, and a small sad picture of a family with the face of the little boy torn out, a little boy without a face sat cross legged on the floor.
He feels sad, empty, rejected… but he does not feel hurt.

Why does he not feel hurt?
Where did the pain go?

Without the pain he is alone.

A hand that is not a hand places itself on his shoulder and the voices of Loranzo-William-Emelia-Watson-Constantine-Rafaela spoke from the Heart.

I am here for me.

The boy is silent.

Always here.

The eyes of Izoldak watch as boy waits alone without suffering.

- HG, Karoka-Cneph-Izoldak, and the former Dominus Acerbitas (Finding Our Self #1)

Vlad III, three-time voivode prince of Wallachia, ancient Baron of Vengeance, the Impaler, considered freeing them. It was tempting, but he had to weigh the costs. If he released them from their bonds and opened a door here and now, what would they do? What could they do?

They would regret it. That was the rule. These souls were in transit, but they were already over Hell. They could not escape their torment- of that he would make certain. But he would offer them false hope. That was acceptable.

- Vlad (Finding Ourself #6)

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