Samantha Fox (Rain)
How I built a breach head into the Not

How I Made sure Anguish would not be abandoned.

How I tamed my (my master's) madness

  • Karoka-Cneph-Izoldak is now Scelto [Failure] 5
  • I confessed I share its madness [Victory] 3
  • I failed to cure the Scelto infestation (trivial defeat) 2
  • I pulled my self together to face QHB. 3

Johannes Behring (Change)

Vlad the Impaler (Vengeance)

How I Made Creation a Better Place (One Execution at a Time)

Alexander Clayton (Conquest)
How I gained Isha's hand in marriage

  • Victory (3): I trusted Isha and joined her, against the wrongful regime of Creation
  • Trivial Victory (2): I went on a date with Isha, after the hunt for Anguish
  • Victory (3): When Drejus, Isha's Brother, came to bring her into finding a new Noble of Wine, I came along, so she wasn't alone.
  • Victory (3): I had Isha sit in my saddle while I kissed her, after saving Creation; all in all, a very nice reward
  • Victory (3): I saved Isha from the Oubliette.
  • Trivial Failure (2): My heart sorta got lost

First Stone: And Isha, on the Train, has fierce and intense dreams

  • Overflow (1)
  • Victory (3): I saved Isha from Vlad's Wrath
  • I stopped Isha from running away (2)
  • Change (10): We had a world-turning kiss.

How I furthered my Mastery of my Treasure (Increased my Treasure stat)

  • Victory (3): I Conquered Death!
  • Victory (3): Scelto couldn't control my Army!
  • Failure (5): The Lash was lost, for the second time!
  • Victory (3): Jordarac's Horse, and Arm, now belongs to me!
  • Failure (5): And Isha stole his Arm back - but at least the Horse is still mine

First Stone: And suddenly the world around Berakha twists - he does not have things owed to him from this Chancel; instead, he owes things, to the Nobles of the Chancel.
How he does, none may know.
But he does, oh yes.
Everything in Creation would agree - more importantly, the nature of Berakha would agree.

*Overflow (4)

  • Victory (3): So, I got something as a birthday present…
  • Failure (5): I gave up 3 days

How I came to embody Conquest

  • Victory (3): I fought down the Warmain of Loss, Orderic
  • Failure (5): Berakha laughed at me…
  • Failure (5): Old Man Winter and his court didn't bow before me.
  • Trivial Victory (2): Scelto agreed to my command

First Stone: Conquest Warps and rages at defiance - and in that rage Alexander finds common cause with his Estate. The contempt of the defiant strengthens him, and gives him new purpose - a purpose that can not be denied.

  • Victory (3): I made Sam Haen pay
  • Revelation (10): Conquest is about hypocrisy - so it is good for me to be a hypocrite.
  • Failure (5): The Darklord has managed to keep resisting me, and it's pissing me off, even as I wanted to be above everything.

Second Stone:

Maple Khan (friendship)
How I became friendship

How I helped my friends15
*I helped Alexander Conquer death (Victory) 3
*I failed to cure the Scelto infestation (trivial defeat) 2
*I brought gang war-fair to the bazaar (defeat) 5
*I saved the heros from torment (3)
*I got Alex a great birthday present (2)

First stone: I help my Friends help themselves

*The my new watery friend's imprisonment is needed for the welfare of the tree (Revelation 10)
How I made some new friends
Furnaria and I are friends with benefits (victory)3
Mimir is my friend (victory) 3
MIchi Hates me (defeat) 5
I have a pool of green water as a co-star.(victory)3
How Maple's place became the greatest bar in existence
*The bar is now a castle that is the hub of the bazaar. (victory) 3
*The heart of friendship was broken. (defeat) 5
*It will instead become the greatest Inn in existence. A Inn between worlds. (revelation) 10
*Maple's place has become the star attraction of the Locust court (victory) 3
*I claimed Maple's place as an anchor (victory) 3
*Everyone is welcome to Maple's Place (victory) 3 (all wooden doors can lead their)
First stone "Just as a normal heart Pumps out oxygen using red Blood cells so does Maple's place pumps out friendship using patrons." (10 points left over)
*I recovered the eye of Odin (Victory) 3
*"Maple's Place has world wide patronage" (victory) 3
Second stone "Maple's place is the new heaven" (1 point left over)
"We drove out the actuals" (victory) 3
"We have a staff of millions"(victory) 3
"I got some heavenly mead"(victory) 3
"It has a good connection with the lands beyond" (victory) 3

Group project

How we got ourselves a galaxy class starship 8
*we made the ship: victory 3
*There is someone with a better claim to it than us: defeat 5

How we defeated the blasphemy of the Four Words

  • Failure (5): We forgot what Creation was like, in the first place!
  • Trivial Failure (2): Maple couldn't get anything out of talking to Cneph!
  • Failure (5): The Lash got removed by Coriander
  • Victory (3): Scelto's interference was stopped!

First Stone:
And it was so. It weren't any words spoken that affected anything, it wasn't an artificial Change created by Behring. It was something deeper. It was eleven people standing firm before the god of gods, in face of certain annihilation. Standing up for what they love, for what they desire, for what they believe in, even when knowing how flawed it his. They made their choice.

And others made, too. Throughout all the worlds on the ash, Creation-born and Exaltans alike began to remember what was before. They didn't know the details, but they knew there was an alternative. Not everyone chose the Age of Pain over the Age of Peace. But everyone had to choose sooner or later and everyone chose freely.

  • Revelation (10) Michi Revealed Creation was Wrong
  • Victory (3): Coriander couldn't beat us so he joined us!
  • Trivial Victory (2): We couldn't go to Cneph, with an Imperial Miracle in the way - thankfully, he came to us, instead!

Second Stone: "Cneph if that is actually your name not stolen, You came to creation bringing enlightenment also known as brainwashing. You claim authority over all things by right for being their creator. You claim the divine right to rule. I here by strip you of that right. You may not push you're ideals on to us or anyone"

  • Victory (3): Ananda joined the War, on our side - and also beat down a Warmain in the process!
  • Defeat (5): We failed to get the lash back
  • Revelation (10): The Creator has been making a new World-Seed!

Benedicte Sissel (Desire)


"How I became the true Power of Desire"

  • Entered into the tutelage of Alexander Clayton (Victory 3)
  • Used first miracle to awesome effect ("What was your first miracle, Benedicte?" "I shoved a snake's head up its own ass. Don't worry, it was really just our loop in time.") (Victory 3)
  • Attempted to look into an Actual that truly embodied my Estate, though it might burn my mind out - if it had worked! (Failure 5)

"How I redeemed myself"

  • Realized I don't want to be what I've become (Revelation 10)
  • I made the choice to break my vows to Lord Entropy (Victory 3)
  • Personal: I fought against my enNoblement and refused to let Seth get the better of me (Futile Struggle 3)

Group Projects

"Item World (Project led by Alexander Clayton)"

  • I realized my weapons are Anchors, not just metal and gunpowder (Revelation 10)

Personal Destiny

  • I escaped Locus Karoka at a price (Futile Struggle 3)
  • My brush with Death has made me into something else entirely (Change 10)

Satonaka Michi (Death)'s Group Projects

"How we rolled out a new version of prosaic reality"

"The prosaic can generate real things with no connection to the mythic or deeper realities" (revelation)

"Failed to act before everyone else did" (failure)

First Stone: It can no longer be missed, or denied, can the shine of the Ordinary World. It is not reflecting the light cast by the meaning and the story and the purpose. It is casting its own light right back out. In the glare of these conflicting glows there is a terrible need for resolution.

"Not only humanity is tormented by this Imperator-haunted world" (revelation)

+5 Personal Destiny

Second Stone: Creation, the world that has been and the Prosaic alike, spark and roar at the intrusion of the one into the other, using rules foreign to neither but impossible to both. The path between is small; but it is clear to the residents of both worlds the instant it begins. It's the last call. Any who would choose a side must choose now, and hurry. The Prosaic's uncompromising boundary will not be long in overcoming this intrusion. Surolam in her Chancel sees her opportunity to take back what was hers, and Iolithae Septimian only smiles.

"I'm skipping that step and destroying Creation, instead, it seems." (failure)

"the apocalypse didn't prepare the way at all." (failure)

"We didn't actively piss off Ha-Qadosch Berakha" (trivial victory)

Marie Behring (Identity)

How I became the Power of Identity
Principal Entropy wasn't much help. (Minor Failure - 2)
Resolved Struggle 5
Marie was part of Izoldak Revelation 10

IM: Marie must be the Power of Identity

How I became an awesome and loved goddess

How I made it up to Scelto

How I made it up to Miki

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