Satonaka Michi Death

Satonaka Michi, Director of Death

Aspect 5 ( 6 AMPs)
Domain 1 ( 6 DMPs)
Persona 0 ( 6 PMPs)
Treasure 0 ( 6 TMPs)

Passion and Skills

Passion: …I sort of hate people (1)
Passion: …I believe we can solve this together (2)
Skill:… Big Sister (-1)
Skill: …Schoolgirl (1)
Skill: …Obstinacy (2)
Skill: …Magical Girl (5)
Superior Quality: …Listener (2)
Cool (5)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: …Who meets my gaze or knows my touch experiences a death (3)
Affliction: …Everyone believes they know me personally and at least a little intimately, and that the reverse is true. (1)
Bond: …I will do right by my loved ones (1)
Bond: …I'm going to amaze you (2)
Bond: …I'm in a hurry, here! (2)
Bond: …I will save this world! (4)


Death is that thing that happens to living things where the 'living' part stops being an accurate descriptor. Not a lot of people are all that fond of it; Imperators and Excrucians have been playing hot potato with it since the second Age.

…ends things (2)
…comes to all things (1)
…won't be denied (1)
…is terrifying (1)
…is necessary (1)
…lets you break even (1)


Unblemished Guise
Invincible (A Greater Preservation of Self that notably lacks the elements of the Eternal Gift present in the Immortal Gift) Total CP cost 4
Muriel (The pale/yellow-green/pale green horse of Death) - Bought as a level 6 Gift of Treasure with Simple Activation, affecting One Target, possessed of a Handful of Uses (get rider from Point A to Point B in relative safety, allow travel on and through any substance or lack thereof, and running things down), and decidedly Uncommon (there is only one Muriel). Total CP cost 2


Michi is no extraordinary beauty. She is not even especially cute. Refreshingly plain, if a bit slim, might be a generous way to describe her, and she is ecstatic that such a description is possible. That, in itself, is an accomplishment she owes to joining the ranks of the Nobilis.

While the syndicated magical girls and main characters in Persona 3 and 4 always made it look easy, keeping your appearance up to snuff isn't even remotely possible when you have to spread your days between school, chasing monsters/mystical gewgaws, clubs, homework, and a few spare hours here and there to remind your family that you still live with them so they don't rent your room out to a boarder like they threatened to do that one time. The ten kilo bags under your eyes alone ruin whatever look you're going for, and insomniac chic just won't catch on without miraculous intervention.

So Michi is plain, has shoulder length chestnut hair she wears loose that she's worked pretty hard not to have hacked off or fried by both standard care and life and death conflicts (the effort shows), dark eyes that finally aren't painful to look at and aren't perpetually drifting closed, and is just tall enough that she no longer gets mistaken for a middle school student (almost ever). She carries herself with an air of certainty, like she knows exactly what she's doing and where she's going. The last is nothing new, but the effect is helped dramatically by not tripping on one's own feet or drifting off to sleep.


Satonaka Michi is a magical girl. She has been there, and she has, in fact, done that. "There" is in some unspeakable psycho-reactive nightmare realm, ancient and forgotten lands that could never have existed, and School Festivals. "That" is collecting a number of mystical allies, fighting the forces of nastiness, and standing up her dates to go fight apocalyptic horrors threatening the future of mankind and happiness itself - one of which turned out to have been her date for the evening.

That had mostly ended midway through her first year of high school. It's amazing how much one's grades can improve when one needn't be saving the world at all hours! Even if playing catch-up in school is every bit as exhausting in its own right.

It could never last, of course. EnNoblement wasn't exactly seamless for her, but it was sort of old hat. Awesome powers? Check. Scary villains? Yup. Elaborate costumes? A given. New and ridiculously exotic allies? Seems so! She's a bit jaded; she's been doing something like this since she was in grade school. She does appreciate that the new scale (and type) of power allows her to cheat, and use it to facilitate having a real life for a change, as opposed to merely impeding it.

After a stint as the Power of Integrity under the care of the Magister of the Light, Seth, during which Michi performed a great number of improbable feats in defense of Creation, got herself wickedly entangled with an unfortunate number of Excrucian Deceivers, and eventually lost her Nobility (and then life) in the recovery of Death, she got scouted for reCommencement as the Power of Death.

Life Path

Satonaka Michi has the keys of Chamomile and Star of Bethlehem (mystery revealed pre-game at HG insistence).

Michi is in love with something, that something being struggle and the way it boils people down to a singular purpose.

Michi's Estate belongs to the light side of human experience, and is something you live. "The truth of the self is awesome" goes to The Dream, and "No compromise for the uncompromising" goes to The Cost.

Michi's life was extraordinary. She has been "in the know" (if a little wrong) about the Border Mythic since she was eleven years old, and fighting to preserve the world all the while.

Through that life, she has found True Love in the person of Nakamura Yuu, a senior at her current high school, and probably the Sovereign Power of Coincidence, as well as left a Legacy of people aided by her antics (and sometimes not) and other magical girls she's worked with, if only briefly. Unbeknownst to Michi, all of this has also drawn the attention and interest of an Excrucian Deceiver, Phasael mery-Harumaph.

Her fascination with struggle and love for people pushing to the limits (and beyond) of their potential makes Satonaka Michi a Power of the Dark, although she doesn't often go to the meetings or picnics.

Unallocated Personal Destiny: 20

Domain Miracle Chart:
Coming Soon

Persona Miracle Chart:
Coming Soon


The Lovely Heart-Mending Bow appears in the Ordinary World to merely be a long, and unusually perfect bright red ribbon. In the Border Mythic, it is a massive bow made of that same red ribbon, and that is (and can only be) strung with all the threads of fate that bind its wielder to others. It has the magical power to unite things that are meant to be together, and re-unite things that were separated. Obviously this is accomplished by shooting the separate(d) things. (This is now Surolam's, has been tainted deeply by Meon, and acts as the bindings for the current Power of Broken Hearts, Kokoro and Shinzou)

Satonaka Michi's Heart appears to be a length of ribbon that has been stained in the colours of body and blood, wrapped around a heart that it does not, in fact, contain. It is a miraculous anchor with the core theme of 'making anew', and its only ever use by Michi was in order to restore some portion of Creation after it had been erased. (This is now Surolam's, has been tainted deeply by Ananda, Lord Entropy and Meon, has been broken in two, and is the current Power of Broken Hearts, Kokoro and Shinzou)

Supporting Cast (who haven't displayed some other story significance)

Dad (Hidekazu): A workaholic's workaholic; his office is strangely bare.
Mom (Chinatsu): Takes care of the home; has a lot of friends.
Brother (Katsu): The child who is good at school; a bit shy.
Toyoshima Sayaka: School friend. Tall. Saw her spirit, and at least one of us is embarrassed about that.
Aida Noriko: School friend. Pretty.
Iwamoto Hina: Friend from middle school. Knows a bit about what Michi did back then. Top student.

Active Projects

How I made myself Miraculous

How I stopped being morally inferior to the Creator

Completed Projects

How I learned to be a human

"Coriander Hasp seems to be doing a better job of it. What's that about?" (failure)

"Surolam is quite insistent that I will be her weapon, instead" (failure)

"I've fallen in love. Again. Damn it." (victory)

"I confessed my feelings for Yuu." (victory)

The guttering celestial fire in Michi's chest flares brightly enough to be seen through her advanced alloy-sheathed flesh. Even before it can burn itself out, however, muscular tissue, an organ, wraps around it and connects what was once bridged by an improbable gravitational loop. The light and the heat suffuse the meat, and in its wake is left a means to illuminate Creation and the Void both wherever the girl's sentiments fall.

"I killed Iolithae Septimian in a human-ing contest" (trivial victory)

"Apparently, being human is about being stubborn, hairy, and mean. I'm 2/3 there!" (Trivial Victory)

"You can't just fake it until you make it" (Failure)

"I'm getting really good at being thwarted in love, then getting all miserable and agitated about it." (Trivial Victory)

"I mastered the art of stubborn meanness to the point where it cracked Scelto's facade." (Victory)

The tear lands on the floor of the heart like a terrible poison, where it discolours and burns the Imperial flesh. In the unmoving heart that will one day house Identity, at the very core of "I" a shameful little truth claims a place for itself. For those with eyes to see, it reads clearly: "I am lonely, too".

How I learned to be a god

"Treating it lightly won't make it any easier" (trivial failure)

"I led a doomed assault on Heaven and called out the Creator - and he answered" (victory)

"I staved off the end of the world and helped rebuild it at the low, low cost of my heart" (victory)

"I didn't impose my will on the anti-Imperial front, and ignored their mockery" (failure)

"I rescued Death, and all I had to do was die!" (victory)

She enters Creation without the noise and the conflict that is her style, but the world knows that Death has come back. Her presence is known, and they come to her in their multitudes, do the Spirits of Death, psychopomps great and small. They come to a large and well-furnished apartment in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo, where a girl who is charged with their protection - and to whose service they are charged - is furiously making her mark on Death and Creation at large.

"I helped to restore a Chancel even without an Estate of my own." (Victory)

"All I ever needed to know was to look down on others." (Revelation)

"My experiment in revelation was cut short." (Trivial Failure)

The tear lands on the floor of the heart like a terrible poison, where it discolours and burns the Imperial flesh. In the unmoving heart that will one day house Identity, at the very core of "I" a shameful little truth claims a place for itself. For those with eyes to see, it reads clearly: "I am lonely, too".

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