Seth S Recordings

There was an old tape-recorder sitting next to the basket of garlic fries, playing.

"… which has me worried, to say the le- ah, wait, according to my watch he should be arriving now. Assuming you pressed play when I told you to, that is, but… well, I'm sure you did. Greetings, Benedicte Sissel, agent of the Cammora, I expect you… or should I say 'have been expecting you'? Ugh, tenses are such a muddle in recordings…
"The point remains, I am worried about Aryn and her intentions. I do not think she is entirely in her right mind, and as such, I expect each of you to lend Agent Sissel your full assistance in his ongoing investigation.
"Even if it means that Aryn must meet with some… unpleasantness. I hope it does not come to that, but she has enormous potential for danger… as well as what I would prefer her to accomplish.
"Oh, and it is extremely important that-"

But that was when the tape ran out.

- Progressing the Work #1

The man opens the medicine cabinet behind the mirror and finds a note:

[HR]I know what pains you, and I can help.

But those words are crossed out, and in another hand another message scrawled:

Don't even think about it. We will cure you.

- Progressing the Work #1

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