Fine Lockerby

Domina Luxis, Light's-Regal, Lady in the Moon, White Queen, Lady of Lights

Aspect 0 (Mortal) 5 AMPs
Domain 5 (Regal) 5 DMPs
Realm 0 (Citizen) 5 RMPs
Spirit 2 (Incandescent Flame) 5 SMPs

Secondary Domain (Purity) 5

Écouter de la Pucelle

Virtue: Spiritual
Virtue: Pure
Affiliation: Code of the Angels

Fine Lockerby (her most recent name) was born nearly two thousand years ago to a patrician family of ancient Rome. She got into Christianity before it got all popular and was moving well along the road to martyrdom (which seemed very appealing at the time) when she was claimed as a Power by Luthiel, Angel of Light. Fine was eager to serve Heaven and has performed her duties with pleasure ever since. Her most time-consuming work involves scrying for things that will interest her Imperator or assist in the war effort, for her powers allow her to see almost anything that takes place where it can be seen.

The Lady of Lights remains a slender girl, bubbling over with youth and vitality. Her hair is so blond as to be almost pure white, and her eyes are silver. Fine is a laughing, charming hostess, until something offends her sense of propriety, at which time she can instantly harden into frigid disdain. Fine doesn't have a lot of patience for incompetence or for those Powers who fail to conduct themselves with dignity, and she never hesitates to speak her mind.

Fine's agenda largely consists of promoting the cause of Heaven and with encouraging moral behavior in humans. She considers it her work to purify Western art of its decadent and materialistic tendencies, but she also occasionally takes action against some other injustice that catches her eye. She has established close working relationships with Rhys Bellamant and None Haggard, who share much of her outlook, and does her best to maintain at least cordial diplomatic relationships with Powers of any stripe.

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