Fortune's Fool

<HollyhockGod> Okay, so we have Lloyd, Bertha, and Melangell, the Powers of Uther, Magister of the Light.

<HollyhockGod> Together, you're in charge of the Estates of Ships, Seals, and Fortune, and the Fleet Above the Sea, your Chancel made of several thousand airships.

<HollyhockGod> On the whole, it's a fairly restful job, since the mobile nature of the Chancel prevents it from a fair portion of Excrucian attacks, although you've always been watchful.

<HollyhockGod> Today, however, you're struck by a problem that can't be so easily solved.

<HollyhockGod> As Melangell works through her daily inspection of the militia drills, she's struck with an unpleasant, wobbly feeling and has to steady herself against the ship's wheel.

<HollyhockGod> Her Estate cries out to her, speaking incoherently of some obscure pain.

<HollyhockGod> Evidently, something is wrong with Fortune.

<HollyhockGod> Specifically, this kind of pain is usually associated with an Excrucian attack on an Estate using the flower rite.

<HollyhockGod> That's all in the 101, I think.

<Lianli> Ja.

<HollyhockGod> The question is, how will you react to this assault?

<HollyhockGod> You can use your divinations to get a better idea of what's going on.

<HollyhockGod> Then it's up to you and your Siblings to decide what you'll do.

<Lianli> Alrighty, guess I'll do a scry and see what's up.

<Melangell> hm, well, then I suppose when I gather myself, I might take a flight around my shipyard and see if anyone has heard or seen anything

<HollyhockGod> I don't think the pain is coming from your shipyard. It's more distant.

<HollyhockGod> From somewhere outside the Chancel, which is where flower rites usually occur.

<HollyhockGod> Okay, Bertha uses a Major Divination, when informed of the assault to try and figure out what's going on.

<HollyhockGod> Melangell can feelout the pain using simpler divinations since it's her Estate.

<HollyhockGod> What you find out seems to indicate that the trouble is taking place in Washington, DC>

<HollyhockGod> You feel as though some sort of law has been created that offends Fortune.

<HollyhockGod> It's difficult to say exactly what from here, though.

  • Lianli is now known as Bertha

<Dane> Could I send a ship or two down to see what's up?

<HollyhockGod> You could drop some people down; you have plenty of dropships, and you can move the Chancel right over DC if you like.

<HollyhockGod> It's got a miraculous cloak that prevents mortals from detecting it, so you should be safe.

<Dane> I guess then after hearing about it, I order the chancel in that direction :)

<HollyhockGod> Okay, so you set the fleet towards Washington, hoping to find out what's going on. I'll assume that the three of you are all on the bridge together.

<HollyhockGod> While you're discussing the trouble, you receive news from your adjutant of unusual flight patterns around Washington.

<Melangell> from other airships? or human airships? or…birds?

<HollyhockGod> There are a high number of air patrols, mostly fighter jets, circling the city, as though some sort of assault was expected.

<Dane> So they were expecting us?

<HollyhockGod> Your sensors aren't perfect, but readings indicate that some weapons on the ground may be prepped to fire as well.

<HollyhockGod> It's possible!

<HollyhockGod> It's certainly not impossible for Excrucians to infiltrate the army.

<Dane> I'd imagine then maybe we should move away from the city and come in from the ground. If there's any way for us to get some sort of land vehicle down there

<Melangell> So we need to get to the ground ourselves if we hope to find out anything without being immediately shot down

<HollyhockGod> So, you want to edge away from the city and find a quiet spot to send down a dropship?

<Melangell> Let's

<Dane> Sure

<Bertha> That works.

<Melangell> but inland, for godssake

<Dane> lol

<HollyhockGod> Okay, you head west of the city rather than hovering above it.

<Bertha> 's what you get for pissin the Sea off

  • Melangell shrugs

<HollyhockGod> However, as you pass by the city, several of the fighters break off from their circuit around the city and begin to move in your direction.

  • Bertha summons a heavy lightning storm.

<HollyhockGod> You veer out of their course, but they turn to follow you again. It seems they can see you, which shouldn't happen, since the Chancel has a kinda-sorta relationship with normal space anyway.

<HollyhockGod> How?

<Bertha> ah, do i need to list what kind of miracle it is?

<Dane> Maybe something a little more minor, like a really heavy fog

<HollyhockGod> I'm just not sure that you have power over Stoms.

<HollyhockGod> Melangell might, though.

<Melangell> hm, I was just thinking perhaps a rather strong gust of wind might blow them off course a bit

<HollyhockGod> And how big a fog do you need to confuse top-of-the-line military ships?

<Bertha> ah, i'm misreadin this part - problem solved ;) heh

<Dane> Idk, they are using something that penetrates magical barriers lol

<Melangell> or, a dust storm, perhaps, if we are close enough to the ground. A tornado, perhaps?

<HollyhockGod> You can summon any of those with a normal miracle, since you have Domain 3 over Winds.

<HollyhockGod> It's a Lesser Creation.

<Melangell> well boys, what do you think? do we want to confuse them or wreck 'em?

<Bertha> Let's try confusing them, first.

<HollyhockGod> Incidentally, while you're discussing it, more ships are breaking off from the city proper and moving into a circular pattern around the city, about a mile in radius.

  • Melangell whips up a godawful dust cloud, in an attempt to lose the pursuing aircraft

<HollyhockGod> Okay, that's one DMP, easy enough.

<Melangell> DMP?

<Dane> domain magic point

<Melangell> aah

<HollyhockGod> You call up as big a cloud of dust up off the ground as you can handle, and smother it all over the incoming planes.

<HollyhockGod> They wobble on their course, and are likely to continue to do so, since the dust cloud is sticking to them, but they're still more or less circling around you, although they're probably flying blind at this point.

<Bertha> So I control locks and bindings, correct? Pretty sure I can just disarm these guys.

<Melangell> so while I've got them confused and circling, can we land and make our escape?

<HollyhockGod> There's now basically a donut of dusty air surrounding the Chancel at this point with you in the clear center.

<Dane> Then lets find an opening in the circle and get out of there

<HollyhockGod> Dane: The planes will probably just follow you. I suspect they can detect your presence either via instruments or directions from the ground.

<HollyhockGod> Bertha: If there's a seal on board, you can manipulate it.

<Melangell> Bertha, can you lock their controls?

<HollyhockGod> That includes locks and things.

<HollyhockGod> (Yes, she can.)

<Bertha> I can unlock their missiles - they'll just drop straight off the ships. Or I can probably lock up their controls.

<Dane> If their ships completely lock up they'll probably bail out

  • Bertha reaches out and freezes the controls of the jets - and binds the loading mechanisms of the weapon systems on the ground as well.

<Dane> well, that made things a lot easier

<HollyhockGod> Okay, you get to work on the jets, which promptly lock into a straight-forward course.

<HollyhockGod> There follows a short period as the pilots try to regain control, then are forced to eject.

<HollyhockGod> You're also doing your best to put a lock on the weapons that you detect on the ground, but you aren't certain that your Chancel's sensors can detect them all.

<Melangell> by now they will have radioed back to base, so we need to clear out before more come along

<Bertha> So do we want to completely leave, or hurry along either by air or ground?

<Dane> We'll head out a pretty good distance away from where we are, but still within walking distance of the city

<HollyhockGod> How far is that, exactly?

<HollyhockGod> I mean, I don't think the military will lose track of you just because you went two miles out.

<Melangell> what have they got to track us with, if we leave our ship?

<Dane> that was my thought process

<HollyhockGod> Well, they probably can't, although they may be able to harry the Chancel while you aren't in it.

<Melangell> I can send the ship up on as a decoy—lead them on a wild goose chase while we head to town

<HollyhockGod> It has defenses of its own, though.

<Dane> We'll just have the chancel keep going to a couple other points outside of the city making stops, we won't get off at the first one

<Bertha> Sounds good to me.

<Dane> And then after a couple stops it'll do what melangell said

<HollyhockGod> All right, so the fllet makes an erratic circle around the city.

<HollyhockGod> Eventually, after about three stops at various locations, the three of you take a quick dropship down to the surface.

<HollyhockGod> The fleet will start making wider circles to avoid surveillance. If anything bad happens, Lloyd has an Anchor onboard whose body he can jump into.

<HollyhockGod> That way, he can quickly direct the defenders if it becomes necessary.

<HollyhockGod> So, you're about ten miles outside of DC. What's your plan?

<Dane> Well, I'd imagine we need to be kinda inconspicuous about going in

<Bertha> So which section of DC were we talkin about? Like the White House? House of Reps?

<Dane> So we'd need some kind of average looking car or something of that nature.

<Dane> I'd imagine we'll just get to the gereral political area and start trying to find out where to go from there

<HollyhockGod> You've got a feeling that you probably need to be in the general area of Congress, although it's not necessarily centered on any particular building.

<Melangell> why not take the train in? there's not a lot more average than that…

<HollyhockGod> Or a cab.

<Melangell> haha, or a cab

<Bertha> Heh cab sounds good. Who's gettin the fare? ;)

<Melangell> cabbies always have all the dirt, anyway

<Dane> Your the duchess, and Melangell apparently can't hold onto money for anything

<Melangell> as luck would have it, I happen to have a pursefull of mortal monies from our last visit

<HollyhockGod> I think we'll assume that one of you has cab fare.

  • Dane is now known as Lloyd

<Melangell> ah, but this isn't money I can spend in the chancel, see :P

<HollyhockGod> As you squeeze unobtrusively into the back seat of a cab, you're barely able to hear the driver over the noise of the radio.

<HollyhockGod> There's a news broadcast on, about a new economic plan from the recently appointed Secretary of the Treasury.

  • Melangell stifles the urge to tell him to turn it down, and listens to the broadcast

<HollyhockGod> Apparently it's very controversial for some reason that you aren't completely certain of.

<HollyhockGod> Seems like half the people love it, and half the people hate it.

  • Melangell nudges Lloyd

<Melangell> ask the cabbie what everyone is so up in arms about!

<Lloyd> Lock up the radio and start drilling the cabbie

  • Bertha locks the radio off.

<HollyhockGod> The cabbie, whose name is Bert, is only too eager to tell you about the new plan.

  • Melangell blows Bert a kiss

<HollyhockGod> Apparently he's extremely annoyed because the new tax plans will make it very hard for him to ever get a better job.

<HollyhockGod> It's supposed to protect citizens from financial disasters, and it does, but it also takes a fair amount of their income to provide this insurance, which makes it very difficult for them to keep up savings.

Usage: OP <nick>, gives chanop status to the nick (needs chanop)

<Bertha> And that seems to be Mel's issue.

<Melangell> !!

<Lloyd> Luck and fortune can't really exist when there's no chance of falling on your face

<HollyhockGod> Limited economic mobility does seem to harm Fortune, yes.

<Melangell> hm, and here I thought you were making some dig at me for not being able to keep my own savings, B.

<HollyhockGod> The question is, who's behind it? The hostile moves against your Chancel definitely point to the Excrucians, but what will you do?

<Bertha> Who's sayin I wasn't? :)

<Lloyd> Sounds like we need to find out all we can about this new Secretary of Treasury

<Lloyd> asks Bert if he knows anything about him

<Lloyd> /her

<HollyhockGod> "Some new fella. Dunno him."

<Melangell> Can you take us to his office?

<Lloyd> That might be a bit drastic, and expected

<HollyhockGod> "Got any idea where that is?"

<Melangell> «pirate!

<Bertha> Maybe we should just head out to the Congress and see this fellow in action.

<Lloyd> sounds like a good plan, mix in with the crowds

<HollyhockGod> All right, then. Bert drops you off near Congress, carefully checking his change for Canadian dimes.

<Melangell> fortunately it's a parade holiday, and everyone is dressed in outlandish costumes, so we blend in perfectly.

<Melangell> <ha>

<Lloyd> hehe

<HollyhockGod> The good thing about being the Power of Fortune is that you're lucky. :)

<Melangell> :)

<HollyhockGod> Except for Melangell's outfit, you should look fairly normal. No horns or anything.

<Lloyd> I'll have to work on that :p

<HollyhockGod> And even that doesn't result in much more than a personal going-over with the metal-detector wand.

<Melangell> oh come on, Bertha with her mile long hair doesn't stand out? give me a break!

<HollyhockGod> It's bound up in the pins.

<Bertha> ^

<Melangell> still…mile long?? it's HUGE!

<Bertha> (magic ftw)

<HollyhockGod> The hairpins are a magical seal.

<Bertha> Like your "costume"?

<Melangell> it's gotta be like the giantest bun in history!

<Melangell> my costume is direct representation of my class and power, and my history!

<HollyhockGod> The real lucky thing for you is that the new Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Caducine, is scheduled for a press conference in the builiding at four.

<Bertha> Yeah, yeah. Movin on.

<Melangell> costume! hmph!

  • Melangell checks her pocketwatch

<HollyhockGod> You've got an hour.

<Lloyd> Ok ladies, lets head over asap

<HollyhockGod> The question is, how do you get into a press conference?

<Lloyd> Throw some reporters into a broom closet?

<Melangell> flash our pearly whites?

<HollyhockGod> One of those plans is better than the other, but both are hard to do in the Congress building.

<Bertha> What kind of security are we lookin to get past? ie Guards checkin IDs?

<Melangell> I think Bertha should lock down time for a few seconds so we can grab some press credentials and slip in

<Lloyd> Can she do that?

<HollyhockGod> Hm…. Okay, but sealing time is a Major Creation.

<Bertha> Not sure if I can hold down time - seems a little out of my estate.

<Bertha> I'm sure there's an easier way of doing this.

<HollyhockGod> Okay, how do you want to go about it?

  • Melangell mumbles…something about "chicken"

<Bertha> Do we see any reporters around?

<Lloyd> I'm sure we have enough magic amongst us to trick some reporters into giving us their credentials and sending them on their way

<Melangell> a stiff breeze would blow the lanyards right over their heads, and luck might find those lanyards in our very hands.

<Bertha> I'm sure I can just unclasp their IDs and we can pick 'em up - I mean, who really notices if something like that happens?

<HollyhockGod> I don't think Washington reporters carry their ID on a lanyard.

<Lloyd> haha

<Melangell> they do! /nods

<Lloyd> so we're there now, do we see any reporters or something else around that's useful?

<Melangell> but, if they have lapell clasps, then I think the unlocking idea is great

<Bertha> Or even lanyards can suddenly unwravel. Heh.

<HollyhockGod> They might notice that.

<Bertha> Not with a little luck.

<Lloyd> haha

<HollyhockGod> I suppose you can always wait for someone displaying visible ID. But it would be photo ID.

<Melangell> hehe

<Lloyd> can't we just alter that somehow?

<Bertha> Teamwork ftw.

<HollyhockGod> How?

<Lloyd> A ghost miracle?

<Lloyd> of light or illusion or something

<Melangell> Bertha could perhaps just "convince" the guard into the conference to let us in.

<HollyhockGod> Hm. It's possible that she could.

<HollyhockGod> You can also use Aspect for persuasion.

<Melangell> who, me? hm?

  • Melangell bats her eyelashes

<Bertha> Mmmyep. Methinks you'd have an easier time of it than me.

<Lloyd> oh well, lets stop wasting time standing around and head up there and try something lol

<HollyhockGod> Well, you've got the rating, I believe.

<HollyhockGod> Hm, Lloyd and Melangell both have Aspect 2.

<HollyhockGod> Convincing the people who guard Senators to let you in without ID is probably Aspect 4 if you can think of a decent cover story.

<Melangell> I still think it's Bertha's job this go 'round

<Lloyd> so that ain't happening

<Lloyd> Bertha has 0 aspect though…

<Bertha> And I fail to see how I could otherwise convince the guards.

<Lloyd> A high rate illusion of some kind, or something using your domain prowess

<HollyhockGod> You can do an Aspect 4 miracle with two AMPs.

<Melangell> not a convincing, per se…but…a manipulation

<HollyhockGod> It would be a hard miracle.

<HollyhockGod> I suppose people's minds do technically contain seals of a sort.

<Bertha> Hmmm.

<Melangell> "Bertha's miracles can hold a gate shut, bind a creature not to take a certain action"

<Melangell> does that include human creatures?

<HollyhockGod> Yes.

<Bertha> Ah, well. Let's do this. I'll just put a protection over us that makes us invisible to the naked human eye.

<Lloyd> bind them from doing anything to stop us from entering?

<HollyhockGod> All right, you create a circle of invisibility around the huddled three of you and move quickly through the checkpoint.

<Melangell> woohoo!

<Lloyd> well, that was easy

<HollyhockGod> You've got a general warding around you that should stop anyone from seeing you unless you draw attention to yourselves.

<Bertha> Ja, no more overthinking for me.

<Melangell> no comments from the peanut gallery, please!

<Lloyd> More lightning, less dust storms :p

<HollyhockGod> I'm not sure whether it should technically be possible to do that to other Nobles, but for now I'll allow it.

<Melangell> so do we know what room we need to hit?

<HollyhockGod> Now you can make your way carefully to the press conference room.

<HollyhockGod> There are directories, so yes.

<Bertha> Mmm, let's just say I put a field on me that bends light around myself, and a small area around me - indirectly affecting them.

<Melangell> are there refreshments?

<HollyhockGod> I don't think you can bend light, just affect people's minds. I'll allow it, though.

<Melangell> because I'm powerfully thirsty

<HollyhockGod> There's lemonade, but it's awufl.

<HollyhockGod> *awful.

<Melangell> *ptooie*

<HollyhockGod> I think we have about twenty minutes before I lose some of you, so I'll get to the point.

<HollyhockGod> You take seats in the back row as reporters file in. Eventually, it's standing room only and the new Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Caducine, walks in to take a stand at the podium.

<Melangell> is he cute?

<Lloyd> glares at Melangell

  • Bertha facepalms.

<HollyhockGod> He's devastatingly beautiful, and his tiepin is very, very shiny.

<HollyhockGod> Also, he's an Excrucian! Your mystic Sight says so!

<Lloyd> Aren't they extremely powerful?

<HollyhockGod> His eyes, which, to you, are clearly filled with falling stars rather than pupils move from one side of the room to the other.

<HollyhockGod> Yes, but it could be just a shard of him.

<HollyhockGod> Shards are more on your level.

<HollyhockGod> It's difficult to tell.

<HollyhockGod> Caducine motions to a guard and says something softly while pointing in your direction.

  • Melangell gasps and coughs audibly

<HollyhockGod> The guard comes across to your seats in the rear, and asks to see your ID.

<HollyhockGod> (Who's on the outside?)

<Bertha> (hmmm who stands the best chance at flouting this guy?)

<HollyhockGod> Depends on what you want to do

<Melangell> I'll pull the guard off to the side a bit, to give Lloyd and Bertha a chance to remain hidden

<HollyhockGod> It's worth noting that the Excrucian can identify you all as Powers on sight.

<Bertha> yeah, figured.

<Lloyd> yep

<Lloyd> thankfully the guard can't see us I'd imagine

<Melangell> but the guard might not see them, still, right?

<Melangell> wow, great minds, and all that…lol

<Lloyd> hehe

<HollyhockGod> I suspect being told specifically to look at you bypasses the ward.

<HollyhockGod> A Lesser Creation only goes so far!

<Melangell> drat

<HollyhockGod> Plus he may have freaky Excrucian powers that bypass your protections, like he was able to point out the Chancel, presumably.

<Melangell> well do we really need to know any more here? perhaps we should just beat it

<Lloyd> The rest of the room still has no clue, if we can lock this guy up for a few minutes we can make a move of some kind

<Melangell> is there a window?

<Lloyd> Lets try to keep this as low key as possible

<Melangell> if the guard can see us, the room can too, I imagine. the magic down.

<Lloyd> I doubt the boss guy will alert all the guards in the room to catch us

<HollyhockGod> I think the rest of the room still has you on Somebody Else's Problem, but the Excrucian can still draw attention to you.

<Lloyd> Yeah, but they won't have all turned around and been like, AHH gotcha

<Lloyd> true….

<Melangell> are we agree that we need to get the hell outta here?

<Lloyd> very much, it's just how

<Bertha> We know the source of the issue - time to split for a bit.

<Melangell> well now that the lovely Excructian has us in his sights, we really can't make a mundane exit. he' won't allow that

<Lloyd> Just tell the guard that we were just leaving and bolt

<Melangell> we can try it, but I think we should be ready for resistance

<Lloyd> More lightning, less duststorms it is then. Time for something big lol

<Melangell> *is* there a window in the room?

<HollyhockGod> Sure, several.

<Melangell> so here's what I'm thinking…

<Lloyd> what floor are we on though?

<Lloyd> cause Bertha can't fly

<Bertha> No, but you can send a ship down to pick us up.

<Melangell> you know that freak dust storm that poppped up a bit ago? I think that's about to blow a window in and wreck havoc with all those papers

<Melangell> yep!

<Lloyd> Won't it get shotdown?

<Melangell> when all hell breaks loose in here, we head to the now open window for one of your drop ship extravaganzas

<Bertha> Not if it's a fast little thing.

<HollyhockGod> Okay, so you're going to use another Major Creation to blow all the windows open, cause general chaos, and summon a drop-ship to escape?

<Lloyd> Sure, as bertha said, the fastest one in the fleet

<HollyhockGod> It's reasonably fast, and most of the trip is basically teleporting when Lloyd uses his Gfit.

<Melangell> Big and Loud, I always say.

<HollyhockGod> *Gift.

<HollyhockGod> Okay, makes sense.

<Lloyd> I summon it floating outside the window, the two of us grab bertha and fly her over to the entrance of the ship as we head out the window

<HollyhockGod> Melangell makes jazz hands, and the windows burst open, shattering a tiny bit as the winds come pouring in.

<Melangell> Jazzhands. lol

<Lloyd> It's all about the technique lol

<HollyhockGod> The two of you begin hovering through the air, carrying Bertha, as Caducine points at you, and shouts, with unnatural clearness over the hullaballoo, "Stop them! Security! Shoot!"

<HollyhockGod> When this doesn't seem to be about to happen, he grabs a gun off the nearest guard.

<Bertha> That's about the time I unlock the magazine-holding mechanism of all the guns in the room.

<Lloyd> good one

<HollyhockGod> There's a tinkling noise across the room as bullets fall to the floor.

<Melangell> nice!

<HollyhockGod> It doesn't affect the gun in Caducine's hand, though.

<Bertha> Well shat.

<HollyhockGod> Silly Auctoritas!

<HollyhockGod> He takes aim at Bertha and fires.

<Melangell> That particular gun has the saftey on, however (as luck would have it)

<Bertha> Oh lawd but that's a good save.

<HollyhockGod> I think you've already done a miracle this turn.

<Melangell> damn :(

<Melangell> lol

<Melangell> go lloyd!

<Melangell> go!

<HollyhockGod> Nor can you stop an Excrucian from remembering to remove the safety.

<Bertha> Hey, everyone's fallible >.>

<HollyhockGod> With nothing to stop it, Bertha takes a bullet to the heart.

<HollyhockGod> Good thing you bought Durant, but that was your Deadly Wound Level.

<Lloyd> if we can get her to the fleet fast can we heal her?

<HollyhockGod> Even so, the two of you are able to pull Bertha into the dropship and order it to cast off while you start using rigging to plug the wound.

<HollyhockGod> Well, she's Noble, so it will take more than that to kill her.

<Bertha> Just gonna hurt like a SoB.

<HollyhockGod> But now that she's taken a really bad wound she becomes vulnerable to lesser damage.

<HollyhockGod> As long as you have a Deadly level left, you can't be harmed by things that would only cause a Serious.

<HollyhockGod> In any case, the dropship is pulled up through non-space until you find yourself back in Chancel airspace, about eleven miles to the east.

<HollyhockGod> And it's now six-thirty, so I think we've run out of time.

<HollyhockGod> Not a bad start to a story, though.

<Bertha> Well, I couuld be in better shape. ;)

<HollyhockGod> Now all you need is a plan for how to clean up Washington. :)

<Melangell> sorry guys.

<HollyhockGod> It pays to be careful!

<Bertha> true heh

<HollyhockGod> It might have been worse if you didn't have Durant.

<Bertha> Yeah, true enough

<HollyhockGod> I'll have to look up how long it will take to heal.

<Bertha> is there a page you could send showin how wounds work?

<Melangell> heh, so we're relatively safe atm, anyway?

<Lloyd> Being back at the chancel doesn't speed it up?

<HollyhockGod> Ah, you're Durant, so you'll heal in a week.

<HollyhockGod> No, but you can spend AMPs to heal faster.

<HollyhockGod> One AMP will make it a day in this case, and two will heal it instantly.

<HollyhockGod> Without the Durant Gift, it can take longer.

<HollyhockGod> So, what did you think of the game?

  • Melangell is now known as Vaeshta
  • Bertha is now known as Lianli

<Vaeshta> quite cool. my head hurts a little :P

  • Lloyd is now known as dane

<Lianli> I liked it, took us a while to get set up, but that's understandable since it was our first time

<Vaeshta> too much brainwork!

<dane> Yeah, it'll get a lot faster once we understand the rules better

<HollyhockGod> Maybe we can finish the story next week.

<Vaeshta> but yeah, I think it has real possibilities.

<Vaeshta> yeah,I need to do a lot more reading and re-reading. I think the info you sent will make a LOT more sense now.

<HollyhockGod> Well, I can declare the game a success, then.

<Vaeshta> I learn in a bass-ackwards way.

<HollyhockGod> Once this story is finished, maybe we can get a full campaign going.

  • You are now known as Aleph
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