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Did you read my game, Mean Everything to Nothing?

I'm pretty proud of it.

Re: THANK YOU SO MUCH by PerilankuPerilanku, 13 Jun 2012 05:18

I have just heard about Nobilis, and this site has been so helpful I am at a loss for how to completly describe my thanks.

The roleplays have been interesting and a great example of how to manage god-like characters. The character bios and information give great examples, and the site is overall well managed and well put together.

Thank you so much for maintaining and creating this wealth of knowledge.

cant wait to play a one shot with my freinds, and hopefully design a whole campaign.

THANK YOU SO MUCH by desvolackdesvolack, 01 Jun 2012 16:28

It seems, so far, that I've gotten the CSS right for having annotations and character comments alongside the text.
Since 2nd Ed, I feel that a Example of Play just isn't complete without them…

CSS success by ElaborateElaborate, 21 Mar 2012 15:10

I could conceivably write this Example of Play by myself - and in all likelihood, I will.
I'd prefer not to, though. Nobilis is my favourite RPG; I know most of its game mechanics reasonably well by now, and I've made over thirty characters in it - but what with one thing and another, I've never gotten around to actually playing it.

Anyhow, the plan for now is to collect various examples, and at a later date forge them into a cohesive story.

Example of Play by ElaborateElaborate, 12 Mar 2012 01:19

Hm, seems a bit sparse at the moment. A work in progress?

Being unable to recognize truth would be a hefty handicap for a Power of Truth, especially one with high Domain. How do you see this working for him in play? Would he react like the people in the movie "The Invention of Lying"? What if an Excrucian tells him something like "You must kill Entropy or the world will end"?

The maximum strength for for bonds/afflictions is 5. The maximum skill/passion is also 5. Also, you still have one CP left to spend.
Your current bonds/afflictions (you should indicate which is which, btw) seem a bit too themed on Truth - there's not much personality showing. I recommend going through the Lifepath system if you want to flesh out a character a bit.

If you need more ideas, there's plenty of examples on this site.

Character comments by ElaborateElaborate, 23 Feb 2012 15:48

I have a pretty long list of excruciated Estates, things that used to exist and don't any longer, which got some positive feedback when I've posted in in other fora.

But I'm at a loss where it would go on this wiki. Articles? Files? There doesn't seem to be a page for setting elements other than characters. (Come to that, there probably ought to be a page where Chancels would go.)

Where to put this? by Craig_NeumeierCraig_Neumeier, 08 May 2011 20:44

It's a public site now, although it's somewhat deserted. Sorry for missing your post when it happened! Hopefully once the second peculiar book arrives, there will be an uptick in activity.

Re: Public? by Rand BrittainRand Brittain, 23 Aug 2009 07:00
NyrenNyren 10 Aug 2009 19:19
in discussion General Discussion / General Discussion » Public?

I have been wondering for a while about active forums/wikis for Nobilis, and stumbled across this site. I would love to share and borrow ideas with other HGs and perhaps gain assistance in deciphering some of the more ambiguous bits of "Brogstromancy" (shouldn't that be "Moramancy" now? Or is Moramancy already coined as the magic of phonetic animation?) contained within the rulebook.

Is this wiki meant as a public dumping grounds for everyone's Nobilis-related ideas, or just the creator's and his friends and/or players? I would love to share some of the campaigns I have run and experienced thus far, if that is what the wiki is for.

Public? by NyrenNyren, 10 Aug 2009 19:19

You should just be able to rename/move it now. I've edited the permissions to make this possible.

by Rand BrittainRand Brittain, 27 Jul 2009 01:15
Axl12Axl12 26 Jul 2009 10:57
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Posting Guidelines

For adding a new Noble to the list, couldn't we just delete the ones we've already done, and copy-paste it to the Noble page?
Or does that not work?

by Axl12Axl12, 26 Jul 2009 10:57

Oh, right, ordinary users can't rename/move things. I guess it wouldn't be a huge risk if anybody could do that… or would it?

I should ask and find out what the preferred permissions are to minimize the risk of vandalism. Until then, just categorize any new pages you create so that I don't have to go back and recategorize them later… I have enough of those to do already. :(

by Rand BrittainRand Brittain, 26 Jul 2009 06:31

I know Mediawiki syntax for such things, but wikidot is different on some things. Since the help is being less than helpful … we ordinary users don't have the ability to rename a page, so how does one go about adding it to a category?

Categories? by DyneDyne, 26 Jul 2009 06:24

See, I'd say that would require a Gift of some sort, for others not to notice when they can't tell where Nature Spirits are suddenly, by making the Nature Spirits themselves both want to hide as well as capable of doing so.

If nothing else, that would either cost MP or be more than a single CP, for such a Gift.

Also, changed the Gift so that it now only tells him that others are coming near him, not their position relative to himself.
And I've increased the Miracle Level to 4 now, as well.

Re: Know Threats by Axl12Axl12, 25 Jul 2009 09:08

They'd still leave a blank spot; they'd just be hiding it by being very sneaky.

Just like how normal people being stealthy are still visible; they're just taking trouble to make sure you don't see them. It's the same principle. If stealth didn't work this way it would be impossible to do a lot of things that stealth-based characters are going to want to do.

Re: Know Threats by Rand BrittainRand Brittain, 25 Jul 2009 00:48

The Gift isn't about telling him where things are, though.
The main utility Masks would get from it is the fact that it leaves a "blank" spot for him to notice, an area that he suddenly won't know anything about.
The divination itself isn't as important when compared to the ability to notice when a "blank" shows up on it, indicating an Anchor, Noble or Excrucian-shard.

Even if you act with stealth, you will still leave a blank spot, won't it?
That is, after all, a major part of miraculous beings - they leave blank spots on Divinations.

Otherwise, it'd be easy to find, say, Cneph or find out who gave the Excrucians their first Estate, since they wouldn't leave blanks on Divinations.

In fact, even if they use a miracle, to hide themselves in order to sneak up on him, that also leaves a "blank spot" for him to notice, doesn't it?

And, since nothing short of Imperial Miracles (and Blind Lie, I guess) can alter Masks perceptions or thoughts, he should notice when an area suddenly appears as something he can't know anything about at the moment.

Re: Know Threats by Axl12Axl12, 24 Jul 2009 21:43

Not if the miracle level they use for "not being seen" is higher than your "I see you" level.

I just thought Existence was troublesome in that it probably counts as a "wide variety of Estates."

Re: Know Threats by Rand BrittainRand Brittain, 24 Jul 2009 19:34

Well, I'm not your HG at the moment, so I don't have veto power (the only thing I have veto power over is bad spelling), so it would be up to him. I just don't want to popularize a Gift that almost everybody would prefer to take instead of Immortal as presented in the book.

by Rand BrittainRand Brittain, 24 Jul 2009 17:09
Axl12Axl12 24 Jul 2009 16:06
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Lesser Immortality

All I wanted is actually to have her be impossible to outright kill, while you can still permanently trap her…
Guess I'll remove the Spirit point and give her Invisibility or something with the leftover CP.

by Axl12Axl12, 24 Jul 2009 16:06

Actually, since it's automatic, wouldn't that be much harder to do?
I mean, wouldn't Masks still know about how there is a blank spot where he should notice the Estate of Others, like say a Nature Spirit or something like that?

I mean, the Nature Spirits won't be able to hide from him, so when he notices that he can't tell where they are, he should at least become cautious.

Though I'm not too sure what was wrong with it when he had the L. Div. of Existence instead…

Re: Know Threats by Axl12Axl12, 24 Jul 2009 16:03
Axl12Axl12 24 Jul 2009 16:00
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Queen of Sand

It isn't global, for one, which I think Sovereign's Gift is.

by Axl12Axl12, 24 Jul 2009 16:00
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