Darkness Between Stars

Lesser Destruction of Power (5), automatic (+1), local (-1), limited use (-2), uncommon (+1), 4 CP total.

This Gift represents a void inside the user's soul, a great peaceful emptiness that cries out to be filled. The owner can use that desire to absorb ambient or nearby power simply by allowing it to flow into him and outward into oblivion. This Gift can target any sort of energy the owner deems the world would be better without, whether it be electricity, heat, a nasty piece of black magic, or unproductive emotions.

So long as the user consents, the energy will simply be drawn out of whatever medium it currently moves through and into the Sovereign. The effect usually occurs in the most uneventful manner possible if such is possible at all, but some large or unruly power sources refuse to be quietly transferred. Once consumed, the energy effectively ceases to exist.

A more powerful version of this Gift has been written up as Unbidden Void.

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