Redshirt-Mook Union Health Plan

Greater Preservation of Redshirts (6), Automatic (+1), Almost Everywhere (+1), One-Trick (-3), Uncommon (+1), 6 CPs total

The Redshirt-Mook Union is a Trade Union for minions and the Power of Redshirts & Mooks. Through this Gift, the Redshirt-Mook Union can manifest in any and all Redshirts. Because cheap special effects are responsible for all Redshirt Deaths, a Named Redshirt will respawn off-screen unless their death was suitably heroic or badass (most Redshirt deaths are cheap and pointless).

This enables the Power of Redshirts and all Redshirts it manifests in a level of immortality on-par with Active Immortality, thus ensuring that there will always be more "canon fodder" with which to combat the Excrucian threat.

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