Supreme Generosity

Greater Creation of Things Desired (7), simple miracle (-1), global (+1), comprehensive (-1), uncommon (+1), many Estates (x2), 14 CPs total

The Lord of Blessings hears every desire, and it is within his power to answer them if he chooses to. This Gift gives its bearer the power to hear prayerful wishes- not idle whims or even immediately pressing needs, but heartfelt and long-standing desires. These wishes will come to the Power over a distance, broadcast by the force of the wisher's mental attention, but he may also observe them simply by looking.

Once he perceives a wish, he may answer it, creating any quality or entity that is needed to correctly answer the wish. "Answering" a wish is not the same as granting it; the Power may give supplicants something other than what they ask for if that seems as though it will resolve their wish. This is not, however, an excuse to use evil genie logic; the Gift's power applies only to honest attempts to achieve the subject's desire.

This Gift is explicitly capable of granting the owner's wishes, but Nobles can be relied upon to find desires beyond this Gift's power to supply.

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