The Tri-County Area is home to many strange things. To Chanceries full of Strategists who no longer fight in the War, and to Powers who… also no longer fight in the War, for different but related reasons! To the World-Breaker's Kid, and to a girl who is a little bit on fire. To bigfoots, and to deviant scientists, and to moms who we… but enough about that.

Instead of that, let's see what's on TV.

Oh. It is the Chancerists of the Tri-County Rider's Abstinence Society, who have chosen to make their peace with the world by operating a public access television station.

It's too late now to change the channel. You'll just have to hope this turns out to be better than Riverdale

GLITCHTV is a Glitch campaign run by Elliott Freeman, starting in 2020.

Main Characters

  • Sadabus Argand (he/him): evil wizard looking for local beefmen to storm his castle (played by Rand Brittain)
  • Radegesis Ichneumon (she/her): roller derby girl on a quest to be initiated in what’s cool (played by Dragonfucker66)
  • Semegastes Sarcosystidae (they/them): area brain parasite happily married to a washed up host (played by Robert Vance)
  • Gailizia Fantastic (she/they): Also known as the Marvelous Gailin. Down to clown and/or provide therapy services (played by Geostatonary)


Episode One: Game Night
Episode Two: Into the Woods
Episode Three: Breakfast at Obares'
Episode Four: In the Teeth of the Night
Episode Five: Guess Who's Coming Back for Dinner?
Episode Six: Orifice Space
Episode Seven: Sunset Boulevard
Episode Eight: Welcome Back, Qistja
Episode Nine: Once Upon a Parent-Teacher Conference
Episode Ten: Keeping Up Abhorrences
Episode Eleven: Family Feud
Episode Twelve: Halt and Catch Fire
Episode Thirteen: Sponsored by Milk's-Regal
Episode Fourteen: Adventure Time
Episode Fifteen: We Need to Talk About Uul
Episode Sixteen: The Day The Clown Died
Episode Seventeen: Dirty Pretty Things
Episode Eighteen: Flowers in the Attic
Episode Nineteen: Mummy Dearest
Episode Twenty: Repent, Harlequin! said the TikTok Comments
Episode Twenty-One: The Glad Game
Episode Twenty-Two: Yeah, Baby
Episode Twenty-Three: Time and Again
Episode Twenty-Four: There You See Her
Episode Twenty-Five: We Are Number One
Episode Twenty-Six: A World They Never Made
Episode Twenty-Seven: Those Boner Crimes Are Making Us Look Bad
Episode Twenty-Eight: It Does A Body Good
Episode Twenty-Nine: Important Badger Questions Answered
Episode Thirty: Don't Bother; They're Here
Episode Thirty-One: Unfleeky Friday
Episode Thirty-Two: Two Celebrities, a Wizard, and a Pizza Massacre

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