Grayson Sinclair

Grayson Sinclair, Power of Secrets, Dominus Secretorum

Aspect 1 (5 AMP)
Domain 4 (5 DMP)
Persona 0 (5 PMP)

  • Secrets are exciting, dangerous, and desirable. (3)
  • Secrets are defended against outsiders.(2)
  • Secrets are born in conspiracy. (1)
  • Secrets come out in the end. (1)

Treasure 3 (5 TMP)

Affliction: I love Zaqiel, the Devil of Lies, Masks, and the Stage, and she at least has some fondness for me. (2)
Affliction: Looking inside my head would drive you mad. (3)
Affliction: I will never reveal a secret freely given to me. (2)
Affliction: The Cammora take an interest in the activities of the Third Eye. (2)
Bond: The Tower of Fog and Smoke is inviolable. (2)
Bond: The Power of Silence gave me Somnus and Tactitum in return for keeping his secrets. (2)
Bond: I'm very protective of agents of the Third Eye. (2)
Bond: I love to share interesting secrets. (1)

Passion: Learning new things (2)
Passion: Helping my friends improve themselves (1)
Skill: Secret Agent (3)
Skill: French Chef (1)
Cool 3
Shine 4

Things of Note:

Looking inside my head: Grayson's mind is so packed with secrets, ranging from beautiful to horrifying, that to try to read his mind, even for surface thoughts or one specific secret, is like trying to drink from a fire hose, even for another Power.

Somnus and Tactitum: Two pistols that fire tranquilizing darts and are wondrous Anchors. Anyone hit by their darts (who can't defend) immediately and silently loses consciousness and drops slowly and quietly to the ground. The dart dissolves long before they wake up.

The Tower of Fog and Smoke: This is Grayson's home and office within the Chancel, a wondrous Anchor, and a semi-sentient being (about as intelligent as a trained animal). From more than a block away, if you manage to see it at all it looks like a fog bank that rises into the sky. From less than a block away, it's a modern looking tower of glass and gray metal. It has no defined location within the Chancel. If Grayson wants you to be able to get there, he'll generally use a Lesser Creation of Secrets to put a code word inside in your head. You won't remember the word, but he'll tell you to find a silver-haired gondolier within the Chancel, and when you find one, the word will suddenly arise from your lips, though you'll quickly forget it again. The gondolier will pull ashore and bring you to the Tower. If you're unwilling to let Grayson use a Creation of Secrets on you, he may be willing to instead introduce you to the Tower; if he does, you need only wave at a silver-haired gondolier and he will bring you there. If you haven't been invited, here's how you find the Tower: Climb to the top of a building anywhere in the Chancel and search through the skies for a fog bank rising from the city. Note its direction; it will always be on the opposite side of the market from you. Travel in that direction through the market; don't climb a building again, or you'll find that it's in a different direction and just as far as when you first saw it. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by the wonders of the market, or the urchins who pickpocket you; if you waste time tracking them down, the Tower will move again (with supernatural reflexes, you may be able to avoid the urchin's quick fingers). If you keep heading in the right direction, you'll eventually see the Tower rising between two buildings. (The gondoliers and urchins are bits of fog and smoke given shape by the tower, and have no independent intelligence or will; if you touch them, they'll become insubstantial and drop anything real they're holding. If the urchins aren't caught, they bring their finds back to the Tower; if you make it there and ask Grayson nicely, he'll return your possessions.)

The Third Eye: This is Grayson's intelligence agency, another Anchor. Its agents are scattered through many worlds, including his Chancel and Earth.

Avatar Diagram

Further Notes:

Grayson Sinclair is a somewhat stereotypical middle child. He was always a bit desperate for Praxael's approval and insecure about Praxael's affection for him. At times, he could be resentful of his older siblings, whose relationships with the Angel looked so easy, or of his younger siblings, who seemed to earn forgiveness for their faults so easily. At other times, though, he was the fun brother, who always knew the best gossip and the wildest events to show up at and who was always ready to help bury the bodies the next morning.

In life he always dreamed of being a spy but was instead depressingly normal. As a Noble, he is not just the perfect spy but the Lord of Spies. Most of the time, this is exhilarating, but occasionally it gets exhausting, and even feels a bit empty.

At times he serves as a confessor, not just for his familia but for anyone desirous of someone to confess to and willing to trust him. This is how he first met Zaqiel, a devil with sins she couldn't talk about with her Powers or her fellow Imperators. And maybe it was the stress of always trying to be perfect for Praxael or maybe it was that she saw through his facade or maybe it was the burden of carrying everyone's secrets inside his head, but Grayson found himself engaged in a strange flirtation with the devil, which soon grew to a full-blown affair. As time passed, Grayson has come to care very deeply about the devil. It's hard to tell if she feels the same way about him; as tends to be the case with devils, she's not very good at expressing herself to people who don't share her experience with Hell, and so much of her existence is pain. She keeps coming back to him, though, which is something.

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