Henry Masters

Heny Masters, Power of Ambition, Dominus Ambitionis

Mind Map

Aspect 4 (5 AMP) (Current 4)
Domain 0 (5 DMP) (Current 3)
Persona 0 (5 PMP)
Treasure 3 (5 TMP)


[2] Ambition is a Desire
[2] Unfulfilled Ambitions Grow In Power
[1] Ambition Makes People Blind to all else
[1] Fulfilled Ambitions Leaves Emptiness
[1] Ambitions Give Strength of Purpose

Bonds and Afflictions
[3] Bond: I Am the Greatest Physician In the World
[2] Bond: My Obsidian Scalpel Can Cut Through Anything
[2] Bond: A Zu Warrior Taught Me the Secret of Making Cosmically Perfect Tea
[2] Bond: I Am Trying to Teach Anranko to Be Good
[2] Bond: I Can Fit In Anywhere
[1] Bond: I Carry My Phone (Which Has Everyone's Number On It) Everywhere

[3] Affliction: Those Who Break An Oath Sworn on My Name Will Suffer
[2] Affliction: I Will Heal Anyone In Need Who Asks

Passions and Skills
Skill: Doctor: 4
Skill: Shine 2
Skill: Etiquette: 2
Cool 4
Shine 2

See Sins (Lesser Divination of Sins, Strike 2, Simple, One Person, Flexible): 1 CP
See Ambitions (Lesser Divination of Ambitions, Strike 2, Simple, One Person, Flexible): 1 CP
Durant: 1 CP
Elusive: 1 CP

Obsidian Scalpel (Can Cut Through Anything)
Cosmically Perfect Tea (Really, Really Awesome Tea)
Anranko (Fire Controlling Mini-Demon)
Cellphone (Has Everyone's Number, Even People Who Don't Have Numbers or Phones)

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