Hepzibah V Forrester

Doing Things With a Sword in Hand 3
Superior Cowboy 2
Superior Cyborg 2
Mystery 1

… are easy to swing but difficult to wield
… become an extension of your will
… are profoundly versatile
… represent power and authority
… accrete symbolism
… might never have been quite as good as everyone makes them out to be

Aspect 2
Domain 0
Persona 0
Treasure 5

Durant (1CP)

Whisper the Sword Mysteries (1CP)
Blessing of Swords 1; Simple Miracle -1; Local -1; One Trick -3
There is a secret sword inside of everything. Most people don't know to grab them, not unless you show them how. With but a word, you can unlock the sword mysteries in the heart of the listener. For them, it becomes possible (perhaps not easy but possible) to see the secret swords and draw them out.

Set the Bar (1CP)
Lesser Motion of Emotional Resolution 6; Average Miracle (1 PMP) -2; One-Target -2; Handful of Uses -2; Rare +1
When someone else is dealing with some obstacle they cannot overcome, you can work with them and train them in sword techniques. While working on these techniques, they are also working through some emotional problem, considering it, dealing with something inside of themselves. By resolving their emotional issues and achieving some amount of emotional catharsis, the target of set the bar also learns the technique necessary to solve their problem.

Examples: Teaching a man to cut his way out of prison with meditation and contemplation of the poor decisions that have led him to this place; teaching the wind-cutting slash to defeat an attacking dragon by helping a warrior grapple with her own feelings of inadequacy; teaching the tax-balancing-kata by helping someone resole their own feelings of intellectual inadequacy.

Bonds & Afflictions
Bond (3): I am Unbeatable with a Sword in Hand and a Mortal Without
*Mundane Anchor Collection: A Sword that is All of the Swords
Bond (3): The Pinion of Ebrot Appeka's Wing Cuts Through that Which Cannot Be Cut
*Wondrous Anchor: A Sword that Cuts the Ephemeral
Bond (3): The Warmain's Blade Amphisbaena that is called Calumny cuts Miracles at My Command
*Noble Anchor: A Sword that Hates the World
Bond (2): Gram, forged by Odin, Lends Me His Mantle of Mystery and His Wisdom
*Wondrous Anchor: A Sword that Gives Advice
Bond (1): An Elven Blade has Many and Various Magicks
*Wondrous Anchor: A Sword that is Full of Tricks
Bond (1): The Invisible Blade of the Sun Bends Magnetism to My Will
*Wondrous Anchor: A Sword that Scrambles Cell Phone Signals
Bond (1): I Am Driven to Solve Many of My Problems with the Blade of the Third Surprise
*Wondrous Anchor: A Sword that Shoots Tigers
Bond (1): I Cannot Go Back on my Word
*Wondrous Anchor: A Sword that Binds Oaths
Affliction (2): There is a Secret Sword Inside of Everything, and I Can Always Pull it Out
Affliction (1): I Always Have Enough Arms to Draw My Next Sword

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