Episode 1

The girls all had Math with Mr Bigglesworth for last class of the day, and shared their respective views on mathematics and, eventually, on how BS the Apocynum girl's answers were.

When class let out, they captured a raven, gained the aid of a younger girl named Silvia, and showed up some bullies who were picking on Erin.

Eventually, in the club room along with the new pet (raven) and recruit (Silvia), they bullied Erin (into a maid outfit), revised their own get-ups, began sowing the seeds of strife between Steam and Nuclear aesthetics, and arranged for the new girl to have an embarrassing costume.

They also learned:

  • that their raven is a professor, and head of the math and (software engineering?) departments
  • that their recruit is not actually a student of School
  • that a lot of characters needed to swap around their Bonus XP Emotions for more accurate or enjoyable ones


  • Everyone but Erin earned 2 XP from the group pool. Erin left early and earned one. Everyone received an In Over Your Head issue
  • Erin also earned earned 2 emotion XP, 1 XP toward her basic quest and 1 XP toward the arc quest Mental Training
  • Katja also earned 1 emotion XP and 1 XP toward her basic quest and a complex issue
  • Dolores also earned 1 emotion XP and 5 XP to the arc quest Object and a vice issue
  • Leiko also earned 2 emotion XP and a mystery issue

(Someone double check that I got everything?)


HWSoD: Hmm. Az said he was going to be like an hour or two late, so I think we should start.
Garris: What about IN?
HWSoD: Oh _right_.
HWSoD: Hmm.
HWSoD: Okay lets wait 30 minutes.
HWSoD: Well its not like I don't have things to talk about.
Garris: We probably can do talking.
AsgarZigel [ed.tcennocpi-t.0pid.0A03E6B3-bim|tibbiM#ed.tcennocpi-t.0pid.0A03E6B3-bim|tibbiM] entered the room.
HWSoD: So the idea is each of you joined the Magical Girl club. Which probobly watches anime dvds and sows costumes. Does that work?
Garris: So wow! You made great time AZ.
HWSoD: Hi!
AsgarZigel: hello
AsgarZigel: yes
AsgarZigel: I think IN said that he can't make it today
Garris: Oh. Well that's too bad.
HWSoD: Okay lets start then. If he does make it sholdn't be too hard to work him in.
HWSoD: (her in? I can't remember.)
HWSoD: (Well his character is female so her.)
AsgarZigel: (so what's the setup?)
You are now known as Erin
Garris: And yes, I am all about watching DVDs and sewing costumes. Or… you know… begging competent people to do the same.
You are now known as Shadell
AsgarZigel is now known as Katja
Garris is now known as Dolorese
Lian is now known as Leiko
HWSoD: In the broad sense you are all in the Magical Girl club. Posibly because it looks fun. Possibly because your parents are pushing you to be social. Possibly because you wanted to be part of a club that started with the letter 'm'.
HWSoD is now known as HollyhockGod
Leiko will totally tomoyo for people who have problems!
You are now known as Erin
Dolorese: (Clubs are a great place to go to find people who are forced by social convention to hear you out!)
Leiko: (Hello Hachiman!)
HollyhockGod: So right now I think you are preparing for a cosplay trip too Arcadia, or maybe a skit for the school talent show. Your choice.
HollyhockGod: Well. Right now you are spacing out in the last proper class of the day.
HollyhockGod: A math class 'taught' by a black cat. Not a talking black cat. Just a black cat. On the other hand there are allways problems up on the board.
HollyhockGod: Some goody two shoes ususally trys to solve them. I mean some people like math.
Leiko: (..I think i had that class in college)
Dolorese emotes exhaustion.
Erin forces herself to focus and is writing down everything the teacher says! She wants very hard to adapt to Town and clearly students are supposed to take good notes in class. That her page consists of a lot of mews doesn't bother her in the least.
Katja works on some plans instead, as usual. It's not like these math problems are REAL science, after all!
Dolorese: "Can there even be a class more detestable than this one?" She mutters, even while she doodles out a cute outfit. This eventually shifts into trying to determine how a class could be more hateful than math.
Katja: (what's the genre, btw?)
HollyhockGod: (Right now. Gothic.)
HollyhockGod: Jasmin is up there using very very odd math.
Katja: "Pff, the poetry class that robot teaches is way worse than this.", Katja whispers to Dolorese, who sits right next to her.
Katja: "I tried to improve him but… it didn't end well."
Katja: "At least Mr Bagglesworth can't speak!"
Dolorese: "The poetry class at least has *something* to argue about," Dolorese complains. "How the heck are we gonna do any of that until we move past all THIS. I mean, Mr Bagglesworth *has* the answers. Why do we need to find them, too?" (Shared Reaction… I guess?)
Katja: "Well, it's not like he can tell you…"
Katja: "That three meows in a row means that the answer is correct is just a theory, we didn't collect sufficient evidence yet."
Leiko: "I am pretty sure hissing and hiding under the desk is his way of showing the correct answer"
HollyhockGod: (Yep.)
Dolorese: "I thought it meant he was getting sick of answering our questions."
Erin: "Is it safe to be talking in class like this? It would be somewhat unfortunate for anyone to suffer punishment for insubordination."
Katja: "Well that is the advantage of Mr Bigglesworth, you pretty much never get into trouble as long as someone solves the math problem."
Katja: "Even if it's Apocynum."
Leiko: "Its a cooperative assignment how else would we do it?"
Dolorese: "Yeah. He's a pretty good teacher, all things considered. He's better for poetry than Teachertron…"
Katja gets a bit dizzy when looking at the solution Jasmine is scribbling on the board. The crazy part is that it actually seems to be correct.
HollyhockGod: Apocynum looks at Katja and nods.
HollyhockGod: As she does the bell rings.
Erin: "This lack of discipline seems dangerous. How would Mr. Bigglesworth stop someone from defecting to another class or refusing to fight?"
Erin: (Can this count as an action toward the quest mental training?)
Erin: (you study or discuss your studies with 1+ friends)
HollyhockGod: (Yes.)

Katja: "He's fast and he has claws. I wouldn't try to provoke him."
HollyhockGod: Mr. Bigglesworth jumps up to a window and leaves.
Dolorese: "I need to figure out how this Apocynum girl *is* right…"
Dolorese scribbles some notes about the other girl's 'mathematics' in her notebook, even as she walks blindly out of the class.
HollyhockGod: Her awnser seems to involve two differnt kinds of infitesmals, as well as quaternions.
Erin: "I see. Physical discipline is very effective. Why one time…" Erin trails off awkwardly.
HollyhockGod: Dolorese sees a raven black as the night, on top of her locker and stareing at her.
Dolorese stares back at the raven. The stare lasts for a good handful of seconds before she grins semi-maliciously.
Leiko: "Well she's cheating. I mean she's clearly stolen the skills of Tycho Brahe, you could see his artificial nose sticking out of her jacket.."
Dolorese: "Heyyy. You know, I was thinking our club could use a pet to add to the atmosphere. Taking care of a school animal will also equip us with the excuse necessary to increase our club activities budget."
HollyhockGod: The bird squawks. In an almost embarrassingly off noise for a raven.
HollyhockGod: It shuffles its feet.
Katja smirks and speaks into a small recorder.
Katja: "Experiment started…"
Erin: "I must confess that I do not see how that coincides with our stated mission of eradicating the enemies of Town."
Katja: (basic quest XP!)
HollyhockGod: As it does so, a middle schooler.
HollyhockGod: (Yep.)
HollyhockGod: A girl named Silvia. With almost elven features and silver hair.
Dolorese: "Ahh, well, it's just a dumb bird…" This Dolorese declares after putting her books in her locker. She then whips a keychain around the bird's feet and hauls it to her. (2 Will + Superior Hunter 1 for Intention: get a new pet)
Katja: "I could improve it. I mean what's a pet without laser eyes, right?"
HollyhockGod: The bird jumps up flying away.
HollyhockGod: "I can get it for you Beaumont-sama."
Erin: "Laser eyes would be useful in combat…."
HollyhockGod: (2 supeieor bird + 2 will = 4 will and one more edge then you have)
Leiko: "how would it see with laser eyes?"
HollyhockGod: Silvia says jumping up at the bird, and compleately missing it.
Katja: "Well I could install a sonar, then it doesn't need to see!"
Dolorese: (Darn it!) "Good try Silvia, but we've got chances. Based on the external layout, it's just flying toward a closet. It's as good as caught!" (Let's try out A Little Push to force my Intention rating to sucessful… short term!)
HollyhockGod: Erin finds a group of older girls hanging out at your locker laughing at it.
Leiko tosses rubber eraser at the bird to knock it unconconscious and fall just perfectly into someone's nearby hands(invoking the ace to you know just win!)
HollyhockGod: The bird falls into the swooning silver haired middle schooler.
Erin seeing as this apparently important bird has been dealt with successfully, turns to face the girls at her locker. "What is so funny?"
Katja: "Sorry, I'd like to help, but I'll not be put in detention for using military grade weaponry on school ground yet again."
Dolorese: (Fist shake to Leiko, I suppose!)
Katja: (ah yeah, what are your emotions?)
Katja: (need to write this down so I don't forget)
Erin: (Aww!)
Leiko: (Fist shake)
HollyhockGod: (What is in your locker Erin?)
HollyhockGod: (My computer just _said_ "beep beep" at me!?)
Katja: (I've got Fist Pump / Salute for now)
Erin: Books, a lunch, perhaps a few personal items. Various instances of 'military grade weaponry'.
Dolorese: "I…yes! That was a perfect strike, Leiko. Now we are sure to be able to get funding benefits out of that bird, exactly as planned and intended. Soon we will be able to afford the newest shows!"
Dolorese: (Working on Overacted speechlessness :P)
Katja: "I mean seriously, any military would love to get their fingers on my stuff!"
Katja: "'Military Grade', pah!"
Leiko: "My only worry is that we'd have accidentally assulted a fellow student, but then she'd be wearing a uniform if she were"
HollyhockGod: "Real girls don't need this junk." the ogerblooded girl says. "How you going to impress a man if you need a gun?" She says laughing quite viciously.
Erin: "A proper soldier is always prepared."
HollyhockGod: The 3 or 4 girls around her laugh with her.
Dolorese: "Exactly! If it does turn out to be a fellow student in disguise, we can just hold the evidence that they were out of uniform over their head and keep them as a *self-sustaining* pet in our club. They will never risk us ratting them out for the breach of school rules!"
HollyhockGod: "Yeah dork."
Erin: "If… err… if the school were to suddenly be attacked by an army of zombies how would you defend yourselves?"
Katja: "… the raven is not a teacher, right? That could get even worse."
Katja: "You never know what Entropy cooks up next."
Leiko: "Erin the last time you said that you attacked a whole class of night schoolers.."
Dolorese: "I've never seen it teach a class. That's practically evidence that it never taught one! Now let's get it into a cage, also get a cage, before it wakes up!"
Katja: "Defending? Zombies are the perfect test subjects! They don't feel pain, they can't die because they're already and best of all - almost no upkeep! They keep moving on just minimal feeding with brain matter. They're also human enough that you won't even notice the difference most of the time!"
Leiko: "Unless she's a tenured proffessor then they don't teach anything"
Dolorese: "Then being stuck in our clubroom basically doesn't change what they do for the school, anyway."
Erin: "They were engaged in various illegal activities, such as loitering. I merely acted as appropriate for a member of the magical girl club."
HollyhockGod: The bird is waking but seems resigned.
Leiko: Katja, that's so lifeist"
HollyhockGod: "I would just smash them up!"
Leiko: "Erin, it was a charity walk"
Katja: "Hey, it's not my fault that humans die off in any little exlosion, fire or acid bath. How am I supposed to conduct proper experiments without those?!"
Dolorese scoops up the bird and walks over to the people making fun of her clubmate for having so many guns.
(11:53:00 AM) Erin: "A charity walk for nefarious purposes."
Leiko: (Shared experience on memories of Erin gunning down a zombie charity walk?)
HollyhockGod: (Sure!)
Dolorese: (Perfect!)
Erin doesn't care at all that she's being bullied of course. Nope, Erin, as a perfect soldier, has no care for the interests of her civilian classmates. Clearly such worries are insignificant and immaterial and not at all something a proper soldier should bother with. This is why she isn't blushing, or looking away, or running away. Because Erin does not care. At all. In any way. There is no caring going on here. It is not getting to her.
HollyhockGod: (How much effort does Dolorese put into her appearence?)
(11:57:16 AM) HollyhockGod: (Can I give emotion XP or is it players only?)
Erin: (Spending 2 will for a level 3 intention of stoicism)
Dolorese: "As you can see," Dolorese states, "my friend's use of dangerous military weaponry actually *affirms* the death-status of the protesters, and increases the effectiveness of their campaign!" She's pointing using the bird, of course. (Intention 3 + 2 Will, I MUST be right 3, to make Erin have done the right thing in retrospect)
Erin: (Pretty sure anyone at the table can.)
Katja: (I'm not sure about that)
Dolorese: (Aww! XP to Erin, btw)
Dolorese: (I wonder if shared experiences count as a Tool…)
Erin: (Have to leave for Fathersdayish stuff in fourty minutes.)
Katja: "Well, Erin sure wouldn't need any weapons to take you jokers on…"
Dolorese: "So basically, she's a hero to the living and dead alike, and you're just *jealous*!"
Katja: "No, I'm pretty sure they're just dumb.", Katja whispers to her.
Erin: (Shared reaction here then for being bullied while friends are around?)
HollyhockGod: "Hmph. Daddy always told me french bones taste like pastry." She laughs. (2 will plus Jerkoff Bully 2 = 4..but) but her lackys don't seem impressed.
Leiko: "Of course we must be fair to the ogres. it is in their culture to try to prey upon what they see as smaller and weaker than them.."she looks at the girl with a predatory gleam, "Of course if an ogre were smaller and weaker thing.. what would be the sane rational thing to do here?"(Ace gain on intimidation!)
HollyhockGod: The whole click slink away.
HollyhockGod: Leiko is scarry!
HollyhockGod: The smell of terified vergins is tasty. Well if you are a dragon. Otherwise it just smells like they didn't use enough deoderant.
Dolorese: (Oh, right. Dolorese *always* appears completely unflapped, and can reasonably unflap herself at any moment. Not very made up, but well-dressed and blemish-free as a rule)
HollyhockGod: (Right. Good to know.)
HollyhockGod: A hall monitor walks by. A shiver of authority radiating off the prepy looking girl, though her green hair clashes horribly with the uniform.
Erin very quickly hides the hand gun, that found its way into her hand around the time Leiko started acting so scary, behind her back.
HollyhockGod: "You all. Clear this hall. Now." she says, the patch of blood bleached cloth on her breast pocket her mark of authority.
Dolorese: "One band of inconsequential goons dealt with, let us all away to the club room to make arrangements before we get involved in anything else outrageous. It wouldn't be proper." (We are supported in doing so by the school property of having exactly 3 encounters between classes)
HollyhockGod: (Has it been three..Oh I guess It has. Well then the hall moniter doesnt show up then. Sorry.)
Katja: (isn't school over now, anyway? Unless club activities count as classes)
HollyhockGod: But you do find your self at your club room unless your activily resist.
Dolorese: (Wasn't the hall monitor the third?)
HollyhockGod: (I would say they do for this.)
Katja: "So what's the plan today? Apart from catching testing anima… I mean pets."
HollyhockGod: (Okay then. I am bad at counting.)
HollyhockGod: Silvia seems to have followed you. Unusually.
Katja: (do we know her?)
HollyhockGod: (You have seen her following Dolorese. Leiko: She smells really really good. Almost like she has been prepared for sacrafice too you.)
HollyhockGod: The room is spacious and grand. It looks a back stage to grand opera house.
HollyhockGod: How have you spruced it up?
Dolorese: "Oh, look! Our underclassman has decided to join us." The French girl notes. "Are you looking to sit in and see if you want to join at some point?"
HollyhockGod: "Yes. Yes. Of couse that is what I am doing."
HollyhockGod: She says very quietly.
Katja: Katja looks readjusts her glasses and activates the magic scanner that is built into them.
Leiko: "Are you alright?"
Katja: (Advanced Magical Algorithm Theory 2 + "I unravel the mysteries of Town with SCIENCE!" 2 + 1 Will for an Intention of 5 against… Obstacle 1 I'd say)
Katja: (want to see if she is magical)
Dolorese emotes great pride in the club, which incidentally she put almost no personal work into.
HollyhockGod: (Hmm..she is unhorizenish. Probobly not from the outside? but..she stands out against the background of school. Not as much as your classmates..but notisibly.)
HollyhockGod: (Almost like she is a stongly blooded Joten, but not..)
Erin: "So have you decided to join our club and stand with us against the evils that plague Town?"
HollyhockGod: She nods. blushing. "I..I need a costume."
Leiko: "I can help"
Katja: "And to unravel the secrets that lurk in the dark places!"
Katja: (I declare my Intention successful and get my Will back)
Erin: "Yes uniforms are important for a member of any such group. Though these ones are… oddly impractical if I must confess."
Dolorese: Dolorese sweeps an arm (and swings a probably very tired-of-this-shit bird) across the expanse of the club room, over its found couches with new coverings to disguise their age, assorted cushions brought from home, no less than three CRT monitors and attached VCRs, and a table with a pair of sewing machines. The walls are adorned with…
Leiko: "Your maid uniform makes you bend in the background. People just don't notice maids no matter how cute or how tight their uniform is.. its camoflage"
Katja: "Oh, I don't actually use a costume - it's an exoskeleton based on nanofibers! And it's at least 105% more practical than any normal clothes!"
Dolorese: assorted magical girl posters and also sketches of outfits both new and old (and many never tried). "This, this is our fortress!"
HollyhockGod: Silvia blinks. "Ohh. I was thinking something bride like? Or maybe like.."
HollyhockGod: (Salute XP to Dolorese.)
(Dolorese: (Maybe I should have chosen that one XD)
HollyhockGod: (Sorry, which did you chose?)
Katja: In the back there is a huge, futuristic-looking workbench with lots of crazy looking tools and integrated monitors that don't really seem to do anything. Lots of undecipherable plans and half-finished things are lying around.
Leiko: and of course damaged uniforms sitting in glass cases
Katja: (yeah, I think it would work better if you take salute and I speechlessness)
Dolorese: (Alright. Let's trade then.)
HollyhockGod: "Or maybe sort of maid like..I'm supposed to be a servent after all."
Leiko: "A servant for who?"
HollyhockGod: "Uh..just a thing my parents want me to do."
HollyhockGod: "Part of the deal with comming here."
Katja: Katja sits down at the table and picks up a jumbled up Rubik's Cube and tries to solve it… though her mind isn't really into it. She gets lost in it for a while, while the others greet the newcomer. (Slice of Life, also "Hands-On Academic" 1 + 0 zero will for an Intention to solve the cube)
Dolorese: Dolorese gives the younger girl an appraising look. "Well… if we wanted to make a matched set for everyone, we do already have a maid theme going for Erin, there. Probably better to start with the bridal idea, since we don't really have one of those yet. It would be a shame to miss a demographic!"
Leiko: "it seemst o be troubling you, would you liek to explain?"
HollyhockGod: She says as she emotes 'I don't like lieing to you. These aren't lies..technecly.'
Katja: (I'll be getting something to eat quickly, just drag my character along)
HollyhockGod: "No..don't worry about it." She laughs akwardly.
Erin: "What is… a maid?"
Erin: "And what is this about me dressing like one?"
HollyhockGod: "I think they are the new name for concubines? Or for home janitors..but then why are they girls?" Silvia says.
Erin emotes being mystified at this whole thing.
Dolorese: "They are the ultimate warriors of civilization! Trained masters of all the domestic arts, but bound to the defense of others from impropriety, unwanted visitors, and horrors best left unspoken of!" Dolorese is leveraging Intellectual Artifice and 1 Will for the sake of confusing Erin. "In short, we could think of no more true costume for you!"
Leiko drags Erin off to maidover
HollyhockGod: "They do look nice!"
HollyhockGod: Silvia says in suport of Dolorese.
Erin: "I-I have no desire to wear a cute costume like this at all! A proper soldier doesn't engage in such sillyness!"
Erin would be holding up card for basic quest at this point, though the mechanics of doing this on IRC seem a bit more obtrusive than intended.
HollyhockGod: (Quest xp, Erin)
Katja: (did you note the slice of life from me?)
Dolorese: "Look how awesome you look in a maid-themed outfit," she mentions, pointing at a doodle in her notebook like that is perfect evidence. (Also using Shared Experiences to help other people, especially Erin, see how cool and practical she looks in Dolorese's imagination!)
HollyhockGod: (I have two XP actions, so no. 3 xp in the pool)
Dolorese: (Another helpful way to hold up state-change Quests/Emotions is to change your Nickname to highlight it)
Erin: (Also probably shared action for being maided despite her protests, and that's Erin's second for the chapter.)
Leiko cosplay 2+2 miraculous will spent so 4 intention http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=239440 Erin
Erin tries not to blush… or trip and fall in this unwieldly outfit (stoic 1+2 will)
Dolorese: (Further, I believe Erin is being displayed as particularly vulnerable here. Also, trying to grab some XP for The Object from using it as a deciding factor in Erin's eventual helpless acceptance of her terrible fate)
HollyhockGod: Shes so cute you could just eat her up.
Leiko: "As you can see my work here is perfect"
HollyhockGod: (Take the Object XP)
HollyhockGod: Erin stoicly stands. Looking very impressive.
Dolorese: (Is it too soon to hand out another Aww! ?)
Leiko: "Now how to fix Katja's lack of style.."
HollyhockGod: (Has she gotten one this scene? I don't think so..)
Erin: (It's been an hour, but IRC should probably be a bit slower than in person?)
HollyhockGod: (Yeah but not 4 times slower.)
HollyhockGod: (So you get it.)

Leiko: "Nurse?"
Katja: "Don't worry about it Erin - that outfit would be perfect for an infiltration mission! If you infilitrate… some kind of mansion I guess?"
Dolorese: "Obviously accessories can make that outfit idea work despite the robo-armour."
Erin: "My ancestors are looking down on me with shame…. Though… I suppose there is plenty of space to hide many weapons…"
Erin: (Have to head out for Father's Day stuff.)
Katja: (Note that Katja's costume looks like a perfectly cute magical girl outfit - she's just oblivious to the fact)
Dolorese: (Alright. Have fun!)
HollyhockGod: (See you! Have a good day!)
Katja: (alright, bye!)
Dolorese: (Oh. Never mind then!)
Leiko believes she can do better!
Katja: (Basically she made it like that completely by accident and insists it's an exoskeleton instead)
Katja: (unless we are supposed to make the costumes right now)
Erin: (Sorry and thanks for the session so far, it's been fun!)
Katja: (yeah, Erin was great so far)
HollyhockGod: (Hmm. like http://hatsuyuki-fansubs.com/images/images/articles/Vividred/Vividred%208.jpg?)
HollyhockGod: (No proboly covers more skin.)
Katja: (Pointless glowy bits… I didn't think of that! Genius!)
Leiko: (Leiko's just like Tomoyo… minus the incest!)
HollyhockGod: (Well sakura isn't geneticly related to her..probobly..)
Dolorese: "Anyway, our newest member, while the others are distracted with improving their already lovely outfits, let's get something worked out for you. What sort of bridal design interested you. Come! Brainstorm!" She pulls the younger girl along with her over to a sewing table along with her notebook to generate ideas. (Let's Shared Action.)
Leiko: (point is constantly revising updating)
Katja: "I'm already working on the Mk 3 myself, I don't need your help!"
HollyhockGod: "Well..something gauzy maybe? Grandmother likes gaze and lace. Or maybe in black? Thats what Aunty says is best..but she's spent too long underground says mom. And maybe it should look like the school uniform? or would that be presumptious." She seems really really nervous. almost shaking.
Leiko: "if you'd just hurry up and turn yourself into an android it would make things easier"
HollyhockGod: emotes "so many people are relying on me!"
HollyhockGod: emotes: "shes right there touching me. I am going to faint."
Dolorese: (Out of curiosity, will Lieko's own outfit be a perfectly functional, if cutely accessorized set of modern military fatigues just to wring a *real* fist-shake out of Erin?)
Katja: "Turning yourself into an android is harder than it looks…"
HollyhockGod: emotes: "I am emoting too many things!"
Leiko puts her hand on Katja's shoulder, "I believe in you"
HollyhockGod: (Whats Leiko's emotion xp?)
Leiko: (fist shake)
Katja: (I don't think there is a creeped out emotion)
Dolorese emotes excitement, also not-really-paying-attention-to-the-internal-states-of-the-poor-girl-who-idolizes-her
HollyhockGod: (I think Leiko could claim an either a shared work or obsesion xp if she has a spot left.)
Leiko: "what if she had wings.. you can build wings that work right?"
Katja: "Wings sound so old fashioned… I do have micro rocket thrusters in my costu… I mean armor, though!"
Leiko: "I mean for the new one"
Dolorese: "Ooh, I think your grandmother might have the right of it, this time. I'm trembling too, just *think* of the opportunities this kind of outfit opens up to us. Ahh! Getting the materials will be no trouble at all. You'll be utterly beautiful! Now I'll just need to take your measurements and feed them to our dressmaker and we'll be ready in no time!"
Katja: "I'm not sure I can build something she could handle… nobody seems to grasp even the basics of my marvelous technology!"
Katja: Katja is already working on a blueprint despite what she said.
HollyhockGod: "My measurements!" blood leaks from her nose.
HollyhockGod: "I..if its you I don't mind." she says her mind clearly a thousand miles away.
Katja: "I mean functional wings aren't hard to built or anything… but…"
Leiko: "you can at least get radiation?"
Katja: "Well, am I allowed to drill open her skull to install a brain chip?"
Katja: "That would make things a bit easier, after all."
Katja: (would that count as proposing a theory about our underlying situation? xD)
HollyhockGod: "You can drill into my skull any time you want, goshijin-sama. wait..what!?" She says waking up and emoting mild terror.
HollyhockGod: (hmm. What is the quest again?)
Katja: Katja grins like a devil. "EXCELLENT. That's what I like to hear! I like the new girl!"
Katja: (Adventure GET)
Katja: (I admit it's a stretch xD)
HollyhockGod: (Hmm. Ehh. I don't think so. Its not really an 'underlying situation')
Katja: (alright)
Dolorese: (I'd like to give some speechlessness to Katja) "Oh, don't tease her. She is overcome with the glamour and the glory of the *single* best club in all of School, no! Horizon! Now stand up and let's figure out exactly how to fit a costume to you!" Snoop 1 + Will 1 to take measurements and learn about the skin that would be most optimal to reveal in cosplay.
Dolorese: (She MUST be right about the costume she designs; there's just no room to consider the girl's feelings. How sad!)
Katja: Katja keeps working on the design of the wings. (Sufficiently Advanced Science 3 + 4 Will against an Obstacle of at least 4, since she's building it for someone else, I think I'll sustain that for the rest of the chapter if nothing else happens)
Katja: The early drafts look more like plane or robot wings…
Katja: "Ugh, I think you'll need to help me with the visual design… the technical aspect should be easy enough. A dual anti-gravitational-field generators, maybe?"
HollyhockGod: (She has milkwhite almost transparent skin, in fact her body seems a little too perfect. Even her knuckles don't have wrinkles, and for all that she is hot to the touch, she has no sweat at all. Just a perfume of sandlewood and myr.)
Dolorese: "What do you think, pet raven?" Dolorese asks the bird, at last. "Does Miracle Sky-Bride Bella sound like the right name? Or is it… too much?"
HollyhockGod: The bird looks right at you, and _says_ "caw."
Katja: "What kind of wings does she want?"
HollyhockGod: Though she is rather skiny..very little chest to speak of, and while her hips do curve out..its mostly because her waist is so narrow.
Dolorese: "Yes, sometimes I too am overtaken with my genius. We'll get on famously!" The inspection turns out quite well, all told. "Hmm, we should probably take advantage of your Aunt's ideas, too. You know, a little contrast really does wonders for your appearance."
Katja: "How about raven themed, if you want to make it black anyway?"
Leiko: (brb)
HollyhockGod: She is just smileing, and noding, :emoting mixed happyness, and 'she doesn't think I'm ugly does she?'
Katja: She scurries over to the Raven and investigates it's wings, much to it's dismay.
HollyhockGod: "Caw?"
Katja: "Mh, yes… yes this could work!"
Dolorese: "See? I knew this was unquestionably what our club needed. Our new raven pet is practically a contributing member!"
HollyhockGod: The raven fluff ups its wings and and finaly says "WOuld you stop that! I was just suposed to make you creeped out, so when the monster came you would think of me and then I could apear and ugh.."
Katja: "I hope he rakes in the money as well, then! I could use some more funding… I mean we could use some more funding, of course!"
HollyhockGod: "But shes all over you! The hussy!" he snaps at Silvia.
HollyhockGod: "This isn't even your school!"
HollyhockGod: Leiko hears a hissing laugh for just a second.
Katja: Katja is way too absorbed in her own work to notice.
Katja: "Hah, Anti-Gravity-Raven-Wings, that's PERFECT!"
Dolorese: "Hey!" Dolorese shouts at the talking raven. "I'll have none of your incredible rudeness to Miracle Sky-Bride Bella! Also, the talking is really out of character, but I guess we can work with that. Little fake spectacles, do you think? Professor Birdum… and then we'll pretend you really *are* a tenured member of the staff! But…"
Katja: (Obsessive Action!)
Dolorese gives the younger girl a more serious look.
HollyhockGod: (One more XP action for the chapter, who has a spot left?)
Katja: (that obsessive was my last one)
Dolorese: "How did a member of some other school even *get* here so soon!
Dolorese: "
Dolorese: (I'm out. Got a shared reaction early, and a Shared action just now)
HollyhockGod: Silvia looks like she could just die of embarrassment.
Katja: "There are other schools?"
Katja: (I had slice of life and obsessive)
HollyhockGod: "Sort of..its more of a tutoring thing." She says, blushing bright red.
Katja: "OF COURSE!", Katja screams and just up on the table. "Now it all makes sense!"
Katja: "She is…" *drumroll* "From the future! There will be a different school in the future, because I will build it and make it BETTER! With real classes and no goddamn Teachertron!"
HollyhockGod: Silva hides under the table.
Katja: (Does that count as a theory about the underlying situation?)
HollyhockGod: (Yes that does.)
Katja: She jumps back down and keeps working on the wings.
HollyhockGod: "Umm. Squeek? aren't the future people all like teachertron?"
Dolorese: "Well, she's not a member of the school for wayward girls, that's for sure… I mean, she'd have killed and eaten Professor Birdum, then, right?"
Katja: "Memo to self: Build a new school. A better one.", she speaks in her recording device. Can't have unstable time loops after all.
HollyhockGod: she asks Dolorese.
Katja: "No Teachertron is a dumb Steampunk Robot who breathes fire if you try to improve him."
Leiko: (back)
Katja: (wb)
HollyhockGod: "Ugh. Really he breathes _fire_ that's so Continental?"
Dolorese shakes her head. "That's just crazy talk. There's no way there are future people here. That's crazy talk and Katja is '105%' wrong. Now sit back up and help me with these sketches, or we won't have something to work from when we go cosplaying!"
HollyhockGod: "I know. But he wone poet loreat and we can't fire him for being cliche." the raven replys.
HollyhockGod: "Right. so..so. How do I help?" The girl says.
Leiko: "its metaphorical fire though.. well flamable poetry"
HollyhockGod: (I think you are the only one with an XP action left Leiko, unless I missed one in my count.)
Katja: "Or maybe I just messed with his furnace…"
Leiko: "no if you pay attention, you can hear the iambic pentanmeter in.. the fire"
Dolorese: (Dolorese will finish off the Chapter with a hefty 4 Will + 1 Doodling Intention of "sketch up a pretty dress") "All you need to do is suggest modifications, and then we can have Leiko make this a reality, adding her own extraordinary flair to it because she is wonderful that way."
HollyhockGod: The raven emotes: "I never noticed..huh."
Katja: "Oh… well that makes sense. I'm terrible at poetry."
Leiko: (could I change my emotion to "Wierd" I think it fits better what I am going for)
Katja: (So ¬_¬ XP, basically? :P )
HollyhockGod: (Sure. You get one for the comment back up a ways about an hour then.)
Dolorese: "He's mostly taking advantage of that gimmick so no one notices that he's not really happy with his lot in life."
HollyhockGod: (How do you make that symbol?)
Katja: (Alt and 170 on the num block)
Leiko: "I know he's become so good at human poetry he can't do robot poetry.. and thus he is torn between worlds"
HollyhockGod: "I thought you had to hate your life to write poetry?" the raven says. "Bah. I'm the computerscience and math chair. All this touchy feely stuff confuses me."
Katja: "I don't think Steampunk robots have working emotion chips."
Dolorese: "Hey! That's intensely… objectist."
Katja: "Somebody is talking sense! Hah! You could tell Bagglesworth to make the math problems a bit harder, they are barely challenging!"
Leiko: "That's what gives him the zen of emotion. Just like how beatovan(sp) couldn't hear and was a great composer, or how rembrant had wooden hands"
HollyhockGod: "Well computer science by deafult. Got all my funding taken by the steam guys. Just because I cant get any of them to work.."
Katja: "No, I'm just Steampunk…ist. It's dumb to make marvelous works of science run on steam!"
HollyhockGod: "Oh..uh sure." the raven replies, emoting 'If I can figure out how, and remember then sure..I hope she forgets.'
Dolorese: "Well, I'm not unusually attached to Steam, but it's a bit cruel to hold being Steam over someone's head when it's absolutely not their choice."
Leiko: "If you could use programing to do stuff like in that movie, I'm sure computer sciences would be more respected"
HollyhockGod: "Which movie?"
Katja: "Yeah… I suppose you are right. I should hate the jokers who use steam to build stuff!"
Katja: "But I still don't like Teachertron. His classes are terribly boring."
Dolorese: "Exactly! Hmm… what *really* inspired the pervading Steam-craze, anyhow? This is worth investigating!"
Leiko: "The one with the hackers and people being taken over and kungfu "
Leiko: (that's it. Start a M:TA style paradigm war of mad science)
Katja: (what's M:TA ?)
Katja: (also, excellent idea)
Leiko: (Mage the Ascension)
HollyhockGod: (An old white wolf game.)
Katja: (ah, ok, I know what it is but haven't played it)
Leiko: (Basically an argument of who's Mad science is real science)
HollyhockGod: (I made a character for it. but never played it.)
Katja: "I have NO idea… I mean there are reasonable scientists in Town, like my mom…"
HollyhockGod: Silvia is basicly lost.
Leiko: "Well clearly its about who's science is getting more funding. the Louder the Steam the more people pay for it"
Katja: "Maybe because there's wood and coal in town, but no Plutonium? Although it's not exactly hard to approximate a substitute out of Outside matter. My method is even almost safe by now!"
Leiko: "its the lack of a solid radioactive mutant lobby and the necromancers.."
HollyhockGod: "Probobly. Maybe we could bring back lightning as a big deal? Its noisy." the crow says.
Katja: "There aren't enough high buildings to make it work. I guess sunlight is an alternative, but really… why would i use sunlight if I can have almost-plutonium? Doesn't make sense!"
Leiko: "Couldn't you a balloon of some sort?"
Katja: "What?"
Leiko: "have a balloon stay up there constantly getting lightning"
Katja: "Maybe…"
Leiko: "of course the outlets.. have to come from somewhere"
Dolorese: "Here, how about something like *this*. People will just swoon at how adorable you look. It makes you look a little young and immature, but that's probably best. Otherwise it's a different kind of thing altogether, right? Just get that, in blacks and silvers with whatever raven wings we get cooked up, and you'll be too adorable."
Dolorese: http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2782
HollyhockGod: "Wow. That would work on me?"
Dolorese: "Sure. Wings work on anyone!"
HollyhockGod: "You really think so?"
Katja: "The wings will, of course, be fully retractable!"
HollyhockGod: (I think this scene is about over. Leiko do you have an XP action left?)
Leiko: (No wouldn't the wierd have got it?)
Dolorese: (Nope! Emotion XP is a personal bonus, rather than an XP Action)
Katja: (I guess the discussion works as Shared Reactions)
Katja: (or Obsessive, maybe?)
Leiko: (or helping Katja with her work? as it were?)
Dolorese: (Possibly Obsessive. Technically, nothing at all was accomplished!)
HollyhockGod: (Either of those could work. Or we could go to a new scene with Leiko.)
Leiko: (you say that now, but radioactive mutant lobby will be formed!)
Katja: (yeah, shared action works too, talking to her while she works)
Katja: (The Steampunk oppressors will be taken down!)
Dolorese: "In retrospect, everything went better than imagined. We even have a club adviser from the upper-echelons of the faculty, now!"
Leiko: (with the Science of the 50s! deseil, Ginat bugs! Mutants!)
Katja: (Katja is more futuristic… so we have Steampunk vs 50s science vs Slick Shiny Sci-Fi ?)
HollyhockGod: (Okay. You all get 2 xp from the pool. And get 1 mp.)
Katja: (only up to the maximum right?)
HollyhockGod: (Not sure actually, but I think so.)
HollyhockGod: (Checking now.)
Katja: (And we should get Issues, which would give us 1 MP that can go over the top)
Dolorese: (Issues can be kind of rough to work with, though, especially in the heat of the moment)
Dolorese: (I guess that's why they're handled end-of-chapter style for fast-paced (ish) games?)
Katja: (yeah)
HollyhockGod: Okay. Hmm. Over your head to everyone. Vice to Dolorese and Katja.
HollyhockGod: Or you can take Complex instead of one of them if you want.
HollyhockGod: Mystery to Leiko.
HollyhockGod: Do those make sense to people?
Katja: (2 in one chapter?)
Dolorese: Hmm, I think that'll work. Issues, go!

HollyhockGod: (Yes.)
Katja: (that means 2 MP then)
HollyhockGod: (Yep.)
Katja: (ok over your head makes sense… that's probably a given in the genre :P )
HollyhockGod: Katja gets vice because she is treating the people around her as..minions?
HollyhockGod: Which I _think_ is vice like.
HollyhockGod: Wait no.
HollyhockGod: Thats Dolorese.
Dolorese: Yeah, definitely Dolorese.
HollyhockGod: Katja I think has a complex about steam power.
HollyhockGod: If any of these feel wrong to you speak up. We are still learning this.
Katja: I think both would work
Katja: Man I reall want Something to Deal With but have no idea how to play that up with a character like this… xD
Katja: (because I need it for Between the Boundaries)
HollyhockGod: Hmm. Well does it make sense for your Between the Boundaries?
Katja: I'm not even sure how it works yet… well, lets go with Complex for now that definitely fits
Katja: I'll look into it
HollyhockGod: "Complex" or "in over your head" might work better for your version of it.
Katja: Yeah, I think I'll use Complex instead… since her Between the Boundaries is probably setting up experiments
HollyhockGod: Anyway I don't think we have time to sart another chapter.
Dolorese: I think I'll leave Dolorese's as is. She should probably spend a *bit* more time behaving like a real person!
Katja: I could do another chapter, but if it's as long it will probably get a bit late for me
Leiko: I probably need to head out soon myself
HollyhockGod: So any comments? I didn't expect this part to take so long or be so fun.
HollyhockGod: I need to figure out exactly who Silvia is.
HollyhockGod: I have ideas..but.
Katja: so the Raven really is a teacher?
HollyhockGod: Oh! I forgot I was going to have Jasmin show up at the club..hm.
Leiko: I thought we might have accicentally caught her at first
HollyhockGod: I think there are enough people. With larger groups you need less NPCs.
Dolorese: Heh, it *was* pretty fun. I think we should probably work harder at keeping the game flowing by abusing XP Actions *relentlessly*. That way, it'll force forward-motion into our amusing adventures.

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