Howe (Who Was Harold)

Howe (Who Was Harold), Power of Ruin
(aka The Heliotrope)

… Is a storm that feeds off kharma and Hubris. (1)
… Prevents things from fulfilling their purpose. (2)
… Tears down what has been built up. (2)
… Leaves something behind. (1)
… Overwhelms you. (1)


Stats (30 cp)
Aspect 2 (5 AMP)
Domain 0 (5 DMP)
Realm 0 (5 RMP)
Spirit 4 (5 SMP)
Alchemy 3

Glorious, Immutable

Bonds (20 pts)

Virtue: Vengeful
Restrictions: Visible; Ceremonial

Affiliation: The Code of the Dark

  • Humans should destroy themselves, individually.
  • Humanity should destroy itself, collectively, except for a few toys.
  • Ugliness to human eyes shows that one is worthy.

Flower: The Dandelion

Alchemical Creations/Projects

Personal Projects

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