Hubtown is a sizeable settlement in a vast wilderness filled with dangerous location and site-based encounters. Dungeons riddle the ground like ant colonies, cursed ruins fester in darkness, hidden treasure gleams in huge piles guarded by dragons or collect like dust in old pots. A wizard with a scroll and a map lurk in every smokey alehouse, in every alley street and in large quantities of eager petitioners at the city hall. The mayor is an overworked and overly stressed mortal, gifted with the powers of an Erus to maintain some semblance of order in the city. Long years of service has convinced him the entire drive of the city, the adventurers and the monsters and the like, are all to blame for the crime, madness, property value loss and bloodshed in the streets. He would have it all outlawed if he could, but he needs the support of the people. If they elected another to his power what little order there is now would all self-implode. So he invests in public works, artistic projects, the city watch and the recent proliferation of wi-fi and computers. Even this is somehow the Imperator's will. He is the hero and the villain, the rebel and the authority.

*Adventure lurks around every corner
*Everyone and everything has wi-fi.
*There's treasure everywhere.
*Violence Is the Cause of and Solution to All of Your Problems
*Everything grows on trees
*Word gets around.

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