Immanuel Laertius

Dominus of Fire, Dominus Ignis

Destiny: 8


Aspect 0 ( 6 AMPs)
Domain 0 ( 6 DMPs)

  • Fire burns. (2)
  • Fire consumes. (2)
  • Fire illuminates. (2)
  • Fire purifies. (1)

Persona 5 ( 6 PMPs)
Treasure 3 ( 6 TMPs)

Bond: I swallowed Despair, and transformed it into Acceptance. It's still in my stomach.(2)
Bond: I can and will eat anything (2)
Bond: My stomach is a pocket dimension. (1)
Bond: I hoard, and live to increase my hoard. (2)
Bond: I am the Custodian of Ashes, guarding that which has been consumed by Fire. (2)
Bond: I wield the Fire Sermon, as both a weapon and a shield. (1)
Bond: I guide and lead The Epicurean Society, who are my servants in the mundane world. (1)
Affliction: I am a dragon. (3)
Affliction: I subsist on a diet of precious metals, mostly gold. (2)

Passion: "I believe that Beauty transforms." 3
Skill: Glass-blowing 2
Skill: Classics 2
Inherent Superiority: Dragoning 1
Shine 5

The Saint of Fire (a title he loathes, for it highlights his weak control over his Domain) reeks of charcoal, and his voice is the sound of burning books and crackling timber. He has a Mediterranean cast to his features, and dark eyes that glow like dying embers. His skin is hot to the touch, too warm for comfort, but not enough to harm. This is at peace. When he's joyous, his smile shines like a newborn star, and when he's angry, smoke pours out his nose and mouth and his blood burns like lava. He is Fire.

Immanuel Laertius is of mixed Italian and Greek heritage. He was born in Bologna, the Red City, but he moved to Illinois when he was young. Growing up, he turned first to myths and fables and later to the classics to enliven his mundane existence in the suburban Midwest. He devoured every book he could get his hands on, and lived for his summer trips to his relatives in Europe. He attended an American college, majoring in Classics, and was spending his year abroad at the University of Bologna when he was enNobled during a day trip to Venice.

The Vault of Ashes: a vast hoard containing all that which has been consumed by Fire. Its contents are generally mundane, though its shelves border on infinity.

The Fire Sermon: a scroll with the text of the actual Fire Sermon whose letters smolder with Enlightenment. It is a wondrous object.

The Epicurean Society: Immanuel's mortal agents, tasked both with expanding the power of Beauty in the Prosaic World, and increasing their own enlightenment through experiencing Beauty, alternating between hedonism and asceticism.

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